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Other output

(i) ``How mathematics gets into knots'', London Mathematical Society Popular Lectures Video Series, (1987) 50 min.
(ii) ``Mathematics and knots'', Exhibition of 16 A2 boards, designed by R.Brown, N.D.Gilbert, and T.Porter, Mathematics and Knots, Bangor, 1989. Exhibited at the Royal Society/ Joint Mathematical Council Pop Maths Roadshow, 1989-90; British Association for the Advancement of Science, Swansea, 1990; National Science Festival, Edinburgh, 1994.
(iii) ``Pivoted lines and the M\"{o}bius Band'', Computer Graphics Video, Storyline by R. Brown, Programming by Ramen Sen, Mathematics and Knots / IBM UK 4min. (1992).
(iv) ``Symbolic sculptures and mathematics'', World Wide Web Site
Sculptures: John Robinson. Production: Cara Quinton. Mathematics: Ronald Brown. Edition Limit\'ee/ Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics, 1996.
(v) ``Mathematics and knots'', World Wide Web Site
 http://www.popmath/exhib/ Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics, 1997.
(vi) `Raising public awareness of mathematics':
CDRom, 2000, Version 1.1, 2001.



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163. with I. Morris, J. Shrimpton and C.D. Wensley, `Graphs of Morphisms of Graphs', Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, A1 of Volume 15(1), 2008. 1-28. pdf

 Preprint page (not yet accepted or printed)

Nonabelian algebraic topology  (download Part I)



Normalisation for the fundamental crossed complex of a simplicial set arXiv:math/0611728 [ps, pdf, other]
Authors: Ronald Brown, Rafael Sivera
A new higher homotopy groupoid: the fundamental globular omega-groupoid of a filtered space arXiv:math/0702677 [ps, pdf, other]

Possible connections between whiskered categories and groupoids, many object Lie algebras, automorphism structures and local-to-global questions arXiv:0708.1677 [ps, pdf, other]

Rough Analysis of types of output

Papers on teaching: 10a, 56, 67, 80, 81, 87, 90, 99, 100

Papers on Popularisation: 63, 64, 65, 77, 79, 83, 101, 103, 106, 108, 117, 127, 128, 133.

General expositions: 58, 78, 111, 112, 135, 136

Research Papers: The rest.


 Papers in preparation

P2. (with C.D.WENSLEY), ``On sorting sequences''.

Book in preparation

1. (with P.J. HIGGINS and   R.SIVERA)  `Nonabelian algebraic topology.

02.25 BROWN, R. & HIGGINS, P.J.
The fundamental groupoid of the quotient of a Hausdorff space by a discontinuous action of a discrete group is the orbit groupoid


Preprints not yet published

82.2 ``Holonomy and monodromy groupoids'', U.C.N.W. Pure Math. Preprint 82.2, 10pp.
86.4 ``A convenient category of topological spaces: historical note'', U.C.N.W. Pure Math. Preprint 86.4, 3pp.
88.11 (with G.H.MOSA), ``Double categories, $R$-categories, and crossed modules'', U.C.N.W. Mathematics Preprint 88.11, 13pp.
89.12 (with N.D. GILBERT and J. SHRIMPTON), ``Symmetry objects in closed categories'', 24pp.
90.23 ``The sculptures of John Robinson'', 9pp.
91.14 (with N.D.GILBERT, H.-J.HOEHNKE and J.SHRIMPTON), ``Non-Abelian tensor products of groups; groupoids; quadratic forms; and higher order symmetry'', 53pp, UCNW Math Preprint 91.14.

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