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When Will Crime End on Flatbush?
"When pigs fly", according to the NYPD (or so it seems)


Say hello to "Skywatch", the NYPD's airborne surveillance tool currently parked at the BP station on the corner of Flatbush and Washington Avenues. Is Skywatch here to stay? Is he/she just visiting? Is the plan to intimidate drug dealers into moving further south down Flatbush Avenue, or indoors? I knew I should have kept attending the 71st precinct's community meetings. Does anyone have the answers? One of these went up in Manhattan on the Upper East Side - does that mean that PLG is now in the same high-end league as the UES? Or does it mean that our neighborhood is slowly taking on the look of an open-air penitentiary - complete with guard towers and surveillance cameras?

UNCONFIRMED BREAKING NEWS: Lennie's Trinidad Diner History?

Fidelia at the helm

The security gate on Lennie's, PLG's hole-in-the-wall culinary landmark on Washington Avenue across from the BP station, is now displaying a "FOR RENT" sign. Has this neighborhood treasure truly gone under? How sad if it's true. Sure, delicious rotis can be had in other places (most notably Ali's Roti Shop further down Flatbush) but there was something very homey and special about getting a (cheap yet exquisite) handmade roti from the always sweet Fidelia. You will be missed Fidelia!

April is the Cruelest Month
But a new and improved Planet may be on the way...
Our house is under contract and we are preparing to leave by the end of April - but there may be a new (and improved) sheriff in town shortly. We will be meeting tonight in an undisclosed location with a person - soon to be a resident of our fair neighborhood - who has expressed interest in taking over the command of the Planet. Stay tuned... (or at least check back every so often).   

Famous Seafood Menu Added to "Food & Drink" Section
Give the "Best Takeout Seafood Restaurant in Brooklyn" a Try

See what folks are saying about this place on ATP

PLG Blogger Sells His Home - Open House This Sunday, 3/4, 2-4pm
Planet PLG Founder Sadly Says "goodbye, and thanks for all the fish"
For a variety of reasons we have reluctantly decided sell our home and leave the city. We will miss our beloved PLG and all of the truly wonderful people we have met here. We hope you have enjoyed reading Planet PLG (we apologize for slacking off these past months) and we are proud that in some small way we have helped celebrate and advocate for this fantastic neighborhood we all call home.

City Council Gets First Member Born in Haiti
Dr. Mathieu Eugene was elected to the City Council yesterday for the 40th district, becoming the Council’s first Haitian-born member.

Meet The Candidates for City Council on Tuesday, February, 13th!
This is probably your last chance to hear directly from the candidates and decide who deserves your vote. Having the right person representing us in the City Council can make a huge difference for the future of our neighborhood.
And then there were 10... - Room 8
Three out of 13 candidates were found ineligible Tuesday by the Board of Elections for the February 20th special election to fill Yvette Clarke's vacated City Council seat.
To Live, and Run, in Brooklyn - The Politicker

THURSDAY EVENING IN PLG: Meet Zenobia McNally At K-Dog
Now that Yvette Clarke represents us in Congress, we need to elect a new city council member. There will be a special election on February 20th to decide who gets the honor. Meet one of the top contenders at K-dog on Lincoln Road this Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.

From Prospect Park Southwest to Northern Uganda
OR: Kevin and Aimee's holiday among the war displaced
You may remember an earlier PPLG article on Kevin Bott, an NYU PhD student (and big league mensch) who is using applied theater to try and bring about positive social change. Just off the heels of a highly successful theatrical production in a NY prison Kevin and his equally wonderful wife Aimee have left the comforts of their Windsor Terrace apartment to spend several weeks in nothern Uganda. Their plan? To offer help, to learn all that they can about the war-driven humanitarian crises there, and to spread awareness of the needless suffering of innocent people - especially children. To that end, and also to reassure skittish friends and family, they are keeping a blog of their experiences which we will be monitoring closely. Kevin and Aimee were inspired to make this trip after viewing the highly acclaimed film Invisible Children which is an excellent way to learn more about the situation in Uganda. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to their safe return.

More on Kevin and Aimee's trip from a 12/17/06 email announcing their blog:
"As many of you know, Aimee and I will be traveling to Uganda today. We'll be away for almost a month and would like to invite you all to join us... via the wonderful world of the blogosphere."

"Aimee will be attending births and perhaps helping midwives deliver babies in the local hospital. I am helping an NYU colleague organize and develop a new school curriculum with the Ugandan education and culture ministry. Also, many of you also know that I have been working with state inmates in New York, doing prison theater for the past year. I am really hoping to connect with a prison organization so that I can get a glimpse into an African prison system (and maybe even do some theater work with inmates...?!)"

Sunrise over PLG - 12/22/06 

BORN 12/14/06: Emma Rebecca, 10lbs, 22" long (!) to the editors of this website.

SUNDAY EVENING: Prospect Park in Lights Celebration Tonight in PLG
Don't miss Prospect Park In Lights Celebration tonight!

WHERE: Parkside & Ocean Avenue Entrance
WHEN: 5:30 - 7:00 pm
WHAT: Music, Entertainment, Lights & FREE Hot Chocolate & Candy!

- Trumpeters from the Brooklyn Philharmonic
- Steel drumming by the Sesame Flyers
- Dance from the Congo Square Drummers

Photo by FlySi

¡Viva Enduro!
PLG's newest restaurant packs them in - early reviews are positive 
Everyone enjoying dinner at Enduro, Jim Mamary's newest restaurant on Lincoln Road, seemed to have the same giddy "I can't believe I am experiencing this in my own neighborhood" expression on their faces. After a well-attended pre-opening party on Wednesday, Enduro opened its doors to the public on Thursday and was immediately swamped with happy dinners. Take-out copies of the menu were as hard to find as O.J.'s book on Friday (more menus are on the way) and the bar area was doing a very "healthy" business. Half way through our drink we turned to the person next to us at the bar only to realize it was the mysterious figure behind Across the Park. Other recognizable faces were the newlywed publishers of Stay Free magazine, the Axiom Addicts (who are playing 12/15 at Vox Pop), the owners of the first home featured on the PLG house tour (with a basement bar that rivals Enduro's), PLUS founder Mark Dicus, local DJ/author "Buzz" and, we are told, Marty Markowitz. Early reviews of the food have been very positive (but with the excitement over this place opening they probably could have served stale tortillas and dry rice and still gotten an enthusiastic thumbs-up - we are waiting for more sober reactions in the days to come). Enduro is located at 51 Lincoln Road - we will post the menu as soon as we can buy one on eBay.

Iraq for Sale Screening draws a large crowd
PLG peace group plans to screen more films in the future
Local artist and peace activist Daniel Kohn (standing below) opened his beautiful studio (once a storage area for Ebbets Field groundskeepers) to the public Saturday for a screening of Robert Greenwald's expose documentary Iraq for Sale. The film documents how US corporations like Halliburton, Blackwater and KBR are raking in billions in US taxpayer money by spending as much money as possible providing supplies for the occupation of Iraq. Apparently their (often no-bid) contracts are on a "cost plus" basis, which means they not only get reimbursed for everything they spend, they also get a nice little bit on top. The result? When a tire blows out on an $80K truck, they just buy a new truck. When an massive order of computers comes in that isn't quite right for the job, the brand-new units are bulldozed into a burn pit and torched un-opened.


Free Cinema This Weekend: 
Robert Greenwald's IRAQ FOR SALE
See the reviews, view the trailer, read the flier
Join Prospect-Lefferts Voices for Peace and Justice for a free screening of this critically acclaimed indictment of corporate war profiteering in Iraq.

When: Saturday, December 2nd, 4 - 6 pm
Where: Kohn Studio 104 Montgomery St. 
RING BUZZER #3 (Location is between Washington Ave & Franklin Ave, near Brooklyn Botanic Garden Greenhouse)

Film will be followed by a discussion on the local anti-war movement and how you can get involved.

Now Filming on the PLG Side of Prospect Park
P.S. I Love You. According to IMDB this film, starring Hillary Swank, Kathy Bates and Harry Conick Jr., tells the tell of "(a) young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life." Call us cynical, but do you think she would have preferred cash?

Planet PLG's exclusive on Prospect Park events finally hits mainstream press

You know people are serious about working for positive change in their community when they are willing to sit in tiny wooden seats designed for toddlers in a stuffy classroom. The recent PLUS (Prospect Lefferts United for Services) general meeting provided the many first-time attendants with a summary of the group's recent activities which include:

- Marketing Brochure for the Neighborhood
PLG is a great neighborhood, but we still don't have a bank, a bookstore and many other "nice-to-have" businesses. PLUS has created a snazzy brochure to help draw businesspeople to the neighborhood - now it's just a question of locating funds to print it out.

- The PLG Dinner Club
PLUS program to support existing restaurants and create a nice social event to boot officially kicked off last Wednesday with dinner at Ali's Roti Shop. For $12 participants were treated to, in the words of PLUS leader Mark Dicus, "a family style traditional Trinidadian meal featuring Trini Barbecue chicken, lentils, macaroni pie, rice and peas, curried chicken, curried beef, curried goat, doubles, and much more". If you missed it, you can still enjoy Ali's delicious fare by stopping by at 589 Flatbush Avenue - and stay tuned for more PLUS-sponsored Pris Fixe meals around the neighborhood..

- Storefront Improvement Program
If you have walked down Lincoln between Flatbush and Ocean lately you have seen PLUS' handiwork in the form of bright new awnings in front of several businesses. More is on the way (in the months to come new awnings will pop up in front of the Maple Street School, Enduro and, eventually, the bodega on the corner of Lincoln Road and Ocean Avenue). PLUS was able to secure additional funding for this program that, this time, does not require businesses to pony up any funds at all. Before and after photos of businesses were passed around and yours truly spoke briefly about our long somewhat successful dance with the MTA over improvements to the Parkside Avenue subway stop. 

If you'd like to get involved in these PLUS activities or suggest new initiatives for the group contact PLUS' fearless leader, Mark Dicus.

It's a New Dawn in America! Clarke to join majority in Congress.

So voting is coming up on Tuesday and I realize that I have absolutely no idea where the polling place is here in PLG.  You should post it before Tuesday, I'm sure there are other clueless people out there like me."

Thanks for the question. Click here to find your polling place

at the Maple Street School

PLUS GENERAL MEETING: Wednesday, November 1
The Entire PLG Community is Invited to PLUS' General Meeting
PLUS is a community organization that supports existing businesses and businesses interested in establishing themselves in PLG. The organization co-sponsored the recent ARTMart 11225 event on Lincoln Road, obtained funding to improve neighborhood storefronts and has worked closely with the Borough President's office and the DOT on bringing improvements to the neighborhood.

The meeting will start at 7:30 and will be held at The Maple Street School, 21 Lincoln Rd. b/w Flatbush and Ocean Avenue. Come get an update on recent PLUS activities and how you can join us in economic development initiatives.

If you haven't joined the PLUS yahoo group, feel free to subscribe

Inside The Theater Down The Street
Stunning photos from the recent EDC tour of the Loew's Kings
We had hoped to make it to the NYC Economic Development Corporation tour for prospective developers of the Loew's Kings Theater last week to see for ourselves the glory of this abandoned beauty. Alas, the day job once again got in the way. Fortunately a certain marioletto apparently does not have the same problem - he went and posted photos of the tour to flickr (many thanks to Brownstoner for posting this info on his site).

We have been shouting from rooftops about this theater for some time now but if you haven't been following the story you can get the background info on the theater here. Borough President Marty Markowitz has taken up the Loew's Kings cause of in a big way and the EDC has issued a "request for expressions of interest" looking for developers interested in restoring the Loew's Kings to her former glory. We are continuing to scan the horizon for a white knight with deep pockets...

See Also the A&E Loew's Kings Video

Photos by marioletto

Photos by marioletto

Planet PLG Exlcusive
Secret Holiday Events Planned in Prospect Park
Senior PPA official gives tantalizing hints at recent OBTP meeting
Because the official announcement has yet to be made, Josephine Pittari, Sr. VP of Operations of the PPA, would only offer hints as to the mysterious events being planned in the park for the holiday season. Apparently someone with deep pockets has come forward with an event idea for New York City. This person was not originally thinking of Prospect Park as the venue (it is believed that Central Park was the orginal plan) but changed plans upon touring (and seriously digging) our emerald jewel. So, what's the deal? Here's all we know to date:

A series of "events" are being planned for the holiday season
All funding is coming from this individual who will hire all the necessary workers and designers
Each main entrance of the park will host an event
The first event will be held at Grand Army Plaza on November 27th
The GAP event will be called "Flip the Switch" (hmmm... an illuminated Christmas tree and/or Menorah? A giant disco ball? A public execution?)

We also know that our very own Parkside/Ocean entrance will host an event on December 17th, and that local folk will be asked to offer up suggestions. We'll post more as soon as details become available.

Stand Up For Your Rights
Ocean Avenue slumlords - your time has come
Thursday evening's Ocean by the Park Block Association meeting brought out a sizable group of angry tenants from the buildings along Ocean Avenue. Residents of 115 Ocean Avenue in particular described their frustration with conditions in their building and what they say is their landlord's attempt to drive out longtime rent-stabilized residents in order to jack-up the rents for gentrifying newcomers. 

Residents of several buildings along the block complained of frequent outages of hot or cold water (how do you like your morning shower - ice-cold or scalding hot?), periods without heat, front doors that can be easily pulled open, crumbling ceilings, holes between apartments, steam pipes on the verge of bursting and more.  

Tennant organizer Bennet Baumer advised residents of problem buildings to carefully document all problems by calling 311 and to maximize their effectiveness by organizing themselves into tenant associations. Baumer also suggested writing certified letters to negligent landlords outlining needed repairs and lacking services and taking landlords to housing court if the landlord fails to act.

Planet PLG will be visiting some of the buildings mentioned to document conditions for an upcoming story. We will also present an update on news from the Prospect Park Alliance (which was also a topic at Thursday's meeting) soon.

If you need advice on how to deal with a negligent landlord, contact Bennet Baumer at 212-979-6238 ext. 204.

Bennett Baumer, Tenant Organizer with the Metropolitan Council on Housing

From L to R: Tennant Organizer Bennet Baumer, Activist Chris Owens and Celeste Davis of OBTP, rumored candidate for City Council to replace Yvette Clark Zenobia McNally

REMEMBER: Ocean by the Park Meeting Thursday Night!
You are invited to an important community meeting at the Moravian Church
Come meet your neighbors and lend support to the movement to organize tenants in the buildings on Ocean Avenue. We'll hear from a Tenant Organizer with the Metropolitan Council on Housing and we'll get an update from the Prospect Park Alliance on what is happening with the $35MM Lakeside Center which is to be built on our side of the park next to the lake.

Thursday, October 26th, 7 - 8:30pm 
John Hus Moravian Church, 153 Ocean Avenue 

View The Flyer

ArtMart 11225 is a huge success!
Works by 30+ artists, a solid turnout, free beer and a sneak peak at Enduro
From all accounts we picked the wrong weekend to go out of town. PLG's first artsy street event in recent memory exceeded expectations in terms of vendors, buyers and warm and fuzzy community vibes. Hopefully there will be many more similar events to come. Congratulations to all the people from PLUS and PLGArts who made it all happen and thanks to Buzz and our friends at ATP for sharing their photos.

Debbie Hamilton of PLGArts, a svelte Marty Markowitz and Mark Dicus of PLUS

Photo courtesy of ATP

An artist showing her wares

Photo by Buzz

The Enduro crew (owner Jim Mamary on the left)

Photo by Buzz

Wes Gunn displays his works

Photo courtesy of ATP 

If NYC would focus as intently on locking up slumlords with building and health code violations as they have on harassing this 75-year Clinton Hill artist (who was just taken away in handcuffs), the city would be a far better place.

- The Broken Angel Standoff: A "Clinton Hill Waco" via Gowanus Lounge

It's Not Just a Cool Bar Anymore
Flatbush Farm is now a full-fledged restaurant - 76 St. Marks Avenue
You may remember our fairly recent, way-positive write up on this Park Slope establishment (owned by Damon, husband of Wendy - the director of PLG's Maple Street School). The atmosphere was very chill, the people behind the bar were extremely kind and the bar food was sublime. Well, they've now got the restaurant portion of the business up and running and we'll be checking in with them again soon. You can check out the delights of their menu by clicking on the links below:

Until PLG Gets Its Own Market...
We love Community Board 9... really. We don't have anything truly bad to say about them.  We just wish they were open to the idea of shutting down Lincoln Road between Ocean and Flatbush just once - as a test - to see how the community reacts to a PLG market. To date, they won't do that... The struggle continues. Maybe if ArtMart 11225 (which will not close down the stretch) is a clear success they can be made to reconsider. 

In the meantime check out the Caton/Flatbush Farmer's Market:
"For several years now a small Farmers market has been selling produce on the corner of Flatbush and and Caton every Wednesday. The produce is fresh from upstate New York and Pennsylvania soil; peaches, plums, watermelon, collards, okra, baby tomatoes--all bursting with flavor."

"Many people in the neighborhood are surprised to hear there is a farmers market in Flatbush. Most people respond, "Oh, yeah, the one at Grand Army Plaza, I've been there" This is probably because the market's produce is barely visible from the street, hidden behind the white vinyl tent. The last market of the season is November 15th. I recommend the pears, and the peppers."

The Flatbush/Caton Farmer's Market

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Fundraiser
This Saturday in Prospect Park

Walk Don't Destroy 2 will be an opportunity to help fund the DDDB legal campaign at a fun, interactive and exciting event. Join your friends and neighbors to help stop eminent domain abuse, massive over-development and the destruction of the Brooklyn we know and love.

The court battle against the 'Atlantic Yards' hinges on our ability to fund our legal team. While we have a very strong legal case and legal team, we can't win without your help in raising money and awareness.

The walk is less than 2 miles, and starts at noon at the Prospect Park Bandshell. The event will include hundreds of walkers for a full day of talent, children's activities, music, food and booths at the Prospect Park Bandshell.

Thursday Night

71st Precinct Community Council Meeting
Got a beef? Tell it directly to the 71st's top cop
You are invited to hear the affable Inspector Frank Vega deliver his monthly "Commanding Officer's Report" to the community. As we've noted in the past, these meetings are dominated by Crown Heights residents and issues - it's important for PLGers to show up too so that our concerns are considered as well. 

Where: Intermediate School 61, 400 Empire Boulevard
When: Thursday, October 18th at 7:30pm

THIS SATURDAY! ArtMart 11225 on Lincoln Road
Mark you calendars and make sure to come out for ArtMart 11225 this Saturday, October 21st - sponsored by PLUS and PLGArts - on Lincoln Road between Flatbush and Ocean Avenues. This should be a very cool event.

You Are Invited to an Important Community Meeting!
Thursday, October 26th, 7 - 8:30pm 
John Hus Moravian Church, 153 Ocean Avenue 

View The Flyer

Ocean Avenue once had the finest apartment buildings in all of Brooklyn - Yet, in 2006, are you:

Dissatisfied with the maintenance of your apartment building?
Worried about rising rents?
Leasing from a landlord who takes your money but ignores your concerns?
Frustrated by the seeming indifference of your neighbors?
Interested in increasing the quality of life in your building?

Featured Speakers:

Bennett Baumer
Tenant Organizer, Metropolitan Council on Housing
Learn about the tenant rights, basic principles of tenant organizing, and smart solutions for positive change on Ocean Avenue!

Tupper Thomas
Administrator of Prospect Park

The driving force behind the rebirth of Prospect Park will give us a first-hand update on the new Lakeside Center soon to be built by the lake on the PLG side of the park.

READER'S TIP: Saturday is Brooklyn & Slim's Last Night
"The last night will be Saturday, and there will be free food. Probably Caribbean and Southern cooking, including Yvonne's excellent baked macaroni and cheese."

Although we weren't around for most of it, Brooklyn & Slim is widely recognized as a neighborhood institution. It's very sad that the sweet people who own it have sold it. We can only hope that whatever follows will preserve some of the warmth of the place.

Revival House - Beloved Brooklyn Theater Will Be Saved -
NY Post

K-Dog & Dunebuggy's New Awning Arrives
More new storefronts coming soon from PLUS' Storefront Program

Fall 2006 in PLG