How to Create a Clip/Excerpt

The Conversations Network's Clip facility allows you to create a URL that refers to a portion or excerpt of a CN program. The resulting URLs can be placed on any web page, sent in email, etc. Anywhere you can use a standard URL you can use a Clip URL. The Clip facility also creates a clickable HTML hyperlink, which you can embed in blogs, etc.

To create a excerpt URL, just go to the "detail" page for the program and click on the "Excerpt" link. That will take you to the Clip/Excerpt Creator page. Once there, enter the start and stop time of the section you're trying to excerpt and try it out with the Test button. You can then adjust your start and stop times until you get it just right. Finally, copy and past the URL or hyperlink HTML into your web page, email, blog, etc.

Where is the Start?

The introductions ("intros") of our programs vary in length, and the intro to a given program may be different from day-to-day. Therefore we've standardized on the start time of "0:00" as referring to the beginning of the body of the program, just after the end of the intro. That way your excerpt URL will always refer to the same portion of our audio files.

For most of our programs (except older ones that do not have variable-length intros), you'll have to subtract the length of the current intro to find your start and stop points. For example, if you're listening to a program and want to start your excerpt at 10:35 and the length of the intro is 52 seconds, you'll have to enter a start time of 10:35-0:52 or 9:43. Make the same adjustment for the stop time. Again, experiment and test and you'll find the right values quickly.

How do I enter times?

You can enter start and stop times in many formats. These include:

  • 1:23 — one minute and 23 seconds
  • 123 — 123 seconds
  • 1:23:45 — one hour, 23 minutes and 45 seconds
  • 123.4 — 123.4 seconds
  • 1:23.45 — 1 minute and 23.45 seconds
  • -1.5 — negative 1-1/2 seconds (useful if you want a start point earlier than the start of theprogram body)

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