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Inside Out (CD)
Release: Oct 23, 2007
Label: Geffen Records
Type: Pop
Lyrics by: Emmy Rossum More: Info | Audio Clips

As: Bulma
Status: Filming
Release: Aug 15, 2008
Director: James Wong More: Info | Images
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General Information
These questions were all sent in by fans at the forum or emailed to me in March/April 2006. I want to thank everyone involved (you know who you are), and especially Emmy for taking the time to reply to all of the questions. :) This interview may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without our permission. Thank you!

Questions & Answers
Emmy, what kind of toothpaste do you use?
Biotene mint gel toothpaste

Emmy, you've stated in the past that you are a light lyric soprano. What do you think you will be once your voice has fully matured, and who are some of your favorite classically trained sopranos (I think you mentioned Denyce Graves in an interview once)?
I am a lyric soprano but as I'm getting older my voice is developing a strong middle and surprisingly dark lower voice which is exciting because it's enables me to be naturally more expressive. It's hard to say where my voice will eventually settle but it seems that my range is increasing as I get stronger and older. Some of the favorite classically trained sopranos are Kiri te Kanawa and Sylvia McNair. Honestly, I think Renee Flemming takes the prize for me. I've seen her sing and she makes it seem so effortless! I really admire her! I've actually met her, and it was one of the only times I've been star struck, I was so nervous! But she wrote a lovely inscription to me inside her book and I was so happy! (P.S. If anybody's interested, her autobiography is as good as the best singing lesson! The way she describes placement of the voice and how to correctly make, harness and send the sound is remarkable and one of the easiest to understand explanations I've ever heard!)

There's something about your way of speaking, or your words in general, that is so eloquent. I wonder: have you ever thought of penning a book of some sort?
Wow, that never really occurred to me. I have been doing more writing recently, lyrics and journal writing that I turn into lyrics that will reflect my inner thoughts. So you will get to hear more of that with my songs.

What are your favorite books and movies?
Two of my favorite books are Of Mice and Men, Five Quarters of the Orange Some of my favorite movies are L.A. Confidential, The Insider, Say Anything, Notting Hill and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Are you ever going to record an album?? If so, please tell us about it!
I am currently recording a pop album for Geffen Records. I am writing most of the lyrics, which I am really excited about! I feel like when I turn on the radio, I don't hear any kind of emotional truth anymore. That's one of the reasons I don't feel moved or affected by many current songs. I would like to be able to bring some of that back into contemporary music, which is why it's important for me to write honestly. Some of my influences are David Gray, Seal, Sarah McLachlan, Frou Frou and Whitney Houston. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of me in the studio soon!

Which actors and actresses inspired or motivated you in some way?
I have been so lucky to work with some great actors who have directly motivated me. From Gena Rowlands, I learned to be unafraid to improvise and let it rip. Sean Penn demonstrates intense commitment to character and reality and that was a privilege to watch. I am always impressed by Russell Crowe, who brings just real emotion and intensity to his roles.

Who are your favorite actors?
Nicole Kidman, Denzel Washington, Tim Robbins

Will you come to these boards?
Gosh, I think it would be hard for me to read what people were saying about it all the time. Whether it's good or bad, it's funny to think people are writing about you. Feedback is important, especially from you guys, so I think it's better to get in this question and answer format.

Whats your favorite food?
Everything sweet, fruit, papaya, mango, berries, sorbet, cr�me brulee!! Chocolate mousse. I have a terrible sweet tooth!

Emmy, Would you ever want to guest star on other TV shows besides Law and Order?
Absolutely, I love a lot of the shows on HBO, I think they are really well made and I would love to go on and play a fun character for a few episodes. I wouldn't rule out any medium of creativity if I think it would be fun and challenging.

Do you know how to get a girl who has been acting for a long time become a true actor like in movies?
It's a really tough business, and, like any business, it's competitive and hard to be successful. I find it really creatively fulfilling and fun! If I were to give advice, I would say to study acting, do theatre or anything you can find to get experience and try to get an agent that way.

How was your talent discovered?
I have always loved music, ever since I was little. Even though no one in my family is very musical at all, a lot of music was played around my house, classical music especially, and everyone noticed that I loved singing. My mom sent me to music school when I was 2, probably because I wouldn't stop tapping beats on the dinner table, and I was hooked. In first or second grade, when I was in the chorus in school, my music teacher told me that I had perfect intonation and that I should go over to the Met to audition. After waiting a year to get an audition, I tried out and they took me. After that I was trained pretty rigorously but all in the spirit of fun for about 6 months before I went on the stage for the first time when I was 7.

What is the highest note you can sing?
High F

Emmy, I LOVE the fact that you live such a clean lifestlye for a young hollywood celebrity, you don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. And you have NO idea how much I respect you for that, seriously, you are my inspiration!! lol Anywhos, my question...How do you not give into peer pressure, how do you survive it all? (Believe me, I know it's hard, all my friends drink but me.) And, what made you decide to do this? p.s. you ROCK! Lol
I suppose I just don't enjoy hard partying that much. The few times that I have had a drink in the past, I just get really sleepy!! Some of my friends drink, but I always agree to be the designated driver. Gosh, I know that sounds dorky but it's a good thing! ?

If you were going to be in an opera, what would your dream role be?
I would be most excited to play Musetta in Carmen. I have loved the aria Quando Men Vo since I was 7 at the Met. It was one of the first operas I was part of. Musetta is a very flirty, feisty, sexy young woman. In the aria Quando Men Vo, Musetta is addressing her ex-boyfriend, who she sees out at a busy caf�. She is taunting him and saying that he must kicking himself for breaking up with her because she is so beautiful and sexy and everyone on the street can't take their eyes off her. She is creating quite a scene in this caf� with her new boyfriend, and strutting up and down the street in front of her ex. In the Met's Zefferelli production, Musetta is wearing a gorgeous pink dress and is so flirty and cute, lifting her skirt above her head to reveal her petticoats. The moment is so iconic on stage because she is only thing moving and colorful on stage, the entire chorus and rest stage "freezes" and doesn't move for the entire aria and it's one of the most beautiful things to watch, her pink silouette moving across and stage with such life and feistiness. The aria is so beautiful and I just remember thinking that Musetta was (and is) the complete opposite of me, but that it would so much fun to play her.

Disregarding Phantom obviously, if you were to be in a stage musical what would it be?
That's a tough one, I would want it be totally different from Phantom, maybe a comedy with singing and dancing??

What's it like having a forum dedicated to you with about 1350 users and over 86180 posted articles?
It's amazing! Really encouraging and supportive. a little bizarre ?

Would you consider working more with your voice, bettering it?
Absolutely! I still work with a vocal teacher, as I think that it's always good to have someone to help you and to bounce things off of. Also I love learning and as my voice develops as I get older, it gets darker and more rich. It's great to have someone who I've worked with for years who knows me so well and can correct any little thing I'm doing wrong very easily. You have a common language and can fix little things very quickly.

Please share a recent embarrassing moment - one that hasn't been shared in an interview already.
You mean besides saying Carmen when I meant La Boheme? (refers to an earlier question)
Ok, so I'm a new driver (just got my license. Yay!) and I'm not used to parking garages. I was shopping at a mall last weekend and when I went to get my car out of the garage I realized I only had $2.00 in cash left in my wallet when the amount due was $5.00. When I went to use my ATM card, it had been demagnetized by being next to my credit card. I felt like such a dope! I needed cash in order to get my car out of the garage so I went over to the movie theatre and I saw two girls standing on line for tickets. I told them the story and asked if I could pay for their tickets on my credit card would they give me the cash back? They were a little dubious but finally agreed and I got my car back! So embarrassing!

Doesn't it get tiring preparing for the red carpet as often as you do?
Yes and no. Its part of the job and mostly its fun but it can be exhausting. It�s a lot of work because I don't use a stylist. I like to pick the clothes myself and I like to have relationships directly with the designers. That way I think they get to know me, the clothes reflect my own tastes and the designers know that I genuinely appreciate their work. I like to work with people directly without having a lot of intermediaries. Making the films is really the hardest part of the job, so although it�s a lot of work doing the press, its nice to get dressed up and celebrate the hard work.

Where do you see your career going in the future? Like do you want to do theater one day (musical or non-musical?) What kinds of films do you want to do (comedies, drama, romance etc)? What would your dream role be?
I would love to work on Broadway if the right play came along, especially because New York City is my home and I love being here. I would do a musical, a comedy or a drama on Broadway or a film if I felt that the project would be challenging and meaningful to me.

What message, if any, do you hope to send to the public now that you're in the limelight? Do you see yourself as role model? Will you advocate a specific charity or organization? In essence, how will you (or do you want to) use your fame for a common good?
That's a tough question. I'm only reminded of my responsibility as a role model when people tell me that I am. I've been pretty quiet about expressing my personal views in public because I don't like when actors or celebrities use their fame as a platform. But as I grow up, I'm a little more comfortable talking about things that really matter to me and in which I am really involved. The environment is really important to me. One of the reasons I'm glad I did �The Day After Tomorrow� is because it opened a dialogue about the effects of global warming. My favorite vacation was in Alaska trekking through the wilderness with my mom when I was 7 years old. It was an amazing experience for me to see wildlife, Denali, and the glaciers up close. But many of the glaciers that I stood on at that time have melted. Most scientists believe this is due to a rise in world temperatures caused by the burning of fossil fuels and by deforestation. I don�t expect everyone to walk to work, but we can try to do our small parts, conserve energy and even plant trees. Recently, I purchased a hybrid car. I work with Global Green to raise money for the protection of the environment and to raise awareness of ecological issues. If we�re talking about role models and messages, what's up with super skinny celebrities? While they are setting a terrible example, they are being featured and praised by fashion magazines and heralded as fashion icons. The truth is, you only get that skinny by doing something unhealthy. I don�t think being that skinny looks pretty and I don�t think it looks sexy. The sexiest quality is confidence and girls should feel proud and happy with their bodies!

Self restraint and patience seem to be 2 virtues you almost unconsciously possess... how on earth can you stand half the interviews and photo shoots necessary to your work?! Is it tough sometimes to resist hitting an idiotic reporter or photographer? (this reads as a stupid question, but when i watched those vids of her at the award show getting the pics taken, i just thought "i'd go mad!!!")
That's a good question! Traveling all around the world to promote the films is a lot of work. Sometimes there are sixty or more interviews in one day� one every five minutes. The photo shoots are hard work too. I try to take on films that I think I'll be proud to talk about and for which the interviews and photo shoots wont feel like a chore. Ninety-nine percent of the journalists are very polite and very bright and I have a good time talking to them. The photographers, hair and makeup stylists are also very nice, so while everyone�s working really hard, we still have a good time. The other day I did several photo shoots in the same day and the photographer shot 68 rolls of film.
The only thing that annoys me is when reporters make things up, mislead the public or blow stuff out of proportion. They do it to a lot of actors. I lead a pretty clean normal life outside the film business. So besides writing about my film and music career, there's really nothing to gossip about in the articles. Most of the journalists are very responsible but sometimes you encounter one who makes things up to make a �juicy� story. This can be hurtful.

How is Chrissy?
She's awesome! Thanks for asking! I�m giving her a bath today in the sink.

Do you need a bodyguard or a yard worker?
Nope, I don't have any employees -- no assistant, stylist, or personal trainer -- and I don't have a yard because I have an apartment in New York, so no gardener.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Rob Lowe. in any movie, at any age. *sighs*

What was your favourite movie this year?
I liked both Crash and Brokeback Mountain (Go Jake!!!)

Which director would you like to work with?
Sophia Coppola, Mike Leigh, Baz Luhrmann, Curtis Hanson, Denzel Washington. the list goes on.

Have you been to New Zealand and have you seen Lord of the Rings?
I've never been to New Zealand, but I've heard it's really beautiful and have always wanted to go! Yes, I loved Lord of the Rings!

What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get to where you are today?
I would say the stunt work in Poseidon was one of the most challenging things I've done. I had to learn how to scuba diva, to use a respirator, and to free dive and I was definitely freaked out at first. The idea that you are going to be 20ft underwater in an enclosed space without goggles (so you are pretty much blind) or air is a scary thing! But once I realized that fear is 90% mental then I could overcome it. And I'm really glad I was able to! Now I can go scuba diving on my next vacation.

Do you consider yourself "lucky" in terms of success? Or do you feel you have rightfully earned it? Do you feel you 'deserve' what you've achieved thus far?
I think that I've worked really hard and been really lucky. Some of my success is due to being in the right place at the right time, and then working really hard to get the part and being as honest as possible in the performance. So I think it's been a combination. My motto is �stay focused and have fun.� That kind of explains how I approach my work.

Has your perfectionism ever gotten the best of you? What keeps you from obsessing over success and keeps your feet on the ground?
Honestly, yes, sometimes my perfectionism makes me work too hard and that can drive me a little crazy. My friends help keep me grounded. They'll make me stop working and go for a hike, ice-skating or to the movies.

Despite your success, do you ever feel inadequate, like what you've achieved isn't enough?
Absolutely. Sometimes I think, "I could have" and "I should have" but everyone feels that way sometimes. As long as I know I did my best, worked hard, and gave it my all, then there are no regrets. I don't think anyone gets everything they hope for but I'm proud of my success so far and looking forward to what I hope to achieve.

Do you have any personal limits as to what you're willing to do in a movie, regarding sex and nudity and whatnot? Or is it all for the sake of film?
It's hard to say, I'm not jumping at the opportunity to take my clothes off. But it's not something I would NEVER do. It's not that I would be afraid to bare it all, because acting is quite emotionally baring and revealing. But it would have to be crucial to the script because I don't like tasteless or unnecessary nudity.

What should the most perfect day of your whole life be like?
I don't know about the most perfect day, but here's what sounds perfect right now. Hanging out on the beach with friends over the summer eating ice cream and then having a barbeque at night and dancing!

What do you think about Das Boot?
It's an awesome movie! That movie is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to work with Wolfgang. He strikes the perfect balance between character development and pacing. In movies like Das Boot or Perfect Storm, we are so invested in the situation because we get to know the characters as real, complex people. That's something that impressed me about Wolfgang�s work. Even though he does big event films, he cares deeply about the characters and the story he is telling. On the set, he was very open to our input about dialogue and characterization.

How do you get your curls so beautiful? I have frizzy and dull curly hair. I've used so many different products, and nothing works. If you could answer this, I will be forever grateful.
From one curly girl to another, I have tried everything! I would recommend shampooing every other day (too much shampooing can cause frizz) and conditioning every day. Rinse all conditioner out and brush through. Apply a styling gel (like Got2B Curl-vacious defining curl cr�me) and comb through. Flip head upside down and scrunch. Then gently flip back up and air dry or diffuse. When dry , you can add a few extra curls by wrapping around a curling iron. Also, I like Aura shampoos and conditioners and Kerastase Masque Intensive conditioner. Any gel or serum with dimethicone as an ingredient, like Zero Frizz products, will fight frizz when applied to wet hair.

How do your feel about your meteoric rise to fame after The Day After Tomorrow, and especially, Phantom Of The Opera, and are you flattered by the immense praise your legions of fans give you?
I cannot tell you how much your support means to me!. Knowing that you enjoy my films makes me happy and gives me the fuel to continue!

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Probably Audrey Hepburn. She was always so feminine, classic and beautiful.

Emmy, do you know where Lithuania is?
Yes, but I've never been there.

What were your favourite and least favourite school subjects?
My favorite subjects were Science, Math and English. I have to admit I didn't like History back then. I thought it was so boring, but now I find it much more interesting and I like to read up on the history of the countries that I travel to.

Would you get ugly for movie role like Charlize Theron did in Monster?
If the role required it, definitely. I don't think I'm a very vain person so that doesn't scare me.

When are you going to do indie movies?
Hopefully the next film I do will be smaller and more character driven. Its hard to get small films made or �greenlit.� Still, I approach the bigger movies with the same commitment to character as the indies that I did when I started, like SongCatcher.

Is this article true?
No vacancy for Hilton
Here's your Hollywood pecking orderupdate, as of the Teen Vogue party last Tuesday: "Paris [Hilton] wanted Wilmer [Valderrama] to move so sh could have his table, but he wouldn't," says a spy at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Apparently Paris and her buddy Kimberly Stewart had been enjoying a few cocktails. "Finally, ['Phantom of the Opera' star] Emmy Rossum gave up her table, saying: 'If Paris doesn't sit down soon she's going to fall into the pool.'" Crisis averted!

Yes, this is true. I've actually met her on a few subsequent occasions and she seems really sweet.

Do you watch any foreign movies?
Yes, I like all different kinds of movies. A few weeks ago I saw "Paradise Now." It's really heavy.

And what do you wish you were good at but aren't?
Drawing or painting. I have no eye for it and I really admire people who draw and paint beautifully.

What intimidates you?
Yelling. I really don't like yelling. *winces*

What's your signature perfume?
My old favorite is Gucci Eau de Parfum 1. It�s sophisticated and feels very fall/winter. I also like Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb. It's very feminine and nice for summer.

And is there ever a time when your hair looks bad?
Yep, when it gets really humid I get super curly!

Oh, and what was your favorite Disney movie as a kid?
�Little Mermaid.� I know how corny this sounds but I love "Part of Your World.�

Emmy, would you ever go out or have a relationship with a regular guy who is not a celebrity?
I actually prefer dating "regular" guys. I like to have some separation between my work life and my private life. I think about work all day long, so at the end of the day I want to hang out with my boyfriend and not talk about work! I think this would be hard if I dated a celebrity. Also, I like guys who can teach me about things I don't know like golf or hockey or history.

Which scene in which movie was the hardest for you to play?
The end of Phantom in the lair with the triangle between Christine, the Phantom and Raoul was very emotionally difficult because of what Christine is feeling and how she is forced to decide. It's those kind of days, which are the most emotional on set, that are the most exhausting and the most fulfilling. I go home after and am so proud that I did it!

What is the main memory that you will always have in mind from "The Phantom of the Opera?"
So many different ones, standing up for 10 hours straight shooting the Aria scene holding up that heavy dress and not complaining because I couldn't even believe I'd gotten the part! I was still so happy! Shooting �Wishing� in the cemetery and getting bits of fake snow stuck to my lipstick. Getting out of the boat stepping into the Phantom's lair and praying I didn't trip and fall into the water! Joel directing us over the megaphone and telling jokes to keep up the morale.

What do you do on a day when you have no "celebrity-thing" going on?
Go on a hike, hang out with Chrissie, sing, take a drive and write lyrics in the mountains, cook for my friends and watch a great movie.

If you could visit any place in the entire world that you have never been to, where would it be and why?
China! I am actually going in June with friends! I am really excited! It's my 2 week vacation this year. I want to see the Great Wall, the terracotta warriors, the Forbidden City.

What is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen or sound you have ever heard?
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was the Aurora Borealis in Alaska. My mom made me get out of bed in the middle of the night to see it and I was so grumpy but it was definitely worth it!

What is your favorite shampoo?
Phillip Kingsley makes a great shampoo that really takes care of my hair.

If you have a chance would you like to star in a film directed by Ang Lee?
Absolutely! I love Ang Lee, The Ice Storm and Brokeback are two great movies!

What's your take on the Femmys? (That's what we call the "fake Emmys. They're people who pretend to be you on myspace and livejournal and xanga.)
I don't know much about them, but they definitely aren't me. Now I feel almost like I have to prove that I am me.. How ironic. I know I can let you in on a little secret about the making of Phantom that I don�t think I have ever mentioned. The doll in the Phantom's lair that looks just like me is not a wax mold, it's actually me made up as a doll with waxy make-up standing very, very still. The production produced a mask of my face to use on the mannequin but when they put in the fake eyes it didn�t look like me so I suggested that I stand in as the mannequin instead.

Did you get to keep anything from phantom?
I sure didn't want to keep the corsets I can tell you that! I have a lot of the stockings and make-up, some beautiful black suede gloves (that I didn't wear in the film but were made for me and we never used).

Do you still keep in touch with your phantom co-stars?
Yes! Gerry and I are good friends and see each other once in a while when we are in the same town! And I stay in touch with Patrick�he and his wife are having a baby! I am best friends with my dresser from London and we talk and e-mail weekly. You become quite close with someone when they are squeezing you into a corset at 5am for 6 months straight!

What are you doing after Poseidon?
Working on this record, trying to juggle film, music, school, and just being a normal girl with my friends too.

Emmy, we already know you as an accomplished actress and singer, but not many people REALLY know who you are. Some celebrities are very well-known, and have been around for the longest time, while others have already experienced the peak of their fame. Still, others like you are near the beginning of the course of fame. What is your take on fame? Does it ever get annoying to have people stop you in the streets when you are stepping out for a quick breath of air (or whatever) and fans immediately bombard you with questions and what not?
Fame is not something I strive for. I strive to work with good people, learn from them, and be the best I can be at what I do. But "fame" does come along with the job, so it's just something I have to deal with. At the beginning, it was very overwhelming to have people recognize me and I didn't know how I'd ever get used to it. Everyone around me was telling me how much my life was going to change, and that was really scary. The truth is, living in NY makes it a lot easier and it hasn�t changed that much. People do come up to me all the time, in restaurants, on the street, at concerts, and it's just part of my life. I love my job, so I have to sacrifice a bit of my anonymity. There is always a trade off in everything.

The camera always manages to capture a bad angle, and people make a big deal out of celebrities caught without makeup. What is it like to have such a reputation, which may easily be shattered by a few untruthful rumors?
Honestly, it's hard when people write things that aren't true, it's hurtful. I try not to pay attention to it or read it.

Do you ever wish to take a break?
Yes!!! I'm a workaholic! Even when I'm on vacation I sometimes read scripts.

Emmy, would you ever consider going to small countries like Singapore for vacations or what not?
Of course! The world has so many amazing places. I want to see as much as I can and I only hope I have time for it all!

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Aside from my work, I would say a big accomplishment is that I've stayed true to who I am and not let "fame" affect me.

What is the worst you have ever been bothered by the press?
They chased after my car in LA after a screening of Phantom and almost caused an accident. They chased my car in Germany. But living in New York is easier for me. I can fly under the radar much more easily.

Emmy if you wanted to would you ever become friends with a fan from Ohio? if so come and visit sometime.
I've been to Ohio. It�s a beautiful state. One of my cousins lives in Cincinatti and one in Cleveland.

Out of all the movies you did between the ages of 12-15, which one was the funnest to make?
Songcatcher was the most fun to make. It was my first movie and so I was really excited. It was an �indie� with a budget of about 2 million dollars so it wasn�t fancy and there was a lot of comraderie. We shot it the summer before my 13th birthday in Asheville, N.C. in 26 days. I got to learn ballad singing from Sheila Kay Adams and work in a beautiful part of the country. I loved the character I was playing. It was really hot and humid that summer but the mountains were beautiful and being around real ballad music, listening to Taj Mahal play and Iris DeMent sing and having a chance to record with Dolly Parton was something I�ll never forget. Dolly is an amazing artist and a wonderful lady!.

I would like to know how it felt like, to play a quite emotionally unstable character like Christine whose so manipulated by two men. How did it effect you?
It was difficult playing a character who is on such an emotional roller coaster. At times it was difficult to separate myself from the strong feelings that I was tapping into at work. I found it hard not to bring those feelings home with me at the end of the day.

Christine develops in many ways but I think one of the most important scenes for her would be during and after 'Music of the Night' when she's lying in the Phantom's bed. Because that's her, uhm, 'awakening'. How did you feel yourself after shooting those scenes? Was it difficult to really feel these emotions or not at all? I can only say you did a perfect job and your acting and singing really moved me.
Thank you so much. I appreciate your kindness! Gosh, I'm blushing. I think everyone has sensuality within them whether they are 16 or 60 so it was just a question of my feeling comfortable to tap into it on set. In those kind of scenes, we had a �closed set� (with less crew than normal) which made the actors feel more comfortable. Plus, Gerry is so cute. It wasn't hard to pretend to fall for him!

You've probably heard this countless times before, I'm sure But here's my question for you...I've been trying to get into acting for a long time now, and I'm thinking of getting an agent. Could you give me some advice on how you followed your dream, and got to the place you are today? I would really appreciate any tips you might have.
Here are some specific suggestions . You should go to see agents with a monologue or song prepared. When I was eleven years old, I went to three agents in New York before I found one who wanted to take me and who I liked. Don�t be discouraged. Do any kind of local theater where you might be seen. Even local talent agencies in small cities have connections to the casting directors for the film studios in NY and LA. They put you on tape and send it in for consideration. Lots of actors have gotten big breaks this way. Work on a small independent film if you like the script and think it might go to the film festivals. That�s what I did. Take drama classes with teachers who produce �showcases.�. Agents look for new talent at small theaters, at student showcases and at film festivals. There are some good books on �the method� and Michael Caine has made a good videotape about acting.

Would you ever consider doing another dramatic movie..and if so would you ever go for an oscar performance?
Poseidon is very dramatic. I�m open to doing dramas or comedies if I like the script. There are far fewer good scripts out there than you might imagine. I don't think it's healthy to fixate on awards or on the award season. I just try to do the best job I can so that I can be proud of my work.