1. Is Sex Necessary? (with E. B. White), 1929
Short pieces by both authors concerning issues between men and women.

2. The Owl in the Attic, 1931
Contains the "Pet Department."

3. The Seal in the Bedroom, 1932
His first collected drawings: men, women, and dogs.

4. My Life and Hard Times
Stories about his hometown, Columbus, Ohio, his family, and his schooling. Includes the famous story "The Night the Ghost Got In."

5. The Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze, 1935
Short pieces and drawings.

6. Let Your Mind Alone!, 1937
Parodies of the popular psychology and self-help books of the time.

7. Cream of Thurber, 1939
Select pieces from the first six books, published only in the United Kingdom.

8. The Last Flower, 1939
A narrative cartoon about men, women, war, peace, and love.

9. The Male Animal (with Elliot Nugent), 1940
A three-act play about the war between men and women.

10. Fables For Our Time, 1940
A large collection of fables, including the well-known "The Unicorn in the Garden."

11. My World—And Welcome To It, 1942
Contains "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and a number of pieces on the use and misuse of language.

12. Many Moons, 1943
A children's story about the Princess Lenore, who won't be content until she has the moon.

13. Men, Women And Dogs, 1943
A book of drawings with an introduction by Dorothy Parker.

14. The Great Quillow, 1944
A children's book about a little toy maker who saves the village from a gruesome giant.

15. The Thurber Carnival, 1945
A collection of stories and drawings from previously published works. (This collection was Thurber's greatest commercial success.)

16. The White Deer, 1945
A medieval fantasy children's book in which Princess Rosanne is changed into a deer and then rescued by the love of a prince.

17. The Beast in Me and Other Animals, 1948
Drawings, essays, and short stories.

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