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Sexual experiences you’ve had

  • 44% of adults worldwide have had a one-night stand, with 22% claiming to have had an extra marital affair

  • Almost a quarter (23%) of adults around the world have had sex using vibrators and 20% have used masks, blindfolds or other forms of bondage

  • Women are more likely to have used vibrators when having sex than men - 24% compared to 21%

  • The most common experience for men (47%) and women (40%) is a one night stand

  • The Turks top the charts when it comes to having had an extra marital affair (58%) while the Norwegians (70%), Finns, New Zealanders and Swedes (all 64%) are ahead of the game when it comes to a one night stand

  • Sex using vibrators is most common in Australia (46%) and the USA (45%)
    Sexual experiences you’ve had

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