November 2004 - Posts

Listing of Managed Processes
18 November 04 08:49 PM | kcwalina | 24 Comments   
I just discovered a cool way of listing all processes that run managed code. using System.Diagnostics; using System; class Program { static void Test() { PerformanceCounterCategory clr = new PerformanceCounterCategory ( ".NET CLR Memory" ); foreach ( Read More...
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Rationale for Generic Type Parameter Naming Guidelines
04 November 04 03:17 PM | kcwalina | 8 Comments   
The recent type parameter naming guidelines update resulted in a very lively discussion. I thought I would provide some rational for the recent changes. But first, I would like to first thank all of you who got involved in the debate. We have had debates Read More...
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Power Collections on GotDotNet Featured Sites
03 November 04 05:46 PM | kcwalina | 1 Comments   
I just noticed that the Power Collections project made it to the “Featured Sites” on GotDotNet. See For those who don’t know, Power Collections is a community open source library Read More...
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Design Guidelines Update: Names of Generic Type Parameters
03 November 04 12:02 PM | kcwalina | 70 Comments   
After receiving lots of feedback from internal and external community (see here for example), we decided to modify the generic type parameter naming guidelines. The previous guidelines allowed only single letter type parameter names. The new guidelines Read More...
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