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Opera Desktop Team


9.5 Beta 2 is out!

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Opera 9.5 Beta 2 is available now! :jester:

Beta 2 introduces Notes syncing support using Opera Link, EV certificate support, improved Fraud protection, many performance and usability improvements in Quick Find (also known as history search), improvements in website rendering and performance, plugin support and of course lots of bug fixes. Check out the changelogs for the details.

We would like to thank the community for all testing, suggestions, and other feedback! Congratulations everyone with making 9.5 Beta 2 a great release! :-)

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Opera Dragonfly and more exciting updates on this blog. :D

Build Numbers
  • Windows: 9945
  • Mac: 4789
  • UNIX: 1933

Known Issues
  • [Bug 325677] POP mail download doesn't work on (and some other servers)
  • [Bug 324727] The Octoshape plug-in causes Opera to crash on start-up
  • [Bug 322553] The "Execute program" action fails in certain circumstances

Changelog (since the last snapshot)
  • Fixed Bug 324643: "Remove from toolbar" doesn't work
  • Fixed Bug 324645: Right-clicking an IRC channel prevents it from showing new messages
  • Fixed Bug 324678: Mail attachment options don't work on Windows
  • Fixed Bug 324696: The "Go to Web Address" action fails
  • Fixed Bug 324699: Crash when choosing "Open Opera" from the tray icon after hiding Opera on Windows when the mail client is disabled
  • Fixed Bug 324700: "Save image" context menu item doesn't work
  • Fixed a crash on start-up for some POP mail users
  • Fixed a problem where inline find highlighting didn't work correctly in mail (or when using "white-space: pre-wrap")
  • Fixed incorrect label on "Remove" button in newsfeed views
  • Re-added the "Delete mail" action for backwards compatibility

Certificates updated


Excellent! Thanks a lot, can't wait to try it out on my mac :-)

By zyph, # 24. April 2008, 10:27:46

Thanks :hat:

By wirusek, # 24. April 2008, 10:28:42

Yaay! Looking forward to try it out!

By pejakm, # 24. April 2008, 10:29:00

Finally Russian installer :D

By PLnet, # 24. April 2008, 10:33:42

Opera Mail (M2) not work? I can't receive messages

By amr-now, # 24. April 2008, 10:34:41

This (already reported) Bug is still unfixed:

By Teal_One, # 24. April 2008, 10:52:48

lets test!!

By netlord, # 24. April 2008, 10:54:40

.. and the classic is *identical* to the one in this post...
so if you have been using 9945 since yesterday.. p:
- just like me and portugal,( bom dia e obrigada! ) keep on doing so.. :D :D

By illiad, # 24. April 2008, 10:56:27

thanks for the beta2.

By lamarca, # 24. April 2008, 10:57:39

Going downloading and testing (on Ubuntu too). :yes:

Ciao, Igor

By igorditerni, # 24. April 2008, 10:59:27

Hjertelig til lykke! What a big step in the right direction.

By Chattanooga, # 24. April 2008, 11:00:47

Aaaand that's me off the snapshot merry-go-round. I'm sticking with this until either a new Beta or a final is released. Much easier on my blood pressure. :D

By GrantTLC, # 24. April 2008, 11:01:47

good job guys! :D

By kyleabaker, # 24. April 2008, 11:13:43

I'm glad you've relased beta2, but I think it should have been better to release it after you've solved the bug where flash videos keep loading after closing the tab.

anyway, great to see that now the masses could get the beta2.

By piroxicam, # 24. April 2008, 11:14:51

great build. Congratulations!!!

By Ravindran, # 24. April 2008, 11:16:16

Good little-bugged beta (-:E

By Sterkrig, # 24. April 2008, 11:17:27

I think that is a great job, congratulations to Opera Team, all funtion better now. See you soon.

By Salsero_Nash, # 24. April 2008, 11:26:22

That would be very cool if Opera Link could synchronize my feeds subsriptions, and their "read" status.

By leunen.d, # 24. April 2008, 11:30:45

where's the 64bit Linux version?

updated: found it on the ftp server but not accessable from the Opera site

By Bill_P, # 24. April 2008, 11:31:11

yeah, the beta download site still doesnt have any linux 64bit links, i think it must be somewhere on the servers (it was the same for beta one)

By karlrt, # 24. April 2008, 11:32:30

still bugs here !
*Site Search Bar is hidden*
*Site is messed up*

By zadar, # 24. April 2008, 11:33:35

This is great! The Linux version seems to be the same build (was flawless for me).

By phoenixp3k, # 24. April 2008, 11:34:16

here it is:

i think the download site should be updated, as 64bit runs better and better with linux, it becomes really important

By karlrt, # 24. April 2008, 11:35:22

I am not sure if it is bug or feature but lately boths rss-news and mail change opera tray icon into an envelope. And reading news changes it back to O even if I have unread mail. Which is somewhat not pleasant. I would prefer if it would show just mail (not rss-feeds) as it did before.

By Alnag, # 24. April 2008, 11:38:08

cool! downloading now -- hopefully, everything will work well.

edit: you should put up the link for the 64-bit version (I know it's already in the comments)

By elitegeek, # 24. April 2008, 11:38:42

Two little things I've noticed:

1) When the focus is inside the panel window (e.g. when editing a note) then F8 (jumping to the address bar) is no longer working. From what I remember this was introduced in the previous build 9937.

2) When there's already a mail client installed, the default setting for ToolsPreferences...AdvancedProgramsmailto protocol → Edit... should be set to Open with default application.

That Opera Dragonfly stuff sounds very interesting.

By MetalRaise, # 24. April 2008, 11:40:03

Hey Opera guys!

Just wanted to say that you are doing a wonderful job up there. Opera is getting better and better. I really hope your work will turn to account for you. Best wishes!

By Ahjadann, # 24. April 2008, 11:41:18

Testin in few seconds :D

Thanks, looking forward to the full 9.5 version experience in the nearest future :D

By stranded, # 24. April 2008, 11:42:36

Synchronising the notes is definitely one of the best new features :yes:. Now I'm only waiting for the possiblity to sync mail-filters

By hobe, # 24. April 2008, 11:45:26

78/100 on ACID3! Are there plans for Dragonfly to increase the percentage in the DRAGONFLY build?

By sergiol, # 24. April 2008, 11:48:36

bug: globaly turn off Enable frames, Enable inline frames (in Style options), go to google enable in Edit Site Preferences and reload page, try login, blank page

By lampacz, # 24. April 2008, 11:53:46

the point about the flash bug, and any other, is that it HAS to be repeatable by *everyone*!! I dont get it, I am guessing the devs are having a problem getting it *reliably*...

- so if you have friends using other OSes, ask them to try it, and get much more reports to prove it...

just like another bug, that was found to be caused by proxomonitron, not anything else....

By illiad, # 24. April 2008, 11:58:43

@ illiad:

There's already enough proof for the flash bug (continuing to download flash content even after closing the tab), and I doubt that the developers have issues reproducing it. Just because it isn't fixed yet doesn't mean the devs have too little knowledge about it.

And no, I'm not using Proxomitron or any similar application. I've successfully reproduced that bug on two completely different computers, on two completely different networks.

By MetalRaise, # 24. April 2008, 12:04:00

"reload image" is not working on the 64bit Linux version nor is the ability to toggle between "cached images" and "images"

- I'm experience a few "network is not available" errors but reloading the page loads the page
- reloading this page does not format the page correctly

By Bill_P, # 24. April 2008, 12:04:49

Does not fully support windows Live mail
when i use opera i cannot delete my mail by right click the "delete" beside the colloum
when i use ie 6,7,8 you can just right click "delete" beside collum and it will have delete convinence you know?!!

hope concern about this issue

and yahoo mail font colour and font type cannot change because not fully support which does not suffering at ie

please fix it as soon as possible and concern about it

By fastestlan, # 24. April 2008, 12:05:26

Build number is: 9945

By Jazmo, # 24. April 2008, 12:07:14

Great, downloading and testing now :wink:

By Irontiger, # 24. April 2008, 12:08:44

Opera Dragonfly...i can't wait i want it now :D:yes:

By shadowk, # 24. April 2008, 12:13:05

Great, but I really hope, that this will be fixed before final vesion
I have fear...

By t.prochazka, # 24. April 2008, 12:33:12

Many thanks opera team

By betatest, # 24. April 2008, 12:34:49

Bug #319164 - Opera not interacting properly with Hosts files - still exists. This one will be a problem.

By toadbee, # 24. April 2008, 12:35:54

bug#325968: same crashing at startup as with 9937

By vivabrevis, # 24. April 2008, 12:38:11

Great, after few tests It's really stable. I'm gonna install it on everyone's PC in my house in a minute :smile:


By stranded, # 24. April 2008, 12:43:39

Downloading, thanks!

BTW, "Bug control, accelerate"... Opera's new bugzilla-like feature?

By purgossu, # 24. April 2008, 12:50:13

For those of you who haven´t crashed this release, try

By boys love toys, # 24. April 2008, 12:51:53

and where is a distro for linux amd64? :frown:

By Fukurokudzu, # 24. April 2008, 12:59:09


By ytsmabeer, # 24. April 2008, 13:03:01

Selected text pop-up menu on a link broken. Again! Guys!!!!!

By deadHarlequin, # 24. April 2008, 13:06:48

- I can confirm the secunia software inspector crash. Same here.

- Also the "Bookmark Pane Bug" (unwanted bookmark-moves after mouse-gesture ) is still not fixed. Theres also a new problem with icons alongside bookmarks, which disapears sometimes...

- bug#218374 (Alt-Tab Problem) seems to be fixed (finaly) :-) -> Thanks!

- bug#254832 (broken navigation on frame-websites, if cache is purged on exit) seems to be fixed -> THANKS!

Let's se what else we can find ;-) Without this anoying Bookmark-Pane-Bug, this would realy be a great build...

By colebantam, # 24. April 2008, 13:14:55

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