Landscape planning:
                Landscape master plan for the city of Eilat.
                Landscape master plan for the city of Carmiel.
                Landscape master plan for the city of Nazareth.
                Landscape master plan for the city of Hod Hasharon.
                “The Lowest Park on Earth” Dead Sea.
                Master plan for the Yatir Forest.
                Landscape consultant for the residential extension of
                Beer Sheva, which will contain 25,000 housing units.
                Master plan for Jerusalem's green belt.
             Beit Govrin - National park.
                Hof Hasharon - National park.
                Rehabilitation plan for the 3000 acre "burnt forest"
                on the western approach to Jerusalem.

                Archaeological parks:
                Archaeological park around the southern wall of the
                Old City of Jerusalem, preservation of antiquities,
                landscaping, roads and parking areas.
                Kidron valley - Yad Avshalom, Jerusalem’s "Biblical Park”.
                Beit-Goverin, archaeological national park.
             Ceasaria - Hippodrome area, the Old Port and the Old City.

               National and regional planning:
            National master plan of afforestation
               (with Motti Kaplan and Ilan Beeri).
               Master plan for the Judean Hills region.
               Negev tourist development plan.
            Modiin regional master plan.
               Master Plan for the entire country, one of five authors,
               in charge of open spaces and physical appearance .

               Urban planning:
               Mevasseret Zion, a new suburban township (Jerusalem area),
               4000 housing units.
               Master plan for Jerusalem southwest.
               New town near Beit Shemesh, 40,000 housing units,
               joint venture with architect David Reznik.
               Lavon, an industrial, educational and residential complex.
               Ceasaria Bay, layout of four residential neighborhoods.
               Beit Shemesh, new neighborhood, 2500 housing units,
               (with Yair Avigdor).

                Visual analysis:
                High building study for Jerusalem.
                Open space plan for Jerusalem C.B.D.
                Building plan and studies for the Western Wall area.
                Plan for Jerusalem built edges.
                Study of Tiberia’s sea front.

             "The Cardo" market and residential area in the Jewish
                Quarter. The competition and the early development phase
                (with Peter Bogod and Esther Niv-Krendel).
                Ness Harim Swimming pool and restaurant complex in
                Judean hills.
                Talpiot center, 200 residential units plus 20 shops in
                Thirty-seven town houses in Mevaseret Zion.
             "Orchidea" hotel, Eilat.
                Restaurant in the Jerusalem Hass Promenade with
                Lawrence Halprin.
                Restaurant in the Jerusalem Hass Promenade with

                Preservation of historical sites:
             Dung gate and Zion gate, the Old City of Jerusalem.
                Y.M.C.A. forecourt in Jerusalem.
                Abu Gosh mosque.
                Shaar Hagai inn.

                Landscape architecture:
             The Sherover Promenade, Jerusalem.
             Suzan Dellal Plazas, a series of urban plazas in Neve
                Zedek, Tel Aviv.
             Central Plaza of Beer Sheva University - Kreitman Square.
             Central Plaza for the Israel Institute
                of Technology, the Technion in Haifa.
                Central Park for the city of Eilat.
             Jerusalem Central Park -“Independence” Park.
                American Independence Park in the Judean hills.
                Landscape architect for the ancient Roman town
                of Caesarea.
                Landscape architect for the Jewish
                Quarter, Jerusalem Old City.
             Jerusalem Botanical gardens.
                Central Park for the city of Kiriat Shmona.
             Sapir Park in the Negev desert.
                Central Plaza of Tel Aviv University.
             Central Park of Gilo neighborhood, Jerusalem.
                Hof Hasharon National Park.
                Kishle Park in Nazareth.
                Virgin Mary Spring in Nazareth.
                Municipality square in Herzelia.
                Manhat Central Park, The boulevard, pedestrian paths,
                and small parks, Jerusalem
                Trotner Park, Jerusalem.
                Sherman Park Jerusalem.
                Modiin, Valley 17, Central Business District, Industrial zone
                Castel National Park.

                Transportation and engineering:
                Tel Aviv - Jerusalem highway.
                Road along the Dead Sea.
                Landscape consultant for Nature Reserves Authority
                and Israel Defense Forces for new roads and
                installations in the Negev desert.
                Landscape architect for road no. 9, Jerusalem.
                Landscape architect for the main trunk road
                of Israel, road no. 6.
             Shaar Hagai interchange, town planning scheme,
                architecture and landscape architecture.
                Ben Shemen interchange.
                Kesem interchange.
                Landscape architecture for the new terminal
                of Ben-Gurion airport.
             The architecture and landscape architecture of
                18 km conveyor belt from the Dead Sea to Arad.
             Landscape architect for the Negev phosphate plant,
                developing new quarrying methods in Nahal Zin .
                Rehabilitation of the used mines in the “Small Crater”.
                Work outside Israel:
                Iran - Arya Mehr - Iran National Botanical Garden,
                water fixtures and system, 1975.
                Canada - Jerusalem garden and pavilion, Montreal
                EXPO, 1981.
                Japan - Expo 90", Osaka, the Israeli Garden. Awards:
                The Best Prize, Honor Prize and two Gold
                Medals, 1990.
                China EXPO 99, the Israeli Garden.
                awards The Silver Medal for design.
                Italy - La Selva master plan for recreation and tourism,
                1200 acre site next to Rome, with three pilot
                projects, 1990-'91.
                Egypt - Suma Bay master plan and landscape consultant
                for a 12 square kilometer resort including 19 hotels,
                410 villas and an 18 hole golf course complex on the Red
                Sea, 1992.