Good Morrow, Traveler!

I am also traveler from a far off place of long ago. I have heard that you will be reading, in what you call, a novel about my good friend, Sir Robin, in The Door in the Wall. He is a great lad! Ah, but first you would like to learn about Robin's life, manners and customs in the Middle Ages would you not?

I have given my lord and lady my pledge of loyalty and service to use this Middle Ages WebQuest to expand your imagination and knowledge in my era of Medieval life. Being a knight myself, I can also help you find resources on how I became a knight and a bit about weapons, armor, and heraldry.

Since I come from a noble family (all knights do you know), I can help you find resource links about our daily life, including where we live, what we wear, and what we do in our free time.

I can help you find resources on how feudalism works, and how we communicate with people who were off in far away lands.

Of course, I can also direct you to other interesting links on monks, health and medicine as well. Then you will be ready to read about my loyal friend, Sir Robin.

'Tis your choice my friend to journey together or not. 'Tis you choose to come along, you must gather some classmates and join me inside to set some tasks, hurry we only have a fortnight to gather this information before you can learn about Robin.

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