1-Click Hosting at RapidTec - Warning of Phishing!

Rapidshare is one of the world's biggest websites (See www.alexa.com). Recently this has meant that we have been the victim of more criminal activity than ever before. Please read the following advice to protect yourself from phishers.

  • Do NEVER buy RapidShare-accounts from other pages than the original RapidShare.de-page. Unfortunately there are already many criminal pages out there selling accounts mostly purchased with stolen credit-cards! This means those accounts will be valid for a few days only and the police really likes to prosecute bank-fraud.
  • Never enter your account data on websites other than http://rapidshare.de or https://ssl.rapidshare.de. You should always enter those domains manually in your browser. You should never follow links given in e-mails.
  • Never believe what you read in forums or guestbooks. If you see a posting from us, it is a fake. We never write in forums or guestbooks. If we want to tell you something, we use http://rapidshare.de to tell you.
  • Never believe what you are reading in e-mails that claim to be from us. RapidShare does NOT send newsletters, not even to premium-users. If we feel forced to send a newsletter to our premium-users, we will always put your login in this e-mail as well. If you get an e-mail pretending to be from RapidShare without your login, then it IS not from us. If you receive an e-mail but you are not a premium-user at all, it is clearly a fake as we would not hold your personal details on our files.

Our intention is to help you to protect yourself with the advice that we have given above. Remember, please follow our advice. Thank you.