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 Netherlands To Give Residence To Human Trafficking Victims

THE HAGUE, 17/08/06 - Victims of human trafficking may stay in the Netherlands. Aliens Affairs Minister Rita Verdonk intends to relax the rules, she has written in a letter to the Lower House.

Until now, victims of human trafficking who wish to remain in the Netherlands permanently had to give reasonable arguments to show that return to their own country was too dangerous. In future, however, the minister will assume that the risks are too great if the human trafficker has been convicted by a court. A condition is that the conviction must have come about with the cooperation of the victim. This means among other things that the victim must report the crime to the police.

Even if there is no conviction, victims who have made a police report may be eligible to stay in the Netherlands after the trial. In that case, they must have contributed to the tracing and prosecution of the suspected human trafficker(s) for three years. The period they have cooperated in the Netherlands will be taken into account as a humanitarian factor in the application to remain in the Netherlands.