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Last Updated: October 2, 2000



How do I use the PDf files on your site? (Or, I seem to be having trouble using them...)
The first thing to do would be to check and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader:


For what do the letters GMT stand?
[From Rodger MacGowan] We have explained this story before, but once again for those who missed it -- Gene Billingsley (the "G"), a fellow named Mike (the "M") and a fellow named Terry (the "T"), who all lived in the Fresno/Hanford area of California, wanted to start a game company (c.1989 or so). As plans were being made for the company, and game designs and artwork were in various stages, Mike decided to bail out of the enterprise. GMT became "GT" for a while. In 1990, Gene called me and asked to meet with me down in the Los Angeles area, where my Studio is. We got together and he showed me what he had. In short he had three game designs, but little else. The artwork he had (from an outside free-lancer) was either incomplete, or not professional (or not functional/printable) for his needs. Gene asked if I could take the artwork he had, create three games for the upcoming Origins (about 6 weeks away) with it, and help him to launch the new company. I said "no". I recommended he forget the next Origins Con, take the time to produce the games with new or revised artwork and then launch the company -- in short, Gene agreed with me, asked me to do the artwork as Art Director of GMT, and from there I joined the team (I became the new/replacement "M" in GMT in a way).

Anyway, after the release of our first three games -- "Silver Bayonet", Operation Shoestring" and "AirBridge to Victory" -- Terry decided to leave GMT Games and start his own game company.

So, Gene and I have been in the trenches of GMT Games ever since (sometimes alone, just the two of us) -- through all the good, the bad and the ugly days ever since.

As I've said before, GMT Games is "Gene's dream". I've tried, through my many years of production experience in the game business, and my hobby friends and colleagues, to help Gene make his dream come true -- GMT Games has been 10 years of very hard work, we've had some good times and bad, but we have always tried to give you quality products. It would be great if "GMT" became short for "quality games" -- that would be a dream come true.

We really do want you to enjoy the games... Rodger


When I click on a PDF, all I see is a blank screen.
This could be the result of a known problem with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your temporary Internet cache does not have enough room for the entire file, Reader will attempt to download the file then show a blank screen. To resolve this, empty your cache.