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Review: Jonah Ray on SuperDeluxe

A Hawaiian-born fattie turned svelte LAist, Jonah Ray's a young, freakishly tall and professionally peripatetic comedian: erstwhile writer for Showtime's The Offensive Show and MTV's The Andy Milonakis Show, cast member on Adult Swim's Saul of the Mole Men, and, most recently, SuperDeluxe vlogger.

Ray's vids are wide-ranging, including everything from faux celebrity interviews (Tay Zonday, Annie Hardy), to how-tos (Master the Internet, How to Drink for Free), to comic-mawkish rap videos, e.g., Quit Playing Video Games And Get Laid.

Ray's best work on SuperDeluxe is the 6-vid long Freeloader's Guide to Easy Living -- inspired by Ray's own dearth of petty cash --  though some of his more extemporized pieces are hilarious too, e.g., the faux Tay Zonday/Jonah Ray duet of Chocolate Rain, revealed to be a heartbreaking work of scatological genius. Highly recommended.

Jonah Ray on SuperDeluxe | Jonah's bio vids


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