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October 18, 2005

Yahoo! and Whereonearth Get More Relevant Together

In an offline world 80-90% of purchases happen within 8-10 miles of your home. We believe this will carry over into the online world and in an increasingly personalized internet, users should expect their search results to reflect their lives more precisely. Same for advertisers � they need to target users with more meaningful, relevant ads based on the user�s locality.

To that end, today we have signed an agreement to acquire local online search and advertising technology company, Whereonearth as part of our effort to provide consumers and businesses with the best internet experience possible.

Whereonearth�s very talented team of software engineers and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts have worked hard to develop sophisticated technology that contains a unique combination of global data and software algorithms that make local search possible. Together, we�ll be able to provide the most geo-relevant information across all of Yahoo!�s products and services.

With that, I welcome Whereonearth into the Yahoo! family. Keep an eye out for future implementations of this technology - you�ll soon find these enhanced services in search marketing, search, local/maps, mobile and personals.

For additional thoughts directly from the source, CEO Dev Patel, head on over to Whereonearth.

Bassel Ojjeh
Vice President, Strategic Data Solutions, Yahoo!


Great job Yahoo!. I think it's excellent that you guys are active in Web 2.0 devolpment and that you guys care about your users (unlike cough, cough, Google).

Oh, ok, so it is a UK based company, well hope that means that locals wont be limited to US alone.

why then not to improve your search by buying out those guys Quintura www.quintura.com
they offer context-based search vs. everyone's keyowrd searchng

This is a great move.

Local.yahoo.com is one of the better local properties on the net. However, Overture PPC has long lagged behind other providers for local listings.

Hopefully, this move will help Yahoo advertisers target more specific geographies.

I like hearing announcements like this from Yahoo. Congrats.