Questions And Answers On The Orthodox Faith

Would you like to learn more about Orthodox Christianity? Is there something you always wanted to know about the Orthodox Faith but were afraid to ask?

Do you have a question about the Orthodox Church's teachings in regard to contemporary moral issues?

Please email us your questions at The most useful questions from among those received will be answered by one of the Reverend Fathers of the Religious Education Commission. Questions and responses will be posted below in the order they are received.

  • The Role of Confession

  • More on Surrogate Mothers

  • Differing Dates of Easter

  • Praying For Those Who Are Evil

  • Intercommunion

  • Supporting Non-Orthodox Charities

  • Why Can't Women Serve in the Altar?

  • Invitro Fertilization

  • Apostolic Succession

  • Halloween

  • Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism

  • More on Halloween - Are Wiccans Evil?

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