. Due to the unforseen events of the past few months as well as a hectic schedule. i am really no longer able to update this portion of my site from now on. but if you are intersted in my thoughts still, they can be seen and i can be contacted through a myspace page. if you are interested, check it out. it will ne updated MUCh more frequently than this. thank you and take care!!

you can check out my MYSPACE page



Today i have deicided to do something i would never have to do in my lifetime. im going to have to give my feelings on the loss of a fellow wrestler, and much more importantly, a friend and brother. in the few days since the passing of my friend dan, i have been bombarded with phone calls and e mails of people wanting to know my status and my feelings. i have also seen the web flooded with well wishers, some sincere, some not. lots of old friends and family, and a lot of people that didnt know us, wouldnt want to know us, wouldnt book us, etc...and becuase of all that, i have decided to give my two cents, so please take this, and refrain from the calls and letters, it is too much for me to bear right now. thank you all for your thoughts, but for now take this and give me my peace with this.....

for me, this all started ten years ago. i met a young dan quirk through a mutual friend while tryin to get tickets to monday night raw. we went up to the ticket counter together and talked about wrestling for a good long while. i remember we were both exstatic that we got on TV during a val venis vs. d lo brown cool was that!?!?! we then kept in touch through the years and came into each others aquiantance again. i always remembered how he always had a positive air to him. he just made you feel good to be around. i can even remember seeing him at a party a year or two after i graduated high school. i always thought it was so wierd that he was a drinker....he never looked like one. i had just fallen victim to a very large broken heart at the time. i was deeply in love with a girl and our relationship was on the outs. i ended up going to this party with a non-satisfactory rebound date and was amazed as i watched him drink the night away while he continued to try and pick up my date right in front of me. the whole time i could do nothing but laugh, for thats what he did to me. he made me smile.he had that ability to make it ok.

flash ahead to 2002, he convinced me to forget everything going on in my life and follow him into the world of wrestling. a decision that i never regretted. we would then work out together 2 to 3 times a week for over the next year and it was one of the greatest times of my life. over the next couple of years we went on to live out our dream together. we traveled the entire length of the east coast, we met legends of the ring like terry funk, dusty rhodes, and sabu, we met and trained with independent wrestling standouts like christopher daniels and mike quackenbush. we wrestled each other multiple times is 7 diffrent states. all the while, we did this all together. we even shared a room for a year. i very well believe that i would never had made it in wrestling if it wasnt for him. for wrestlers were brothers but he was something else. the whole time though we knew each other, hed bust on me for "being shady". he would say this becuase i have a problem opening up to people. he was right, because i refuse to let people in. i dont trust people and i dont want to. but he was able to work his way in, we was positive and helped me deal with so much psychodrama. with nocturne comes lots of baggage, baggage he was willing to help carry. one of the few that legitimatly was interested in carrying. but of course, being the asshole i am a resisted.

things ended up coming to a head becuase i am stubborn. i am afraid very much of being used and being taken advantage of. and becuase of this i am very hard on the people around me, a little too hard. and because of this....a girl was able to get between us. A STUPID FUCKING GIRL!!!! no girl is worth it, let alone this one. and becuase of this i lost the opportunity to hug my brother before he left. he probably did have good intentions with this girl, but i didnt care....becuase im an asshole and i cant "let people get away with fucking me". i felt that he wronged me and i "cant allow anyone to get away with that", no matter how stupid i knew i was being. and becuase of this i moved out and severed contact with him. since this happened numerous people told me to forget it, forget the bitch, and work things out with dan. they were all right about it of course, but i never did....becuase im an asshole. and it has cost me in ways i cant describe in words.

when i was informed of danny's passing i was being typical asshole me. i was not picking up my phone because i "didnt want to talk to anyone". all this while i thought it was odd that tim kilgore had called me a dozen times. when i checked my voicemail i almost threw up. i hoped with every bone in my body that it was all a rib. but of course, it was not. under any normal situations dannys passing would have emotionally crippled me. but due to the realization that i had wasted months with him becuase of some gutterslut i was hurt exponentially more. ive never hurt like this before. it hasnt even sunkin in yet, im still expecting to so him on june 11th and hearing his terrible entrance theme from spaceballs, hearing his trademarked "c'mon man", or talking of his culinary masterpeice...the fish stick sandwich with homemade terrible tartar sauce. im scared to death of what will happen to me when it does sink in. he meant a lot to me, and no one can ever replace him. when he died, a legitimate part of me died too. i can feel it, and i know i will never meet another like him the the brutally ugly world of wrestling and possibly never again in life.

the truth is things were starting to work again between us, we had seen each other a few times, worked out together, talked and drank a few times and it got easier each time i saw him. i was breaking down and things were looking good. we were probably a short time away from getting out "divorce anulled" so to speak. but he was taken away before i could make things right, taken away before i could explain to him that i was hurt becuase i loved him. taken away before i could have stopped being such a dick and loved the ones i love. a very few of my fears were quelled when a mutual friend informed me that they had talked about me before his passing and that he refered to us as brothers and he said "that brothers fight, but will always love".and that was the truth.....and i was able to smile for the first time since hearing the news. im glad he knew i loved him, but i hurt because i wanted to show him. and ill never get the chance. ill never listen to terrible emo pop with him, make buttons of bulldog blanski, make fun of dave cole, mark out for mr. zero promos, or any of the things we loved to do. i am terrribly saddend by this and i dont think ill ever be the same. dan helped me in so many ways, most of which he never knew. i am indebted to him and i hope and pray that he now knows it. i was honored to be his friend, joyed to be his partner, and PROUD to be his brother. dan, i would say that ill miss you.....but the truth is ive been missing you for months. and now it just hurts a lot more. i will never forget dan and will love him till i die. and when that day comes, im gonna make sure hes my first opponent in the next place. i know none of these words even come close to giving him the due he deserves, but right now this is all my emotional state can allow me. this has hurt me bad. this is a wound that will never truly heal. all i can do is continue to love and cherish my memories, something that im proud to do.

John J. Cybart IV


Holy crap its been a while here....anyone else here stoked for batman begins?? i know i am. it looks like this summer is going to be awesome for movies. as of right now, you should go see that, high tension, the devils rejects, and of wars III. i personally cant wait for any of them! as far as im concerned, america has been movie starved for a while now. constantine was cool, but thats been it for months!!

also, lots of shows are begining to shape up. it looks very good that ill be hitting Maine and Pennsylvania by summer. im also looking to go back down to florida soon and visit some people while im at it....and speaking of, it looks like im gonna be working with ultra/zero again in april. those guys pretty much kicked my ass the first time i went to florida, so perhaps i can make up for it??

ive also been getting a lot of workouts in lately. i really havent felt this good in a long time. my stamina and strength both are getting better and better each week. this is good news considering i want to be back at the top of my game in the summertime. speaking or summertime, by then that shoot tape mentioned before should be out. i talked about this and that, itll show some matches, adn some other junk as well. im thinking about putting on some pretty early bad matches for shits and giggles. if anyone out there has any ideas for the tape, just send em my way. im always up for some good suggestions. unlike the suggestion i got a week or two ago. i female fan/friend is trying to get me to get one of those "myspace" profiles. she has invited me a bunch of times but im pretty sure im straight with that. that is one of those things that, at least to me, seems like a haven for the self pretty sure i have enought pride and real friends to NOT go and do one of those things. granted, i did have a hot or not profile a while back due to a good friends sense of humor, but that is too much. especially when i see all the dorkathon contestants and souless slutbags on there. but then again, as youre reading this my profile will probably be up and done. i dunno, if i do it and its funny enough ill throw the link up on here for you all to see. untill then...



damn, it sure has been a while... it feels really great to be able to access my website again. hopefully garbage like that wont keep my away again. instead of telling you guys what ive been up to the past couple of months, im gonna delve right in to my now annual year end year in review, going over the highs and lows of the past year. lets start off on a positive note...

PROPS- GOING TO FLORIDA, it was an absolute blast going to florida and doing the 3 shows i did down there. the fans were awesome, i met a lot of cool people and i met one cool friend from teh chobee area.
SUPREME, ZOKRE, AND THE REST OF THE LXW LOCKER ROOM, these guys RULE!! i loved every part of hanging with them and putting on a few great shows with these people. good times and good people. hopefully i will be able to see them come 2005.
MEETING VERONICA CAINE, holy friggin mark out moment batman!! me and a buffy in high school were fans of and to meet her and have her be a fan of MINE was incredible. to top things off, she was really cool and really sweet.
TAGGING WITH HALLOWICKED, very cool cat and crazy talented. i always have fun working with this guy. hopefully i will continue to get the opportunity in the future.
TRAINING WITH SKAYDE, awesome, i learned so much from him.
COMING BACK TO MY HOMETOWN, it was great to wrestle in my home again in front of so many freinds and family. thank you very much to hallowicked, mr. ZERO, rorshach, ultramantis, and icarus. you guys helped make it the great night for me it was, i wont be forgetting that any time soon....
GINGER SNAPS, awesome werewolf trilogy. making most other horror movies of the year look like shit.
BULLDOG BLANSKI, on a shoot helped me a lot this year, and definetly helped keep me entertained. thank you and i know will being seeing you in 2005...brotha
DPW, mike milano is the man...lackluster first show for me was made up by having a really good second show for me. mike tells it to me like it is with no bullshit, and i can always appreciate that.
MEETING DUSTY RHODES, he was the man, bar none.
THE RETURN OF THE KING, dear god, epic storytelling and amazing filmaking in one package. a movie so grand and powerful yet so personal...truly awe inspiring.
VERMONT WAS COOL, any promotion that takes time off for deer hunting is cool in my book. yes folks, im not making that one up....
NYC IN 2005, somebody out there knows what that means......its should be lots of diffrent kinds of fun.
RESIDENT EVIL 4, yep, its not 2004, but im gonna rock this game in 2 weeks. its gonna be hellacool.

DROPS- FRED YALE AND THE NAWF, if a fed could do anything wrong, it was the NAWF. constantly burrying their own guys(except for ONE....) and wasting money on a lot of outside guys who dont draw....(paying new guys isnt an issue, but it is when your local guys who do all the legwork get shit), as well as lying to theyre workers every shot they pains me to think i put so much stock in them a short 2 years ago. i dont care what anyone says, its nonsense to get up and leave CT like fred yale did and not tell anyone. my beef isnt so much with him though, as it is some other guy(s).....
DPW DEBUT, sorry mike, all the respect to you....but that night sucked for me....
JCW DEBUT, was treated pretty badly there....i replaced john brooks with no notice just to be jerked around. their locker room was pretty damn rude and i ended up doing a battle royal that was run like shit....which tends to describe the smell of the godforsaken state they ran in...
GETTING KNOCKED OUT BY DERANGED, getting ko'ed is never fun.
WRESTLING SPIKE VEDO, dear god what did i do wrong to deserve that!?!?!? only the NAWF would even consider putting a title on that guy. not only did it suck for me, but its bull to put hallowicked in the ring with that guy.
ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR, i dug the movie....but talk about not living up to expectations.
PERSONAL ISSUES, over the past 6 months at least, i am uber guilty of letting my personal issues affact my wrestling life. everything from my workouts to my in ring work. im my mind my ring work suffered in 2004 becuase of this. trust me though, it wont continue.
AMERICAN MOVIES ALMOST ALWAYS SUCK, god damn its true...they can even make good movies bad or almost bad. can be evidenced in the ring and the grudge.
DAVE COLE TRYING TO PICK UP GIRLS, inept..thats all im gonna say. good guy, BAD moves.
HAVING YOUR BELONINGS PUKED ON, listen to powerbomb radio interview number 1 for that story.
EVIL DEAD REMAKE WITHOUT BRUCE CAMPBELL, yup, its probably happening. not only is that uber-retarted...but it put the squash on freddy vs. jason vs. ash.

and i think that will do it for this year...but im willing to bet i forgot a bunch of stuff and will update. be on the lookout for it. untill then ill see you all next year. stay evil and keep the murders down to a minimum.



i got a tape a few days ago....actually, i got two tapes. first off was a tape of the x boku pro show in which i won the juniorheavywieght title. it was cool to watch me and spider do our things, but the show itself was pretty much a train wreck. there were a lot of talented performers, but on the whole due to bad booking, the show was whack. i also got the UCW show i did a little while back in braintree, mass. and i do havta say, it was terrible. that was jsut one of those days were things just werent clicking. and after seeing the tape, my fear were realized. my match at least was pretty hard for me to watch.

powerbomb radio was cool, i thought the interview was kind of boring in hindsight. i didnt really delve in depth into anything to deeply. it was slightly refreshing to air my feelings on one blind rage. But after that it is over, im not commenting publicaly about him any more. my feelings are there. if you have comment, complaint, suggestions, whatever.... my e mail address is on the site.

Training is going cool now too. i dont get as much ring time as i want, but it appears that now im gonna be training ever week with bulldog blanski and tim kilgore. we gave it a dry run this past saturday and it was awesome. i felt much better and felt like i accomplished more in the session then i have in a long time. more on that though after nest time. ill let you all know how it goes. and coming up soon, ill have some links coming of the webkeepers production company. a week or two ago principal photography on thier short tentativly titled "media". it should be wrapped and delivered in no more then a month or two. i will keep you posted.



I hate new jersey. there, ive said it. new jersey is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. me, spider, and dave cole had to drive through there this weekend and it gets worse everytime i'm there. yes, i did say we DROVE through it. we didnt stay there, we weren't visiting the smelliest state in the union, we were DRIVING THROUGH!! and it was enought to make my head spin. i dont know about the rest of the world, but i enjoy the ability to take right hand turns, pump my own gas, and smell fresh god damn air!!!

the whole reason we were in the hellhole of jersey was that the three of us were going down to the chikara wrestle factory for a clinic with the head trainer of the toryumon gym, skayde. To say it was an informative trip was an understatement. we all learned so much from skayde and had a blast training with the chikara crew. not only is it always awesome to work with the greatest partner EEEVVVVVERRRRRR, hallowicked. but i got a chance to hang otu with such awesome guys as jigsaw, rorschach, and jolly roger to name a few. hangin out with them all was a great time and i cant wait to do it again. The three of us also ended up driving around and rooming with skayde and the american gigolo. both those guys were a trip to hang out with and a good time was had by all. i took a crapload of pictures of the weekend and of the chikara young lions cup II show. if anyone here has a server how wants to put them up, send some info to my webkeeper.

and speaking of the spider, that fricken jerk got to work said lions cup tournament and had a good match with gran akuma. me and dave cole watched the show from teh crowd and thoroughly enjoyed the show. eddie kingston especially was on point putting the crowd in thier place all night. both of the wild cards had me laughing all night. and on a complete unrelated note i always talk about things i have to write about in this page, and then when it comes time.....nothing. i do have to talk about how awesomely cool dave cole is the worst.......driver......EVER. ask him about it, he'll admit to it. he also is the originator of the awesomely cool heat challenge. this whole deal was dave closing the windows of the car and turning the heat up all the way. i thought thsi was the stupidest thing ever. i heckled his ass untill he turned it off. i was sweating buckets by then though. also, spider puked all of my clothes on friday. he killed my DVD player remote control and washed my wallet and car alarm remote. more on this next time........



I went and say fahrenhiet 9/11 on friday, adn all i can say is WOW. i must admit, i was aware of a lot of the facts surrounding a shill of a president, but this movie did open my eyes even wider. Needless to say im going to be doing everything one man can do to remove George w. from the white house. No matter what side you agree with, this is a movie that should be seen. not only eye opening and jaw dropping, but very entertaining to boot.

i also did a radio interview taped live a few days ago for a good friend of mine. things went ok and it may be an intersting listen. the moment it hits the web i will throw up a link for all you guys. i should also be doing a tv appearence tomorow in the north haven area, returning the the XWI t.v. show. by tonight or early tomorow i shall have a phone number in which all you fiends can call up and harass me live on the air. it should be a round of good fun.

and congrats are in order to the spider. who not only has been invited to take part in the prestigious young lions cup tournament for chikara wrestling....but also has a northeast title shot coming for CCW. both him and i had a succesfull outing yesterday resulting in us getting northeast and tag title shots respectively. good luck in both brotha, i get the feeling you may need it.



OK, so i wrassled dave cole this weekend.....and things didnt go quite the way we wouldve liked it. The worst part being that i was on the floor, turning into what was supposed to be a sommersault plancha....and all i see is dave get all of 1 foot distancewise and crack his back on the ring apron!! i couldnt believe what i saw!!i thought he mightve killed himself!!!! luckily for the 2 of us he was ok. but i did love the people in back who said i was wrong for not "working his back" when he almost BROKE it out there!! now theres an idea, lets severely injure a good friend of mine. all that aside though, we just werent on the same page that day. But, we both did get REALLY good reactions fromt the crowd there. even after the dive of death, they were still up and hot!!! it was unbelievable!!! later on in the day i did a battle royal, with the stipulation being the winner gets a title show of his choice.....i ended up gettin the better of em all then. i was also able to get a measure of revenge for my loss to dave cole by introducing him to the lurking horror and throwing his monkey butt out! and the reaction to that was outstanding!!!! it was probably one of the largest pops of my career!!! thank you all in northford for making a sub par outing on my part into something i will remember for a long time coming.

also, it appears the NAWF is not closing its doors just yet. this is good news considering they trained me and got me into wrestling. all in all, i think with a few repairs they could be up and running better then ever!! at least as far as right now goes, the supreme scream team of nocturne and hallowicked will continue to terrorize connecticut. which is good news for me, becuase he is and awesome guy and i am priveleged to team with him......anyways, let the ass kissing CEASE! im out like a mofo


oh yeah, and i had a worker explain to me that becuase im "goth"(i dont think im goth in any way, but let him think what he wants), i shouldnt do lucha/mexican moves!?!?!? im still really confused as to why and i do not understand it in the slightest. if anyone has a single clue why "goths" cant fly, let me know.

sorry for the lack of any relevant updating around here, it appears that my webkeeper has bitten off more then he can chew here. but hey, he still should be updating here every now and again.i also really dont have too much time to write here, but ill try to encapsulate the last few months around here. ive been to florida twice with LXW and noth trips were awesome. LXW definetly is becoming my surrogate family and im happy to be part of them. the second trip down there i had the privelege of wrestling another fiend, and TNA wrestler named dagon briggs. it was awesome to wrestle another fiend, let alone a fiend who worked low ki on xplosion, and i would jump at the chance to do it again. he was a great guy and great in the ring. i worked brian "the blade" gamble the second night an he was just as awesome! thanks a lot to both of you guys and i hope to see you in the future!!
i also have seen a bunch of movies lately. seeing is that i get a lot of movie related e mails, i figure id give a few SUPER quick reviews. and without further ado.......
Van so, wouldve been cool if they took the subject matter seriously, damn cool. nathan jones gets bitched!!!
Mean girls.....incredible......must see it again.....
the girl next movie ive seen in a long time. linderman was great in this
and i finally saw win a date with tad was awesome as i had imagined. if they dont make a sequel soon, i will. i will fund it with all the millions i make in wrestling....untill next crime!



heres a quick one, for i have pressing business issues to discuss. first off, i would like to thank LXW for a great show down in miami. without a doubt, thier show there was one of the nest shows ive ever seen. i dug every match and was very pleased with my own as well. also, they looker room is one of the best ive ever been in. over the past months the lxw roster is starting to make a gigantic family of epic proportions. a family i feel lucky to be a part of. i would like to also thank the spider and the chikara boys(ultramantis, mr. zero, jigsaw, rorschach, and ref bryce) for a good match and a GREAT time! great fun was had as we tore miami beach apart!!
but to reach the pressing issue, the was a lot of unprofesionalism down there. it appears as LXW's agreement with NWA florida was dropped and nwf florida went out of thier was to ruin LXW's show and name. let me adress it all.....nwa florida claimed that wrestlers were never actually booked. as far as i know, ALL wrestlers were booked, or replaced. i myslef was booked and intended on working the saturday show. it was also stated on the NWA florida website that me and the 5 others in my match were going to work NWA florida and not LXW. this was completely untrue, i have NEVER been in contact with nwa florida and was NEVER booked by or for them. there was no heat and i would have worked thier show, but they attempted to use me and my friends as pawns to hurt LXW. that is very unprofessional and uncalled for. i am loyal to LXW, they are a great fed(family!) who treats me good. also, NWA florida anounced the sunday lxw show was cancelled to thier fans, which was completely untrue!! the show happened, i was there!!! but all in all, it is over now, and i will never work for NWA florida becuase of this. i wish them well and hope that this type of childish behavior ends....
and to conclude with some positivity, the show was GREAT!!! i recomend everyone in earshot pick up the tape/dvd when it is made available!!!untill next time...



hello everyone, sorry about the lack of updates lately. thing have been pretty busy over here for me and the 'keeper. we have a movie thats been in developmental hell for over a year now thats finally moving forward. we have a script thats being tightened up right now and should begin shooting aroung may. also, if you've checked the shows page im going to be going to florida come the end of february. i personally can not wait for this!!! i definetly need to get out of this personal hell called shelton. this place is tormenting me more and more as the time goes on.....
also, i recieved a few more questions, the answers can be found.....HERE!

1) Who is your favorite WWE superstar currently on their roster?
hmmmm....thats a tough one...but id have to say victoria. ill admit,i am a guy and i REALLY do like looking at her. but she is a good worker and i cant really explain beyond that. although i do find the trish stratus/chris jericho romance to be the most entertaining thing ive seen on wrestling in years.

2) Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?
i have NO idea!!!! i have lots of love for mick foley and the undertaker though. ive loved them both since my young childhood days and i still do not tire of watching them do thier thing in the ring.

on another note, i tought id sum up the year and tie up any loose ends there are. its been over one year since i started my career and ive met many great people in this time since the journey began. lots of great people like the iron eagle, j busta, foxxy dreams and damian dragon, bulldog blanski,jason knight, tim kilgore, bad leroy brown, joe lachance, fred yale, and for those im forgetting...sorry!!! all those people mentioned and many more greatly helped me in my time in wrestling and are great talents that deserve whatever kind of respect i can give them. ive also seen a lot of scumbaglosercreeps since becoming a wrestler. those people know who they are and deserve nothing from life. this is a selfish game we all play and i hate it. as much as a love wrestling, i hate it to. to much politics and to much nonsense. ive made a point in my short career to be up front and honest with all the people in the business that deserve it. the others, as far as im concerned, can go die. you are a bane to the business and it sickens me to be around you.....

i also have an infinite amount of gratitude for all the people who come see us. to all the fans, wether they get me, hate me, love me, or even dont give a crap about me....thank you. you make the positives in wrestling possible. also, congrats to joe "mcmahon", dave wilcox, and dave cole. you guys did it, and should be very proud of yourselves. i watched all you guys work really hard to get where you are and i couldnt be happier for you. congrats and goodluck in the new year. this year has also seen me get title gold for the first time. i got the XBOKU pro juniorheavywieght belt, and havent defended it yet..... and i had a NAWF tag title given to me. as much as i like carrying gold, i think that is the sh*ts personally. i think our current/past champs were awesome and i dont think im quite good enough to run with either one of them right now. of course, its not my decision and im going to make the best out of what is given to me. theres also been grumblings of a return show in hoping to have a singles match for that one though.....and finally, as i hinted to above...blind rage has retired.
i can understand why he did it....but it does suck. i always though he was a good guy and an AMAZING wrestler. blind was a great talent and good guy and he will be missed in CT. and that leads me on to the NAWF website. i have no say about what goes on there, but i do have to say they're handling of blinds retirement was the sh*ts. i looked and saw the headline "blind rage retires" over a picture of me. i have NOTHING to do with his retirement!!!!
it was his deal and it shouldve been about him. give him the respect he deserves....especially considering i didnt even ask for any part of that spotlight....for i think a title should be earned, not handed to me. anways, sorry to end with all the negativity...but thanks for a great year and i hope to have many more in the ring!



I've gotten a few more questions that i can answer. lets see here....

1) I was just wondering what your diet and exercise routine is like. How do you stay in such great shape?

A) first off, i really dont think im in the greatest shape i could be... but i do believe in taking care of myself. my diet theory is pretty simple. i am a strong believer in eating three meals a day. i refuse to eat anything 3 hours before i go to sleep. i also try to stay away from junk like cookies, candy, and the like. im not militant about it, but i consume mostly lean means and simple vegtables and grains. on an average day i consume around three thousand calories a day, and that is just to keep me the same size i am now. i also work out 4 days a week and do about a half hour of cardio per session.

2) I was reading your website. What is the cricket crab crunch?

A) the cricket crab crunch is the most devastating move in wrestling history. it is a variation of the "spinning toe hold" as used by terry funk.

3) You're website didnt have you booked on "insert show here", but your were there. whats up with that?

A) a lot of times you get booked at the last minute its a pain in the ass for my webkeeper to update it. i cant ask him to update immediatly so the people who come to my site know im a show a day in advance. its to much to ask of him.

4) will you write me back?

A) i answer all e mails, just dont expect me to pontificate the wonders of the universe or keep up detailed correspondence, i am hella busy.

and to be specific.....

5) I see there are 2 shows on 11/23. One in Danbury and one in West Haven. I am going to the CCW show in West Haven. Which one will you be at?

A) my webkeeper is half retarded. it must be the formaldehyde his parents fed him. be understanding, hes never left his house in his life......

hmmmm, i also wanted to say that the NAWF show this past weekend was diffrent to say the least. it was probably the tightest ran show ive ever done. unfortunatly yours truly didnt have much time to showcase my evil prowess, but anways still had a good showing with jack holiday. even the the bastard snuck one out on me when i had my foot on the ropes......but hey, even girly boys can have their day. also, rumor has it that blind rage is celebrating a birthday today.give him a visit HERE and show him some love for the dead.we all here wish you a happy birthday blind, stay evil!!!!
and extreme congrats to damian dragon and foxxy dreams for thier marriage on halloween. We all here wish them the best of luck in thier afterlives! go HERE and show them some love as well.

untill then, take it sleasy.



hmmmmm....were to begin.....lately i have been recieving a lot of e mails asking me a lot of random questions. enough to warrant my webkeeper putting up a FAQ page. maybe i will do that. andways, i figured id answer some of the questions ive gotten over the past few months just to get them out of the way.
Q-you are now the firstX boku pro junior heavyweight champ. how does it feel?
A-good. next

Q-what is your real name?
A-nocturne, or god to my friends.

Q-what are your favorite movies?
A- in no particular order
1)a nightmare on elm street- moody, atmospheric, and freddy is the shit
2) Halloween- micheal myers is right behind freddy
3)jaws- sharks, spielberg, and an amazing cast.
4)the monster squad- beats the goonies as the ultimate 80's kids movie
5)cecil b. demented- i consider it my bio-pic
6)the sandlot- i dunno, theres something about this movie...
7) heavywieghts- ben stiller is AMAZING in this
8)the lady in white- i dunno, theres somehting special in this one
9) freddy vs. jason- 2 of my biggest movie heros fighting! whats there not to love!?!?(besides some of the acting?)
10) twin peaks- fire walk with me - wierd, but good

Q-will you go out with me?

Q-why not?

Q- did you rip off the misfits for your gimmick?
A- no, and yes.....they were an inspiration yes...but i have a love of all things dead and it comes out when im in the ring. my main inspiration comes from my favorite movies.

Q- do you still play music?? whats the name of your band??
A- no, and NO

anways, theres a few of em.....if you want to get an answer. ask soon while im stil on the answering kick. by the way, i saw the texas chainsaw massacre. it SUCKED! heres my top five and bottom 5 of the movie.
1) jessica biels body
2)leatherface looked cool
3)jessica biels body
4)R Lee Ermey is awesome
5)jessica biels body

1)the most unlikable characters in movie history(move over day of the dead!)
2)the only similarity to the original is leatherface and his saw
3)whack ass ending
4)ungodly horrendous first 1/3
5) just about everything except whats listed in "pros"

stay evil, nocturne


I was hoping to come back and talk in this particular commentary about the training session i had with the one and only "fallen angel" christopher daniels. While that was an amazing experience and i learned lots of insight into the business and how to further my craft..... i need to get something of my chest. and that is........the spider.

All of us wrestlers live by a gentlemans agreement. we live by a code, a code of honor per se......and the spider crossed that line. there are some things you just do NOT do in a wrestling ring. There are certain moves you just do not do, and the cricket crab crunch is one of them. Not only did he put his filthy arachnid lips on my lovely partner.....he used that very deadly move on me. not once...but TWICE. i am sorry to inform the internet community that i will need to take some time off to heal the damage inflicted by the CCC. luckily though, there was no really serious damage. but unuckily for the spider, that means i'll be back sooner than later and i'll be gunning for him. untill then, sleep with one eye open spider, for "death has come to your small town......"



It's been busy month over here. I've had about 5 shows cancel out on me in 4 weeks. Talk about the shits. But on the bright side, August and September are starting to fill up rather quickly. But all in all, thats all garbage compared to whats happening this weekend. This sunday I'm going home. I'm gonna be in shelton taking on none other than the spider in our hometown. This is a match I've been waiting YEARS for!!! Even before I had ever dreamt about gettin in the ring. This Sunday I am going to give 200% percent and I will try my hardest to give my home a match worth remembering. Call it ego.....but I think we can outdo the ladder match from the "Survival of The Fittest". Everyone in CT who is even remotely a wrestling fan should be there.

Also, I've been in talks with a new and hungry promotion and if all things go right I should be a part of the most wicked and evil stable in wrestling history. I'll fill all of you in on it at a later date...........

And for my Webkeeper, you saying Wquilibrium didnt rock just proves to the internet you have no taste.......and thats no surprise coming from a Radiohead fan.


p.s.- Freddy vs. Jason is coming out in 3 weeks!!!!


This has been a busy month for the dead over here.......both me and my webmaster are in the process of moving(which is why we've been so lax with the updating). I've also been prepping up for all the upcoming shows in the next few months as well as coming down from the insanity of my homecoming. As far as the homecoming goes, it was great. There were a lot of people onhand loving the dead and reveling in mine and the night shift's victory. Working with those 2 maniacs was awesome and luckily for all of you ill be doing it again when blind rage and hallowicked return to shelton with me on July 27th! The three of us are scheduled to take out 3 doofus's named j busta, b.s. eddie valentine, and leroy brown. I think the wrestling comunity knows that "Evil will win...because good is dumb."

It was a big thrill also to end the CT career of justin sane. They say he's moving down south.......but you all know just like I do, my chairshot put him out of CT wrestling forever! He was a tough character, but not as tough as my steel chair!

I also got to check out AFI playing live at the Roseland Ballroom a few weeks back as well. It was an awesome show, Snapcase was on point that night and AFI was insane! Jerry Only of the misfits was onhand for that show too, it is always good to run into him. I slightly mentioned the website.......I know I know, cheap plug. Anways, AFI's song selection wasn't as good as last time, but it still was an amazing night. Some of the slower, "love" type songs made me miss the fact that I didnt have a living dead girl next to me to necromance.........but hey, its all about evil all the time. Who needs a girl when you have death on your shoulder? and on an endnote, it unfortunatly looks like the PWA show has been cancelled. There are rumors abound that they are finished, but I am crossing my fingers that they survive. I mean, the program I was in wasnt that great.....ACTUALLY, to be honest..... it sucked dead man dick.......but I still have lots of respect for all the workers and crew there and I hope only the best for them.

P.S- The movie "equilibrium" rocks........ and the new AFI cd "sing the sorrow" is infectously good. check em out.


Wow! What a weekend for connecticuts own evil one. Friday I worked an enormous man named "slugger" who manhandled me like a small child. That is ok though, I look forward to the day I can get into it with him again. Then on sunday, I help The Night Shift, Blind Rage and Hallowicked, win the NAWF tag titles. I actualy scored the pin with a wicked chaishot to the the blunt skull of justin sane. I know what most of you are I a member of The Night Shift????? Only time will tell. Anways, much respect to Mark Gore and The Spider......they put on what in my mind is the best damn ladder match I've ever seen. Good will and good luck to the both of these amazing talents. Especially The Spider....he's gonna need it. For his name has been marked. Death is coming for him soon............

stay evil,
P.S. Pics and video can be found at

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