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Borek Sipek




Born in Prague in 1949. He studied a furniture design at the Art School in Prague, an architecture at the Art School in Hamburg and a philosophy in Stuttgart. In Delft he finished his doctorate in architecture. He taught an industrial design and architecture and he started his own studio for design and architecture in Amsterdam and Prague.
In 1990 he was appointed a professor of Architecture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. His major project since 1992 has been a restoration of the Prague Castle on request of President Václav Havel.
His architectural projects and interior designs have won him international acclaim. In October 1993 he was awarded The Prince Bernhard Fonds Prize for Architecture and Design. In 1998 he was appointed a professor of design and architecture at the Institut for Industrial Design in Wien.
His works can be found in important museums in Europe, Japan and America, among others: The Museum of Modern Arts in New York, The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Museum of Decorative Art in Paris and others.
He works for several renowned designs firms, mainly in Europe: Driade and Maletti in Italy, Witmann and Swarovski in Austria, Vitra in Switzerland, Sévres in France, Leitner and Quartett in Austria and Ajeto and Arzenal in Czech Republic. See also too and

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