Antelope Island

Burial site of Alice Eliza Phillips Frary
July 21, 1859 - September 3, 1897

    Over the years, Antelope Island has been the home to ranchers, miners, farmers, a prisoner, and a few other homesteaders. 

    The George Isaac Frary family stayed longer on the Island than any other homesteaders.  The family moved to the desert island about 1891.  George only cultivated about 16 of his 160 acres, as he preferred sailing over farming.    Alice Frary, George's wife, was a school teacher and taught her family well.   

    In September 1897, Alice became very ill.  George went to Ogden for medicine, but on the return trip, his small boat capsized in a strong wind and he lost the medicine.   He held onto his capsized craft and by morning he had made it to the beach.   Alice Frary died that afternoon.

    Alice had requested to be buried on the island, so friends traveled to the island for her service.  She was buried a few rods north of the family home.  A small pink rock was placed on her grave as a marker.  A fence was later erected around her grave.  

    In 1990, the Syracuse Historical Commission placed a monument near Alice Frary's gravesite.  

Source:  The Community of Syracuse, 1820 to 1995, Our Heritage, Centennial Edition, by the Syracuse Historical Commission, Syracuse, Utah.  Copyright 1994.

Note:  Fremont Island is located near Antelope Island.  Because it is not located in Davis County, a description is not included on this website.  However, information on Judge Wenner's burial site on that island, can be found in the book listed above, p 72, or in The Great Salt Lake, by David E. Miller, 1987, pp 25-28.

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