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Posted by George Brown
Damage at Stateline and Airways in DeSoto County
Damage at Stateline and Airways in DeSoto County
Carla Quin sent this from Hillshire off of Whitten Rd. in Bartlett
Carla Quin sent this from Hillshire off of Whitten Rd. in Bartlett
I took this from the interstate at 240 and Mill branch about 30 minutes ago. Not sure if just clouds but looked scary!
I took this from the interstate at 240 and Mill branch about 30 minutes ago. Not sure if just clouds but looked scary!
Nikki Heffington: View From Arlington
Nikki Heffington: View From Arlington

(Memphis 2/5/2008) While a tornado warning was being issued in Memphis, people were seeing a funnel cloud in Shelby County.

5:48 pm A viewer tells us there are trees down and homes damaged in the Brunswick and Pleasant Hill area.

5:49 pm Dennis Turner reports extreme damage to a warehouse area behind the Kroger on Stateline Road. There may be people trapped. See the pictures below.

Greg Rowsey of Rowsey Furniture reports a damaged roof to his business and worse to others.

6:04 pm From a wreg user: "My girlfriend is locked in dark Southaven movie theater with 100 terrified children."

6:12 pm Mason, TN "My son call to let me know they were okay but the Garage workshop just 25 feet away from  his house was destroyed. There is a lot of Damage. He lives on Pickens Store Road."

6:15 A News Channel 3 photographer reports severe damage to the Hickory Ridge Mall, specifically the Sears building.

6:22 Dennis Turner reports damage to Southaven City Hall and says cars flipped on I-55 during storm.

6:24 Report of trees down  and a lot of damage in Southaven

6:28 Memphis Fire Department: MAJOR roof collapse at Hickory Hill Mall. Rescues Under way.

6:29 11,000 MLGW customers without power

6:52 737 moved a foot at Pinnacle Air hanger, other equipment moved. Damage to FedEx Firestation.

6:58 Damage to Catepillar plant in Mississippi.

7:05 Tornado Emergency issued for Jackson, TN. Area is in bullseye of large tornado.

7:52 Reports of major damage in Jackson and a roof collapsed at Union University with people trapped.

8:05 Kevin Johnson with Hickory Hill Mall says two people are still trapped in a shoe store. 14 other people have been removed from the mall. Johnson says there may looting. Johnson says "mall closed indefinitely."

8:15 The Fayette County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that one man was found dead on Yum Yum Road, north of Somerville. The man, believed to be in his 70s, was found in a car.

8:40 One person is dead at DSC Logisitics in Shelby County. As many as 12 people were trapped at one point.

9:18 Union University cancels classes through February 15. Union President David Dockery says damage is "10 times worse than the major damage in 2002." Dockery reports all women's dorms are destroyed, men's dorms are heavily damaged, roofs off new academic buildings.

9:41 20,000 Entergy customers without power.

9:59 Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Management Agency

February 5, 2008

Representatives of several City of Memphis and Shelby County divisions gathered at the Emergency Operations Center tonight in Midtown Memphis to assess damage in the wake of this evening's deadly storms that moved through Memphis and Shelby County.

Here is an update about from the Emergency Operations Center about deaths, injuries and damage.


One man was killed when a warehouse collapsed on Challenge Drive in South-East Memphis.


Twelve people, two of them critically hurt, were rescued from the warehouse and taken to area hospitals. Memphis Fire officials report there may be as many as three people still trapped in the one-story warehouse.


The area hardest hit by the storm was in South-East Memphis in Hickory Hill, specifically at and near Hickory Ridge Mall. Memphis Police Officers assisting with traffic control in that many streets in the Hickory Hill area are littered with trees and debris from the storm.

Neighborhoods in Arlington and in North East Shelby County in the Brunswick community were also hit hard by the storm. Roofs were taken off many homes and businesses. Damage assessments by Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies and Volunteers with the Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Squad are continuing with the Shelby County Fire Department to make sure no one else may be trapped in homes and businesses.

EMA Update



A temporary shelter for Hickory Hill residents affected by the store has been opened at the Ridgeway Assembly of God Church at 3150 Ridgeway.


MLGW crews are working to restore power to approximately 20,000 homes and businesses in Hickory Hill, Arlington and the Brunswick area.

10:03 Governor confirms 7 dead in Arkansas

10:15 Things quieting down

10:17 Four confirmed dead in Tennessee

10:23 Hearing that all are accounted for at Hickory Ridge Mall

10:28 Nashville getting hammered now

10:45 Special newscast starting. First time in 6 hours we've had no warnings

10:56 Total of two dead at DSC Logistics in Shelby County per April Thompson

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