April 2008 - Posts

Framework Design Guidelines Digest v2
09 April 08 02:19 PM | kcwalina | 7 Comments   
Almost 4 years ago, I blogged about Framework Design Guidelines Digest . At that time, my blog engine did not support attaching files and I did not have a convenient online storage to put the document on, and so I asked people to email me if they want Read More...
Framework Design Studio Released
04 April 08 11:10 AM | kcwalina | 11 Comments   
When I was coming back from Mix 2007, I was bored on the plane and so started to write a dev tool. What a geeky thing to do on a plane. :-) The tool allows comparing two versions of an assembly to identify API differences: API additions and removals. Read More...
Simulated Covariance for .NET Generics
02 April 08 08:00 AM | kcwalina | 16 Comments   
I just wrote this pattern, but I am not sure if I should add it officially to the Framework Design Guidelines. It seems like a bit of a corner case scenario, though I do get questions about it from time to time. Anyway, let me know what you think. Different Read More...
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