National Headquarters

Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is the clearinghouse for information for members, chapters and Greek organizations. Members of National Council, National Staff, and collegiate and alumnae chapters may be reached Gamma Gamma Chapter visits HDQthrough Headquarters. National Headquarters is the central location for Sorority archives, publications, and official information. Headquarters is also the central contact point for the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation.

Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters staff is managed by the Headquarters Administrator and supported by a capable staff. The staff answers information requests, and provides a steady flow of documentation to Sisters and other Greeks. The Alpha Sig-Nal (the Headquarters bulletin) is produced monthly by the staff from National Staff contributions, and directories, rosters and other regular information are updated regularly. Headquarters also administers the distribution of official Sorority publications and educational materials. To contact Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters, write to the following address. Alpha Sigma Tau does not provide membership information to non-sisters or for commercial purposes.

St. Louis, Missouri
The first project of newly elected president Dorothy Robinson in 1949 was that of transferring all sorority records and services to St. Louis, Missouri. The National President arranged for office space in an apartment building converted to business space in Clayton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

Record keeping was streamlined and services extended. The position of Director of the Central Office became an official council office in 1974. The Central Office staff allowed for an increase in services to collegiate and alumnae chapters.

Birmingham, Alabama
Numerous discussions posed the possibility of the Sorority having its own building. HDQ StaffDiscussion centered on various locations as the possible choices for such an office. Location possibilities were soon focused on Birmingham, Alabama. The current Headquarters  facility was purchased and renovated in 1994, and was further renovated following damage by Hurricane Opal in 1995. The building houses the Headquarters offices and the National archives.

Additionally, Sorority items such as historical photographs, documents and awards are on display. Funding for the purchase and maintenance of Headquarters is provided by membership and other benefactors via the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. Sisters recently contributed more than $12,000 to the Headquarters Fund, providing an additional $10,000 grant as a challenge. Address Information:

Alpha Sigma Tau National Headquarters
1929 Canyon Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35216
PHONE: 205.978.2179
FAX: 205.978.2182