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Aisleyne reveals misery

Mainstream has bought world rights in the misery memoir of former "Big Brother" contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace for a high five-figure sum.

Managing director Bill Campbell acquired Witness: Surviving Guns, Gangs and Glamour from agent Andrew Lownie. In the warts-and-all confessional, Horgan-Wallace will focus on her violent and deprived childhood in gang-dominated south London. She will detail her involvement with the seedy world of glamour modelling as a teen, and explain her decision to take part in the seventh series of Channel 4's "Big Brother" in 2006.

"Of the millions of people who watched Aisleyne on 'Big Brother', very few realised that she had lived quite such an extraordinary life," said Mainstream's Campbell. "She now writes for a couple of women's magazines, has a large fan base and does huge amounts of charity work, and it is the fact that she has forged a successful career from the least promising of starts that got us interested in the book. We have high hopes for it."

The book is due for publication in the autumn next year, when Horgan-­Wallace is expected to conduct an extensive promotional campaign.

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Comments on this article

By June Austin

Yawn - another so-called celebrity book which will sink without trace - when will these publishers learn ?


By will shakespeare

what a load of twaddle..another z-lister who thinks anyone cares about their pathetic life...too old to do page 3 or what?


By john smith

ugh that awful woman hasnt done anything... i will not be reading.


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