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TechnoMoney Gets a PR4!

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Woohoo! Just checked the blog’s PageRank today and it’s been updated to a PR4. Not bad. I might have gotten a 5 if I didn’t sell links.
Did your blog also get a new PR?
And if you’re wondering what has […]

Leo Babuta Gone Crazy: Zen Habits Now Opensource!

The news is actually about two weeks old but you might have missed it. A couple weeks ago Leo Babuta of Zen Habits actually released the copyright of his content on his blog and in his ebook. Now that effectively means that you can copy his content, give away his ebook to everyone etc without […]

19 Mesmerizing Hand Paintings

I recently came upon some really cool hand paintings. They’ve all been done by this guy. Many of his hand paintings look so real! It takes him about 4 hours to do a single hand.
Just look at the images below to see the talent this guy has:
PS: None of them are photoshopped, all are […]

The Nano Goes Pink!

Apple has now released the pink iPod Nano and joins the other black, silver and red models. It costs $199 and might be a perfect gift for your girlfriend for Valentine’s day…

The Next Big Thing from Apple: iBlade

What plays music and cuts apples?
An iBlade.

Guitar Hero III for Wii Goes For $9,100 on eBay!

I was just browsing GameSpot yesterday and came across this blog post. I’ve seen and heard about some really insane auctions, but this is a first. I really can’t believe it actually, someone paid $9,100 for a $90 game? LOL… I just wish I was the seller.
Here’s a screenshot of the result:
Seriously, are people […]

The Cow Gets Hacked!

So, first John Cow pretended to sell his blog, then he pretended that he was being sued and now he’s probably faking that his blog got hacked. If you visit his blog at this time, you’ll notice it gets redirected to
It’s likely another link bait, however I wouldn’t say it was creative actually […]

Massive PageRank Update in Progress!

Unless you were living under a rock, you already know how Google slapped some blogs and websites last week in terms of PageRank (PR). A week ago, almost every blog’s PR was going into the negative but now it seems that Google is updating everyone’s PR again and it’s resulting in increases!
Now sadly for me, […]

GMail Finally Increases its Storage to 3GB

When I logged into my GMail account earlier today, I noticed they increased the storage by quite a lot. GMail lovers can rejoice, Google has increased it storage to about 3.7 GB.

Funnily though, when I signed-out and went back to the GMail homepage, it showed the old storage limit:
I still like and use […]