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Spirits of Rage

At a certain stage of the game the player gets a powerful magic weapon, Rage Casket. It encloses four Spirits of Rage, incredibly powerful creatures, summoned by ancient sorcerers from other worlds to render obedience to the owner of the casket.

But, alas, the secret of controlling these creatures has been lost and now their new owner has to win Spirits’ favor with words and actions. Each Spirit has its own interests and wishes. If you fulfill them you will be able to make him your friend and make use of his power.

Stone Monster of Rage

A huge creature from the Black Star world. Its flesh is made of a splinter from a dark celestial body that personifies physical might and endurance. Its attacks inflict huge physical damage, breaching any defense and crushing even the most violent enemies.

Attack spells available:
Stone Sword, Rockfall, Subterranean Blades, Stone Wall.

Swamp Monster of Rage

This scaly monster has been summoned by the sorcerers of the Guild of Dark from Arey, the world of poisonous swamps where incredible and terrible creatures live. The Swamp Monster of Rage feels uncomfortable in this world which is why he is constantly irritated and angry. His power is that of poisonous swamps and their inhabitants.

Attack spells available:
Poisonous Spit, Shoal, Glot Armor, Poison Mist.

Other Spirits: Death Monster of Rage, Icy Monster of Rage
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