Advertising Blogger: Tracking the Coolest Internet Advertising Deals

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! An important part of your blog’s marketing campaign should be advertising on other blogs in the same niche. Now the only problem is that you don’t know all the blogs in the blogosphere. The A-Listers charge too much […]

Keep Track of the Sitepoint Marketplace

Blog selling is all the rage these days. Blog buying can actually be more lucrative than blog selling, especially if you are into flipping. Also, even though you have to pay quite a fortune to buy one, you don’t have to do the groundwork on established blogs, which obviously works in your advantage.
Sitepoint’s marketplace is […]

Searching For a Quote or a One-Liner? Look Here!

Wondering which quote or one-liner would be the best one to supplement your essay? Or just can’t find a nice enough quote for your article. Look no further, Find Quotes provides quotes of various subjects and said by various personalities.
Their database contains more than 150,000 quotations which are categorized into more than 100 categories.
On […]

Find Your Long Lost Friends Through Wink

Forgotten the e-mail addresses of your old friends and wondering how in the world to contact them? Or just want to find out how ‘findable’ you are on the web? Well, here’s a website that you’ll love to see. It’s called Wink.
Wink is a people search engine. You can use it to find people who […]

Stuck in a Game? Or you need cheats? Try GameFaqs

Everyone nowadays plays video games (or simply games – video games just sound too ‘old’). Every once in a while you must have brought home a hard to complete game and in the end you might have gotten stuck in some part and then you gave up after trying like 5 times.
If this is […]

Download Updates For Pretty Much Everything!

Have multiple PCs but the same internet connection for both of them and you’re short on bandwidth? Or you just don’t want to download Microsoft updates every time? Well then, this site is for you.
The Software Patch is a website which provides direct-downloadable updates for the most important softwares. One of its most important update […]