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Congressman Sweeney socializes with students

John Tomlin

Issue date: 4/27/06 Section: News
Congressman John Sweeney, a Republican from the 20th district of New York State, appeared at a registered party at Alpha Delta Phi on Friday, April 22. The Congressman came from Geppetto's Bar and was described by witnesses as being inquisitive and engaging, while also acting openly intoxicated. Longtime friend and owner of Gepetto's Paulie Lichorat accompanied Rep. Sweeney. Lichorat was unavailable for comment regarding this issue.

The New York politician was barraged with a multitude of political questions and lighthearted comments from Union students when he arrived at the party. His attitude was described as cordial, and Sweeney was observed joking around with the students, sometimes even using profanity. It was reported that one student approached the Congressman with drug paraphernalia and asked to take a picture. The Congressman refused.

Melissa Carlson, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Rep. Sweeney, wrote the Concordiensis a statement that the Congressman was in Schenectady attending the wake of a close friend earlier that day. The name of the friend was not released.

"As a committed representative of the people throughout the area where he lives and works, he enjoyed the discussion he shared with the students from Union College," wrote Carlson. "[The congressman] was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm the students displayed - particularly on a Friday evening. Where better to receive feedback than on their own turf at the college itself?"

Yet witnesses affirm that Mr. Sweeney appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol at the party. One student saw the representative drinking a Keystone Light beer. "He was clearly not in the normal state of mind. He had definitely been drinking, there is no question about it," commented sophomore Kenneth Falcon, who attended the party. Falcon also managed to capture photographs and video footage of the congressman on his digital camera and cellular telephone.

Junior Rebecca Winnick, who spoke to Sweeney at the fraternity house said, "I told him I had worked for Congressman McNulty (D- Green Island), and [Sweeney] was very rude. He said, 'Oh, that's too bad for you, I'm a Republican'."
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posted 4/27/06 @ 10:40 PM EST

I knew there was a connection between frat boys and Republicans

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posted 4/28/06 @ 9:45 AM EST

Congressman Sweeney has always had the reputation of being one who likes to party. Does this really shock anyone to hear this?


posted 4/28/06 @ 11:42 AM EST

He looks Shit-faced to me! So this is a role model? Police record on beating his ex wife; DWI; Sending his staff to "Shut it down" in Florida (thus forever changing our democracy in America); and a son who follows his father's example by commtting drunken rage gang violence. (Continued…)


posted 4/28/06 @ 4:32 PM EST

I'll bet good money the Gillibrand camp is ordering the billboards right now.


posted 4/28/06 @ 11:02 PM EST

The congress is probably gay and looking for young boys.


posted 4/29/06 @ 1:04 PM EST

Where can people see the pictures?


posted 4/30/06 @ 10:10 AM EST

Rep. Sweeney is nothing but a rude person. He went to Florida and began pushing and shoving people that were there to help with the chads.His actions were like a gangster not befitting a representative of the people. (Continued…)


posted 5/03/06 @ 1:30 PM EST

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