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Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 7, 2006 4:14 PM

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Looking for an older Q&A thread? You'll find it right here!

Round 1

1) Guns

-Is there diversity in the weapons (Tec-9's, colt 45's, Mac-10's) or is it all just big blow-the-crap-outta-everything guns?
-Will Tony Montana's silenced Beretta Cheetah from the movie be in the game?
-What kinds of guns will Scarface have, and how many in estimate???

Tony has access to all kinds of weapons in the game – 16 in all -- including handguns, rifles, machine guns, sub-machine guns, shotguns and melee weapons. Each weapon has its purpose in the game and most can be upgraded using the “Arms Dealer” henchman through the “Exotics” catalog to change the way they work and make them even more devastating. Your Arms Dealer is a good hire – he can sell you new weapons, upgrade existing weapons, refill your ammo... and, he’s kind enough to stock your weapons supply in the trunk of any vehicle you call in using your Driver henchman.

Here is a partial list of weapons? one per category? to give you a taste of what’s included:

.45 Automatic
Clip size: 12 rounds.
Alt fire: burst fire.
Micro SMG
Clip size: 25 rounds
Alt fire: burst fire.

Level 1: upgrade clip size to 35 rounds.
Level 2: handle stock (stabilizes gun for more accurate aiming.)
Level 3: Silencer (no visibility when firing gun.)
Pump action shotgun
Clip size: 8 rounds
Alt fire: double barrel fire.
Clip size: 40 rounds.
Alt fire: burst fire with no kick back.


Level 1: 80 round clip.

Level 2: shotgun attachment (alt fire becomes shotgun with this upgrade.)
Missile launcher:
Clip size: 4 rounds
Alt fire: hold down to launch all 4 rockets.
Sniper rifle
Clip size: 15 rounds
Clip size: 120 rounds.

2) With the 'Taunt' button are you aloud to use it to random people on the street or only in a situation where you’re killing thugs?

You can taunt anyone in the game – most will give you Balls (Balls builds Blind Rage – Blind Rage turns you into a UNSTOPPABLE ******* KILLING JUGGERNAUGHT who can not be stopped – not to mention it also heals you every time you kill someone). We have tons of taunts on our taunt button (or more colorfully put – our “**** You” button). There are no restrictions on when you can use it – you can do it shooting at people or driving a boat or car and use it. You can use it to taunt people out of vehicles when you raise your Rep (they just get out and give you their car – you don’t attract cop heat this way and you get major balls for doing so).

3) Will the game have DTS surround sound capabilities?

We support:

Dolby Pro Logic II on PS2

Dolby Surround & Dolby Pro Logic on Xbox
In addition to that we did all of our remixing w/ Skywalker Sound w/ Randy Thom and his amazingly talented Academy Award-winning sound team on a THX-calibrated sound stage – our sound is AMAZING and will be fun for those who have a great sound system who will be happy to find the best sound in any open world game to date – its no ******* joke – it rocks.

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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 7, 2006 4:17 PM

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From: Los Angeles

in response to: Victor@Sierra in response to: Victor@Sierra
Round 2

1) what will the health bar be like will you have to go to a hospital to get healed or do you pick up something when you kill an enemy?

The health meter is in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and it looks like a red circle (surrounded by the Balls Meter). As you take damage, the red begins to drain from the circle from top to bottom. If it runs out? you die and the game will politely tell you “You ****** up.”

There are actually a number of ways for you to regain your health in the game:

The most basic way is by using health packs. There are health packs located in strategic locations around the city and in key businesses and locations such as your mansion and Nacho’s Tanker. Finding these can be tricky, but they offer a quick fix if you’re in a jam and you know where to look.

Another way to get yourself fixed up is to find one of the many “Blood Banks” around the city – basically trailers/campers set up in parking lots and back alleys that will immediately allow Tony to refill his health completely. These are denoted by red “blood drops” on the map, so you can find them while you are trying to quickly escape cops or gangs? or both? and get healed. It’s free, but they aren’t always the easiest thing to get to.

Both of those options require you to be in a specific location with enough health left to make the final run to get the health. The third way to get health in the game is much more strategic and is not location-based.

Using your Blind Rage ability is a great way to manage your health when you are in heavy combat and you are not close to either a blood bank or a health pack. By building your Balls Meter up to it’s maximum capacity, you will then be allowed to go into Blind Rage by holding the circle button – the camera goes to first person view, you start streaming an unending string of insults and Tony-isms, your weapons do double damage and have target assist AND, most key – for every enemy you kill while in Blind Rage, you recover an amount of health. Using this strategically is important – it can easily mean the difference between finishing a big mission and winding up dead. A good player who uses Blind Rage when there are a number of enemies will be able to completely regenerate their health just by killing enemies. Remember to taunt your victims, go for body-specific damage on enemies (or use free-aim targeting) to build Balls as fast as possible, and if you’re good enough, you won’t ever need to go looking for health packs or blood banks.

2) Well I was reading a interview on how this will be a fake Miami a 80's based Miami like gta vice city. Well what i'm asking is what are gonna be the big differences between the Vice City Miami and the Scarface Miami?

The map of Miami is NOT an exact replica of the real-world Miami. Other games have done “exact replica” open-world games and some of them have clearly proven that this feature doesn’t necessarily equal “fun.” What good is it to have a realistically mapped world if the action-per-square-foot is reduced to nothing because of it or the city isn’t fun to drive in at 100 mph? Scarface’s Miami recreates the feel of Miami, with landmarks and major areas, like Downtown, Little Havana and South Beach right where they should be, but the world has been designed to be a fun place to drive and shoot in a video game. In addition, the different Turfs in Scarface are quite unique – Little Havana, Downtown, South Beach, North Beach and other areas all look extremely distinct so there’s no danger of you not knowing where you are when you look out the car window.

The main differences between our world and GTAVC’s is that we are true not only to the feel of Miami but also to the Scarface film. We have iconic film landmarks in the game like Tony’s mansion, the Babylon Club, the Sunray Hotel, Lopez (now Diaz) Motors, etc? Our Miami is also more of a photorealistic look versus GTA’s cartoony style. Oh, and besides that, our graphics engine is better and more sophisticated for cooler lighting, shadowing and weather effects.

3) I would like to know what kind of music will be in the game. Will you stick with the era 1980s or will there be some other kinds from other decades. Can you change what types you want and remove others you don’t?

The music in Scarface: The World Is Yours is a huge part of the game. We haven’t talked a lot about the details yet, but we will make an announcement soon? oh? why don’t I give you a taste anyway?

There are more than 140 tracks in the game – and these tracks are from all genres including but not limited to Reggae, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and even Country. The lineup includes the entire original motion picture soundtrack, the original score from Georgio Moroder and popular music from the time period. The game also has a lineup of contemporary tracks for those who want to play the game with more modern music.

The key point here is – the world is yours, and so is the music. YOU decide what you listen to, not the game or some in-dash radio. You can make your own mix tapes or use a bunch of pre-made ones by genre or category. If you are the kind of person who wants an authentic film experience, go ahead and pick the original soundtrack and score and press play. It will play everywhere you go – in and out of cars. If you want to have a time-period specific experience, pick all 80s music. If you’re one of the people who loves modern hip-hop or other modern music, you can choose to listen only to that as well. Or mix it all up for something more eclectic.

A good note for you who have been worried – if you don’t want to play this game with hip-hop tracks (I know a lot of people have expressed concern it would a “Hip Hop Scarface” ) – you don’t have to. It’s entirely up to you as a player to make your own soundtrack from the massive library of music.

Personally, I enjoy driving around shooting my upgraded Machine Gun at rival gangs out my car window while listening to Johnny Cash sing “Easy Rider.” Should I be giving that kind of detail away in this Q&A? Probably not. But it floats my boat. That and Black Uhuru’s “Happiness.” I can’t get enough of that.
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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 7, 2006 4:19 PM

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From: Los Angeles

in response to: Victor@Sierra in response to: Victor@Sierra
Round 3

 1) When you lose on a mission, you have to start it from the beginning or you collect some checkpoints like Godfather?

Failing a mission is handled in different ways depending on the mission and/or mission type. There are some missions in the game, such as Nacho’s Tanker, which are long, involve deep and varied scenarios and include a lot of combat and combat stages. For these missions, there ARE checkpoints, where if you fail or die, you will restart the mission from the last checkpoint reached.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you “die” in the game, you lose all of your dirty cash, your unsold cocaine AND any balls built up in your balls meter. It can be depressing to get killed and come back and see your balls meter empty when facing off against 15-20 enemies.

Other missions, like some of the main storyline missions where you are acquiring fronts, etc., if you fail the mission, you go back to the beginning – dropped right by the mission’s start point NPC where you can choose to restart the mission or go do something else, like sell some drugs and make money.

Drug dealing missions – if you fail one of the Felix Leads, Supplier Missions or Distribution Missions, it goes away? you then go back and pick up your sat phone and call up again to start over on another set of these missions.

Man, there are a lot of missions and mission types, eh?

2) I got a question fo ya. How to u talk to women on the game. Do u use yo taunt button or what's up??

You can walk up and talk to any woman on the street using the circle button (also the taunt button). If you walk up to a pedestrian and get close to them, you will initiate one of the 250 unique NPC dialogue chains (don’t forget to complete them all or the game isn’t considered 100% complete). You talk to them, they say something in return, you hit the circle again to keep talking and it goes on until you finish. In the beginning of the game, the women will be dissing you since you are at the bottom. They are cold-hearted, some of them.

3) how does the police system work? is it like GTA whereever u go the cops know where u are or can u hide from the cops and they wont find you?

The Police System centers around your “Police Heat” – and this shows up in two ways.

#1 – for every illegal action you undertake in high visibility areas – anywhere on the open world streets or parks or public places, you police heat meter will begin to fill up (the white bar surrounding the mini map in the lower left corner). Hitting cars or pedestrians while driving, pulling a weapon, firing a weapon, etc. will all make this meter rise. (Take note: pulling a weapon and firing a weapon on opposing gang members for instance, in an ALLEY for example, will not raise your police heat? because you are hidden in seedy backalleys.)

When the white heat bar fills, the police will start looking for you. If there’s one nearby, he’ll find you and approach you. More on that in a bit. Once that white bar is full, the police are going to swarm you, and that white bar will begin to fill with red. On the mini-map, you will see a red circle expanding out from the police that have found you. If you don’t escape the red circle on the mini-map BEFORE that red bar fills up on the heat meter, “You Are ******,” and the cops will come and kill you by any means necessary. When fleeing – watch out for the roadblocks and spike strips?

#2 – You also have an overall Police meter that climbs as the game wears on and can be managed by you and your cash. As you do illegal things, this heat will climb, which will make the police more sensitive to your actions and make your heat meter climb faster. In addition, it will also raise the rate you get at laundering money by a few percentage points. It can mean a lot of cash is lost at the bank. You can pay down your Police heat (and gang heat) through the Empire Menu using the Heat option. It costs cash, but can protect you over the long-term.

Handling the Police: So, say you’re on the street, your police heat is relatively high, you get out of your car to finish off a gang member and a policeman shows up, but you’re not in the red yet? You have options. You can 1) jump in your car and try to outrun that cop or any others in the immediate area, or 2) shoot the cop and then try to outrun the cops that will be called in, but now your heat is through the roof and you are in more danger, or 3) you can try and “fast talk” the cop – put your gun away the second you notice a cop is nearby, he will approach you with his gun drawn, walk up to him and you will have a chance to fast talk him using a golf-swing like mechanic. Succeed and you’re free and your heat is gone. Fail and he’s taking all your dirty money and drugs on hand and you have cop heat. There are benefits and drawbacks to each scenario, although there is clearly a reward for not shooting cop after cop, because there are more of them then you, you know!
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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 7, 2006 4:19 PM

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From: Los Angeles

in response to: Victor@Sierra in response to: Victor@Sierra
Round 4

 1) I know you can smuggle drugs but how exactly does transportation work? Go-Fast-Boats? Planes?

When you start out, you are buying and selling drugs on the streets of Miami. Eventually you will grow in power and turf ownership where you need larger supplies, so off to the Islands with you. In the Islands, you’ll be able to acquire large quantities of drugs and run them back to your storehouses in Miami using one of your exotic boats – but watch out for the pirates in the Islands and the Coast Guard in Miami – they mean business. You don’t use planes for this purpose, although you use a plane to get TO the Islands every time you want to make a deal.

2) we haven't heard much about the weather in the game, and a recent article over gta's vice city stories ays that hurricanes are in their game, so did they jip that from Scarface as well?

We have weather in the game? rain storms do come and go. I wouldn’t call them hurricanes though. What kind of fun would it be to board up your mansion windows? LOL.

3) I guess there is going to be hand to hand? If so, how would he go about? Randomly punching people? Will he kick people?

There is hand to hand, include punching and counter attacks. You can’t beat on random people because of the moral code, but you can certainly shove them out of the way. Some missions require hand-to-hand to complete.

4) Shooting...what kiind of recoil will there be? will there be any at all?

Depends on the weapon.

5) Driving, will there be a lot of cars? The godfather had like 4 drivable vehicles and they were pretty much the same godamn car! Cars, Trucks...what about jeeps? Sport cars, average cars...? Speed Will there be a noticable difference in the horsepower and speed between the cars? speedometers? Fuel, will the be usable gas stations?

There will be all kinds of cars in the game, including sports cars, family cars, vans, trucks, pickups, offroad vehicles, combat vehicles with mounted guns? each handles differently.

6) Physics...what type of physics will there be? Will glass break when you shoot it? (i hhope so).


7) Will chunks of cement fly all over the place when it explodes?


8) W hen you shoot a car will the mirror come off?
Car destruction varies?

will the windshield break?

or does is a vehicle one big entity that blows up if oyu shoot it enough? will it blow up only when it sustains a LARGE amount of damage,

will it blow up when you shoot at a gas tank(back to the fuel question, will the car run out of fuel if you shoot its tank?)

Will trees release a few peices of leaves and bark when shot?
I think so

will such things as tables flip over?

9) How many hours of gameplay can we expect from the core "missions"? Will there be side quests? something that if you didnt do before oyu beat the game can you go back and play it? like, can you keep selling? Will there be any secret missions?

It’s hard to say to an exact number, but we are estimating for an experienced player to complete the linear storyline missions and so-called “finish-the-game,” it will be between 40 and 50 hours. However, since you are off making money through the drug dealing missions, which involves buying, transporting and distributing coke to various places and using that money for countless reasons like paying off cops and gangs, buying fronts, buying exotics, etc? who knows how long it will really take. In addition – and here’s a tidbit of info for you – if you actually do 100% complete the game, which means all exotics, all NPC conversations done, and everything else in the game done to 100%, there’s a surprise for you at the end. I have no idea how long it will take to do all that though!
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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 7, 2006 4:20 PM

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Round 5 do you buy a car.

Simple. Earn money by selling Coke. Press and hold L2 to pull up the menu.

Select Exotics. Select Cars. Purchase the one you want. Then call your driver to bring it to you. Voila! New car!

2.where do you go to buy a new car.

SEE ABOVE. Anywhere -- You just have to pick up your monstrous 80s satellite phone. do you upgrade you car if you can and what are the upgrades like?

You don’t upgrade cars, you just buy better ones. And better ones. Until you get the badass one with the mounted machine gun.

4. can you eat food smoke cigars and dance with women in the Babylon?

You can dance at the Babylon, but I’m not telling you how.

5. can you only save in your mansion or other save houses too ?

You can ALWAYS save your game at any bank in the game. In addition, the game will prompt you to save after you complete a mission as well as when you launder money at the bank. Why make saving your game any more difficult than it has to be, right?? Nobody wants to drive 10 minutes just to get out of the game without losing progress – that’s stupid.

6. can you buy other property ? houses , garages , stores ?

You can buy your mansion and store fronts and take over warehouses. And then you can buy surveillance and goons to defend your fronts. You don’t buy other houses – you have your Mansion and you can “Pimp Your Mansion” to make it your own through the exotics catalog. Buy the stuffed “Pelican.” Haha – if you know the film, you know why that’s funny.

7. In some of the previews I've read they have talked about other playable characters in the game other than Tony, such as an assassin, a driver and a pilot, that Tony hires. my question is, will these missions where you control these characters be compulsory to the storyline? Or will they be like side missions? If you could explain more about this aspect of the game, that would be good.

You can purchase a driver, an enforcer and an assassin and take them on missions for Tony. Some of the main storyline missions can only be completed by one of these characters. Basically though, once you purchase them through the exotics catalog, you can switch to them at any time and choose to “Do Missions for Tony.”

8. Will Tony be able to perform 'stealth' kills such as creeping behind someone and killing them with a knife?

Hmmm -- is it stealthy to “sneak” up behind someone with a chainsaw and lop off ALL of their extremities? If so, then yes. Although, there’s not much sneaking to it. LOL

9. How many islands are there that you can actually drive to and visit?

That’s a good question. I don’t have the answer. There are several main islands and also smaller islands. The Islands map is just about the same size as the Miami map, so it’s pretty huge.

10. What are the chances of this game being backwards compatible on the Xbox 360? Otherwise, I'm going to have to buy HD cables for my normal Xbox.

Our technical teams have been working very hard with Microsoft to make this happen. They have been working hand in hand with us. However, we don’t have any definitive information on backwards compatibility at this time. I’d love to be able to tell you more, but we just don’t know more yet.

11. I want to know if you'll be able to go inside the majority of buildings/houses etc of the game.

“Majority” – I’d say no. Any relevant business or building you can walk into without any load times. It all streams.

12. How many estates (Mansions) can you own? Do you build them/design them? Do you design inside, every room? How many rooms?

You can own Tony’s mansion. As I said before – that’s the only home you need to own. You can do a lot to it through the Pimp Your Mansion feature, including give it an overall theme like restore it to the movie version or mix it up with a modern design or eclectic flare. You can decorate it with various elements, like Gina and Manny’s ash urns and stuffed Tigers and soda machines and various elements. There are a ton of items to buy and lots of rooms to fill. So it gets pretty in-depth once you delve into it. Everyone’s will look different once they unlock this feature – really cool!
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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 7, 2006 4:20 PM

Posts: 718
From: Los Angeles

in response to: Victor@Sierra in response to: Victor@Sierra
Round 6

  1. Will Tony ever have emotions like if someone close died or gets murdered by one of the gangs in Miami?????

He does. He gets really pissed and gets his revenge in kind.

2. Could you visit Tony’s mama in the game or if she calls you?????

We’re not saying what role Tony’s mama plays in the game. It’s a surprise.

3. One question that I've been dying to ask is what will happen if one of Tony’s henchmen dies or what if one of the sexy assassins fails an assassination would Tony be pissed or what???

Just call in another one or restart the mission. As long as it gets done, Tony doesn’t care how.

4. Will you be able to do anything with your women that live in your mansion, like take them on dates or...well you know what I mean.

Um. What exactly are you asking here?

5. Can you enter the Babylon club at any time? Do you have to be rich before they let you in?

You can go there at any time. You also have to go there for missions. Eventually you have to buy it as one of your fronts. It’s pretty expensive at that point in the game, but returns a lot of dough, so it’s worth it. The Babylon Club also has a nice little gambling hall downstairs, so you can get your blackjack and more on.

6. Can you sit at a table?


7. Will there be lots of people up dancing like in the film? And lots of people sitting a tables eating.

At the Babylon club?

Depends on the time of day, but yes – dancers, drinkers, diners etc. You can dance with the women too. And talk to them about their dancing. And what they are doing that night, and more.

8. Can Tony dance?

Yup. I’m not telling you how though.

9. Will the mirrors on the wall reflect like they should? Are they breakable?

I honestly don’t know if they reflect. Haven’t seen one up close. Lots of stuff in the world breaks when it gets shot -- the first mansion mission has stuff blowing all over the damn place!

10. Will there be different events on at the club? Such as a comedian, or a clown?

LOL. Actually, yes. Fear the clown, though. Consider that fair warning.

11. What the music be like in the club? I'd like it if it was just the music from the soundtrack.

Music from the soundtrack.

12. How does it work if Tony wants to call somebody with his mobile phone? Is there a list with phone numbers of his henchmen etc. or how does it work?

You select who you want to call from the menu and select what you want to call – Tony picks up the phone and connects. You can’t just randomly dial Sosa or anything to exchange Meatloaf recipes and the like.

13. If your car is damaged, will it be repaired auto. When you drive it in your garage, or do you need to do it yourself or in a garage by a mechanic?

When your car becomes damaged, you have the option to take it to a drive through car wash to get it repaired for cheap. If you don’t do this, and your car is damaged and you abandon it, the next time you call it in you will have to repair it before the Driver delivers it. This can be done in the same menu as calling in a car – just hit a button, pay the price, and your car is fixed and delivered.

14. Do you have a sort of a safe house on the Islands, with garage?

The Driver operates in the islands just like in Miami. There is a bank in the islands so you can save your game and launder money there as well.

15. About how many henchmen could you have guarding your fronts business? How many guards could you buy? If one dies do you have to buy another?

You can buy surveillance and then up to 5 guards to protect the front from gang attacks. This is done after you purchase the front. You go the menu and select turf, and then select the front. On the detail page for the front you will see the option to purchase the items. You have to buy surveillance first and then the goons. Well worth the price, believe me.

16. is it true that you are able to purchase a tiger that could attack your enemy or is it just a stuffed tiger.

You can purchase a stuffed tiger from the exotics menu. Although, there is a live Tiger in the game that attacks goons to help you escape the mansion. It’s grrrreat!

17. Do you have to sell drugs on missions or can you sell them whenever?

You can choose when and where you sell your drugs (once you get past the drug dealing tutorial). You’ll be picking up drugs off of dead gang members and also buying drugs off of street dealers (and eventually, much larger dealers). When you’re cruising around with a couple hundred grams in your pocket, you can choose to sell them to street dealers (marked by a white dot on the map – they will only buy 100g each though) or you can choose to sell all your drugs at once through one of your fronts. Your fronts will have varying returns though – while Pedro’s Pawn Shop might get you $70/gram, Fidel’s Records might be turning $80/gram, so it pays to check out your “Turf” page in the menu to see where you’ll get the most money. These prices fluctuate all the time based on demand and amount in the local market, so you have to stay on top of it. The Babylon Club is always a good money maker though.

When you start moving vast amounts of cocaine – like Kg at a time – from the islands by boat, you will be sticking them in one of your storehouses. Once that is completed, you can run all those drugs out to your fronts in one huge “Distribution” mission. Basically, choose one of your cars and visit each of your fronts dropping off crates of Coke from the back of the car and collecting tons of cash. At the end, you visit the bank to end the distribution mission and launder your cash. Of course, while you’re running around town with millions in Cocaine and cash, the local gangs notice you and start trying to steal your stuff – so you have to pay attention and make it through alive. You’ll probably end up having to save one of your fronts from invading gangs while doing this, which is why it pays to buy the reinforcements. You DO NOT want to die at the hands of a gang member when you have 5 KG of yayo in your trunk AND a million dollars in dirty cash – you would lose ALL OF IT!

18. Will Tony only earn money through drug dealing? Or will he get money for finishing missions, too?

See above about drug dealing. That is how you will earn MOST of your money. You do get some cash from some missions and from the dead bodies of opposing gang members.

19. When you buy the piano are you able to play it or go up to it and music will play or something like that?

Hmmm? good question. I don’t know. Let’s find out together on October 8!!
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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 11, 2006 10:01 AM

Posts: 718
From: Los Angeles

in response to: Victor@Sierra in response to: Victor@Sierra

Round 7
1. Does the game really have that much of a storyline? Or will it be more like just walking up and talking to someone on the street rather than an actual cut scene that progresses the story?

Big time storyline written by Hollywood script writer David McKenna (who also wrote Blow and American History X).  Lots of cutscenes to progress the story featuring the VO cast.

2. Do your rivals attack your warehouses occasionally? No.  They attack your fronts.

3. Are there thieves that will try to steal your ride? Like, carjackers?  No.  But rival gangs will notice you as you drive around the city and attack you on foot and also from opposing vehicles.

4. Tony doesn't always wear the same clothes, so I was wondering will there be any cloth shops in the game? You can unlock the ability to choose your clothing options.

5. Will there be any "small" side missions in the game that have no connection with the main story?

Yes.  Drug Dealing and Distribution missions come to mind.  Also the small little side missions that unlock these drug missions.

6. Roughly how many different pedestrian models are in the game?

Hard to say – hundreds of uniques.

7. Can Tony hire goons to protect his mansion if so does it mean the mansion will be attacked just like his storefronts? No.  the mansion is off limits.

8. Are there any mini games to play?

Lots of minigames – especially gambling.  There’s blackjack, poker, video poker, video blackjack, slot machines, blood sports and more.

9. Are there other things that you can purchase to improve your storefronts other than cameras and henchman? More storefronts and warehouses.

10. What gangs are present in Miami and how do you go about reducing gang heat or cant you?

There are gangs that are aligned with all each of the main bosses for each turf, so Gaspar, the Diaz Brothers, etc.  You can reduce your gang heat by completing good drug deals, intimidating gang members or just paying down the heat with cash through your Empire menu.

11. Is the islands only purpose to buy drugs? Not sure I totally understand this question, but the Islands is full of additional missions.   You have to go there to secure contacts to keep the cocaine flowing into Miami.  There are enemies out there too that you have to defeat.  It is the place from which you run major drug supplies into Miami, but there’s more to it than just going and getting drugs.

12. What obstacles will Tony face when running drugs from the islands to Miami? In the Islands – pirates – not the Jack Sparrow type, the drug-running type with speedboats with big machine guns on the bow.  In Miami – the Coast Guard.  Drive fast.

13. I read somewhere about a Respect System how does it work? When you escape the mansion, you lose everything.  You become the lowest rung again.  All of your reputation is gone.  There are 8 reputation levels – one for each letter in the word Scarface.  As you complete missions, complete drug deals, buy exotics and many other activities, you receive reputation points.  Eventually, you will level up your reputation to the next letter, unlocking more exotics, bigger drug deals, etc.  Also, people you talk to who disrespect you at the beginning of the game will change as your reputation climbs.  You won’t have to throw someone out of a car later in the game, just walk up and demand the keys and they will gladly hand them over to Mr. Montana.

14. Can Tony’s Driver actually do the driving for Tony without having to change characters? No.

15. Can you choose weapons for Tony’s henchman or do they all have default weaponry? You can choose.

16. Will Tony be able to purchase Aircraft such as Helicopters?

Only the sea plane – this vehicle will take you to any dock in the world instantly – in Miami or the Islands.

17. The majority of the things that you can buy from the exotics catalog, can you use it or is most of it decoration? Kind of a split.  You can buy a ton of things to decorate your mansion, for sure, but you can also buy cars, trucks, boats, etc.  You can buy weapons and weapons upgrades from your arms dealer, but that’s not through the exotics menu.  Each item you buy in the exotics menu will give you a reputation bonus, however, so they pay off in other ways, even if it is just a stuffed tiger.

In addition, later in the game, when you are able to buy Investments from the exotics menu – these change the game dramatically for Tony’s benefit.  They are expensive, but not only upgrade reputation, but also alter his in game performance and statistics to make him a better Tony.  Awesome stuff in there.

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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 18, 2006 3:01 PM

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Round 8

1.       can you change from country like u'll could play in bolivia to and stuff but how will this work then ?

You’ll go there for storyline missions multiple times and you also go there to run large shipments of cocaine.  You can go there at any time and do some of the random missions on the islands as well – just take a boat and cruise there or purchase the seaplane and warp to any dock in the game, in Miami or the Islands.

2.       When you finished of Sosa , will there still be shoot outs and stuff with other gangs and drugslords?

If you want to complete the game to 100% -- you’ll need to go back and clean out all the gang nests, complete all 250 NPC conversations, etc.

3.       Is the game-world unlocked right away? Because it's kinda boring when You start the game and every place is unlocked right away...You know, it's nice to put some effort on missions so You can unlock new places, like in GTA.

The entire city is unlocked from the get go, but you work your way towards actually running missions and taking over different sections of the city.  I think it’s MORE frustrating to have a so-called “open world” game where have the city is blocked off by concrete barricades for no real reason.

4.       Does Tony go back to his job flipping bugers at the beginning of the game for a while?

No.  Tony is still Tony Montana and he knows he can rebuild his empire from the ground up.  He still has some contacts left to help him get back on his feet, so there’s no need to go make minimum wage somewhere.  He starts small and builds from there.

5.       Will Locations such as Montana Travel and Management, Ginas Hair Salon and the restaurant where Tony said goodnight to the bad guy be present in the game.

All of Tony’s possessions are gone.  All of his business are completely wiped away. However, through the exotics menu, you can reinvest in businesses that will build up your abilities.

6.       Do Pedestrians talk to each other?


7.       How do you gain respect?

Completing missions.  Doing good drug deals.  Wiping out gangs.  Buying exotics.

8.       How long does it take on average to complete a story mission?

Really depends.  From a few minutes to a bit longer.

9.       Can Tony later on in the game purchase the Sun Ray Motel and the bar at Coconut Grove?

Sun Ray – yes.  That is a purchasable front.  The Coconut Grove is not purchasable, but you’ll be there pretty early on.

10.   Can Tony have guards at a Storehouse?

No.  Storehouses do not get attacked. They are already reinforced.

11.   can tony get hurt by fire?


12.   can you take the top down on a convertible?

Tops are already down.

13.   will tony show when he's low on health, like blood on his clothes and him holding himself


14.   can you go into blind rage mode when you're inside a vehicle?


15.   Will you have to play through the story mode more than once to unlock all the extra content in the game?


16.   Are there any alternate endings in the game?

Yes.  Finish the game to 100% complete – lots involved in that.

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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Sep 26, 2006 11:10 AM

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1) I would like to ask what are going to be the PC requirements to run the game. The reason why is so I know if I need to upgrade my PC a bit to play the game.


* Windows(R) 2000/XP
* Pentium(R) 4 1.8 GHz or AMD(R) equivalent
* 256 MB RAM
* DirectX(R) 9.0c-compatible video card (ATI(R) Radeon(R) 9200 or NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) FX 5500 with 128 MB RAM) or higher
* DirectX(R) 9.0c-compatible sound card and speakers or headphones
* Microsoft(R)-compatible mouse and keyboard
* 16x DVD-ROM
* 2.9 GB of uncompressed hard drive space


* Windows(R) XP with SP2
* Pentium(R) 4 2.8 GHz or AMD(R) equivalent
* 512 MB RAM
* DirectX(R) 9.0c-compatible video card (ATI(R) Radeon(R) x800 or NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) FX 6800) or higher
* DirectX(R) 9.0c-compatible sound card and speakers or headphones
* Microsoft(R)-compatible mouse and keyboard
* 16x DVD-ROM
* 5 GB of uncompressed hard drive space

2) Could you take cover in the game during a shootout like leaning against the wall and when you aim you shoot and return to the wall automatically after you stop shooting? Are you able to crouch on the floor and shoot? Could you also walk while you’re crouching?

Yes. If you approach a wall, you can press a single button (X on PS2) to “wall hug.” You can then slide along the wall to a doorway, for instance, and use the camera to look into the room on the other side. When you find a target, lock on and fire to swing out and shoot. When you release the lock on, you go back behind the wall. You can also take cover behind shorter items like bars and short walls by crouching or using the X button. You can move while crouched.

3) Could you jump? Could you also climb over fences or walls?

You can not jump in the game. There is never a need for it. Tony’s not much of a jumper anyway. J

4) About the pilot-henchman-assassin etc... your gonna be able to switch them on the go? You can bring a henchman in a mission and control him to do some part of it, or watch a door or something? Will they be driving Tony's car or just be passenger? Will they say something when they kill their target example:" Tony send is regards" or something a little bit like the Godfather.

No switching on the go. You can switch to a henchman and then do missions for Tony – this is a great way to make more money in the game besides just dealing drugs as Tony. Tony’s missions are Tony’s – rebuilding the empire – while the henchman have their own missions to do for Tony. You can not switch in the middle of a mission.

5) Can you take over the turfs in any order you want?

No. Each turf is unlocked as you progress through the game and acquire reputation points and conquer a previous turf. Difficulty levels and cost to purchase fronts escalate as you go along.

6) Will the DEA be present in the game at all?


7) How many Rooms are there in Tony’s mansion?

A lot of rooms.

8) When your heat is in the red will SWAT and Police Helicopters be Present?

When you are in the red – move fast. The cops will be after you the ambition of killing you. They put down roadblocks and spike strips and chase you all over the map.

9) When the pirates are hunting you, can you choose which character you want to play? (I mean the boat driver or Tony?).

No, because Tony runs his yayo into the city himself. It’s too important.

10) I know that there is a health circle for the cars, but when you're running on high speed and crash into a tree or a wall, will Tony lose energy from his health circle?

No, the car will take damage. The car acts like another layer of armor for Tony. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully when selecting a car to call in before a big combat mission. The more you use the car to shoot FROM, the less damage Tony takes. Of course, if the baddies get close, they’ll rip you out of the car and then you’re on your own!

11) What happens when you lose a front how do you get it back?

Once a front is purchased, you won’t lose it later in the game. However, it will be attacked by gang members and can be destroyed if you don’t defend it. If this happens, you will have to pay a fee to have it rebuilt and put back into operation. Depending on the front, it can be somewhat affordable (like $20,000 for smaller shops like Pedro’s Pawn Shop) or it can be very expensive, like $4 million for some of the pricier fronts later in the game. This is another layer in the strategic gameplay inherent in SFTWIY that you won’t find in other open world games – Say you’re on a distribution mission earning millions of dollars per drop and one of your fronts gets attacked by a rival gang. If it’s a lower-tier shop, you might choose to sacrifice it to be destroyed instead of defending it, since in defending, you would be risking the loss of a few million dollars if you die while the cost to repair might be only $20,000. On the flip side, if it’s one of your top-tier, more expensive fronts and your hired goons at the store are dropping like flies, it might be worth risking the $10 million in your pocket to run over and save the shop to avoid paying $4 million in repairs.

That’s one of the beautiful things about Scarface -- it’s all up to how you want to play it, really. And no decision is entirely wrong.

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Re: Scarface Q&A Compilation Thread Posted: Oct 4, 2006 12:25 PM

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Final Round

1) Can you watch the surveillance camera videos? Like to see what happened and what's going on at the moment.
No. But while the stuff is happening, you will get updates.

2) How are you going to get the hit men, Will you be able to choose them?

You buy your henchmen from the exotics menu. They will become unlocked as your Reputation level climbs.

3) What do the Skull Icons on the Minimap represent?

Gang Nests. These are areas that are dominated by a gang that is loyal to one of the main crime bosses in the city. When the skulls are white, the gangs are active, if they are grey, they are off doing something else. You can clear out the gang nests to take over more of the turf they are in, and at the same time, clearing gang nests is an excellent way to make additional money. When you defeat the gang and kill the local gang leader, he drops a pile of cash and drugs for you to take. I find that clearing the gang nests is some of the most fun and rewarding aspects of the game, especially when I’m short on cash.

4) Is there going to be any animals roaming around the city of Miami like dogs, birds, cats?

Birds fly around. I think that’s it. No you can’t shoot them.

5) Is it true, that the European release date is 13th October?

You would have to check in your local country for exact release dates in that territory.

6) We already know that you will be able to save the game no matter where you are in the world. But when you load this save, will it start from the position where you saved or from you mansion?

You can save the game at any bank and after any mission. When you reload, it will put you where you last saved.

7) To gain 100 % Tony has to do a lot of conversation...but how do I know whether I have done all the conversations...?

You’ll know you have done all the conversations because each time you complete one, it tells you that you have complete 1/250 conversations. Make it say 250/250 and they are all done.

It turns out that I misspoke earlier – you do not need to complete all 250 conversations for the game to be 100% complete. You need to acquire 1,000,000 Balls points, met and wooed all Femme Fatales, you need to own and have repaired all of the fronts, and you must have defeated Sosa.

8) Can Tony purchase marijuana and smoke it? Or do coke? Or drink alcohol, like in the game Saints Row?

No. Tony has learned his lesson already. “Don’t get high on your own supply.” That’s what made him lose focus and ruined his empire in the first place. So that is not really part of the game. It’s all about dealing and rebuilding your empire and Tony’s focus is strong.
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