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Name: drivemecrazy
Cornwall, UK

The lives we live on this earth are short...a lot of times we don't stop to see those things which fate has brought us in the manner and with the care that we should. We allow so many things to get in the way of what makes us free and happy---the opinions of friends and family, the attitudes that we have grown up with and that have become a part of our philosophies...and just the plain old neglectfulness that makes us not slow down and just look.

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April 23, 2008

I want to live forever.

I was talking to a dear friend recently about the Bible and that led to talk of what could happen after we leave our lives on this earth. The conversation became quite deep and scientific. I must say that at the time I was very flippant in my replies. However, it really got me wondering about what I believe, not only of here and now, but of the afterlife and what I really think will happen to my ‘soul’ when I die.


There seems to be many instances that point to life after death. Some of the questions that I have asked of my self are…


When I die, is that it?


Do I have a ‘soul’ if so what is it?


Why do people when they are dying, talk to someone that has gone before them…a close loved one to them for instance?

What is the relevance of the ‘tunnel and a white/bright light’ that people report seeing when they have a near death experience?


What happens when you die?


I would be really interested to read what you think about this subject.