The student version of CircuitLogix electronics lab simulation is available free of charge to any student studying electronics through an educational institution. This edition of CircuitLogix was created especially to provide students with free access to one of the best resources available for learning electronics.

The CircuitLogix Student Version is the same product as the full version of CircuitLogix with the following limitations:

  • 2D simulation only
  • Maximum of 50 devices per design (any type)
  • Device library limited to 1,000 models
  • Symbol editor and Macro feature disabled
  • Technical support limited to email only

Note to schools: The CircuitLogix Student Version is only authorized for use by students on their personal home computers. It is not to be used by schools, training centers, or other educational organizations, facilities, or institutions.

CircuitLogix Student Version also includes sample circuit sets from eight leading undergraduate electronics textbooks. These sample circuit sets, (approximately 100 circuits per textbook), were created to make it easy for students to begin using CircuitLogix in their courses.

Download CircuitLogix Student Version by clicking here.