Voodoo Child: The End of Everything Voodoo Child 
The End of Everything
Rating: 8.0
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Voodoo Child (aka Moby) creates some very Eno-inspired soundwaves. Doing the ambient thing, he takes you back to Eno's 1974 breakthrough Music for Films, rests there for a minute, and then turns up the volume. Yeah, it's pretty much 60+ minutes of a very soothing keyboard drone, but whereas Eno's early ambient works were intended to be a soundtrack to everyday life, Voodoo Child is in-your-face stress relief.

Oozing through your headphones like mist through headlights, The End of Everything sounds more like music for a spring morning's drive than an apocalyptic vision. And that's a good thing. In terms of ambient music, we don't get that much genuinely good stuff these days. No, no. The trend among "classy," middle-aged forty-somethings is to get hip to the new age vibe; to go out and obtain a large collection of CDs containing a collection of Pure Moods and to let them gather dust on the rack like so many self-help books before them. Hence, the music world produced Enigma, John Tesh, and their subsequent crystal-clutching clones.

So it's nice to hear something genuine again. It's a great thing when an artist digs up his roots, discovers what's down there and creates wholesome goodness from what he's found. The End of Everything is a shining example that, despite his previous hard rock release, this baldheaded Jesus freak hasn't actually gone crackers.

-Ryan Schreiber, July 01, 1996