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A City Where People WORK
Office tenant retention, expansion, and recruitment efforts are a primary focus of Capital City Partnership.This priority has led to strong investments in St. Paul and expansion of the city's jobs and property tax base.

Capital City Partnership has helped create an environment that is attractive to businesses both physically and financially, and has led efforts to identify, evaluate, and finalize new and relocating businesses to create a world-class business district. Capital City Partnership developed an Office Space Occupancy Action Plan designed to improve office space recruitment, absorption, and occupancy. The plan focuses on the “multitenant market” and the core industries that hold the greatest promise for growth. The goals of the plan include increasing the number of new jobs and the total net absorption of downtown office space.

Saint Paul is fast becoming the Business Capital that many firms are proud to call home. 18,000 new jobs have been added, and nine new office buildings have been built in downtown Saint Paul in the past eleven years, adding nearly 3 million sq. ft. of office space inventory and representing an investment of over $650 million in construction costs.

Downtown Saint Paul is the smartest location for value-conscious businesses needing easy access to a highly educated workforce, a knowledge-based business community, and public policy thought leaders. Through
an innovative marketing approach, Saint Paul has been successful in recruiting and retaining corporate headquarters.

Lawson Software relocated its headquarters to Saint Paul in a new $100 million building
Securian Financial Group built a new $100 million headquarters
• Ecolab, Inc. expanded its corporate headquarters
U.S. Bancorp relocated 2,200 employees to their new $79 million riverfront Operation Center
Gander Mountain relocated their headquarters and 235 employees to Saint Paul, with aggressive expansion plans for the next 10 years
Great Northwest Insurance moved its corporate headquarters to Saint Paul from Boise, Idaho
Minnesota Public Radio expanded their downtown headquarters campus with a $46 million project

A hub for business in the upper Midwest

Downtown St. Paul is a hub for business in the upper Midwest. Award-winning planning has created a downtown core that is as beautiful as it is easy to access - competitive advantages that continue to lure new business investment to the Capital City.

Saint Paul's Largest Employers
  Private Sector St. Paul FTE Employment Total FTE Employment
1 US Bancorp 4,370 52,200
2 HealthPartners/Regions Hospital 4,336 8,011
3 Allina/United Hospital 3,312 17,169
4 HealthEast/St. Joseph's Hospital 2,887 4,767
5 St. Paul Travelers 2,800 32,000
6 Securian Financial Group 2,400 3,300
7 Ford Motor Company 1,847 327,531
8 3M 1,223 69,315
9 University of St. Thomas 1,221 1,612
10 Ecolab, Inc. 1,218 22,000
11 Children's Hospitals & Clinics 1,053 3,072
12 Comcast 886 80,000
13 Saint Paul Pioneer Press 817 817
14 Lawson Software 800 3,400
15 Qwest 727 38,536
16 Merrill Corporation 711 5,765
17 Marsden Building Maintenance 601 1,924
18 Hamline University 600 600
19 College of St. Catherine 518 636
20 Amherst H. Wilder Foundation 497 633
21 Concordia University 479 479
22 Wells Fargo 451 154,000
23 Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. 436 1,050
24 Morrissey Hospitality Companies, Inc. 361 372
25 Minnesota Public Radio 331 442
26 American Security, LLC 325 991
27 Crowne Plaza Hotel 305 n/a
28 Greentree (fka Conseco) 300 1,800
29 Gander Mountain 289 4,085
30 Minnesota Historical Society 248 284
31 Science Museum of Minnesota 224 241
32 Agribank, FCB 214 214
33 Impressions, Inc. 206 275
34 Minnesota Sports & Entertainment 180 214
35 William Mitchell College of Law 167 167
36 Metropolitan State University 161 239
37 YMCA of Greater St. Paul 151 n/a
38 Smyth Companies, Inc. 120 385
39 Bremer Financial Corporation 103 1,867
40 Macy's North 96 n/a
  Public Sector    
1 State of Minnesota 12,500 40,700
2 United States Federal Government 4,184 2.5 Million
3 City of St. Paul 2,925 3,187
4 Ramsey County 2,612 3,540
5 US Post Office 2,627 790,501
6 Metropolitan Council 1,159 3,038
7 University of Minnesota n/a 17,124


Employee Profile
• There are an estimated 68,000 people in employed in downtown Saint Paul, employed by 1,175 employers.

• 80% of employees enjoy working downtown to a great or moderate extent and cited atmosphere and green space, commute, restaurant selection, arts and cultural opportunities, as well as special events and festivals as primary reason they enjoyed the downtown area.

• 35% of downtown workers are male, 64% are female.

• 60% of downtown workers have Bachelor degrees or higher.

• 81% of the downtown employee population is between the ages of 25 and 55.

• 69% of the downtown employee population has an annual pre-tax income of $30,000 - $75,000.

• 95% of the employees do not live downtown.

• 63% of the downtown employees work for larger firms with more than 250 employees.

Spending Habits
• 58% of workers report staying downtown after work to eat out up to 4 times per month.

• 41 % of workers go to bars and clubs downtown after work up to 4 times per month.

• 49% of workers stay after work to shop up to 4 times per month.

• 36% of workers stay after work to attend a concert up to 4 times a month.

• 29% of workers stay after work to attend a sporting event up to 4 times a month.

• 27% of workers stay after work to go to a museum or attend special events/festivals up to 4 times a month.

Commuting Patterns
• 75% of employees drive to work, 76% of employees have a commute of less than 20 miles.

• 25% of employees use alternative commuting options.

• 63% of employees would use light rail to commute if available.

Sources: 2005 Downtown Demographic Study Capital City Partnership / JH Pool Consulting; *GVA Marquette Advisors – First Quarter 2007 Apartment Trends; **Saint Paul Area Association for Realtors – 2005

Downtown Employers1) Downtown Saint Paul is home to many of the region’s most active companies and organizations. 2) Minnesota Public Radio recently expanded their downtown
headquarters campus. 3) Capital City Partnership played an instrumental role in the relocation of Lawson Software to their new headquarters in downtown Saint Paul. 4) Securian Financial Group built a new
$100 million headquarters.

St. Paul's largest employers

A sampling of Saint Paul's largest employers includes 1) U.S. Bancorp 2) Regions Hospital 3) The Travelers Companies, Inc. and 4) Ecolab.

Work in St. Paul

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Sister Cities Program

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