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Declan Napier

Declan Napier

Rebel without a clue Declan is your average smart-mouthed, sarcastic teenage boy but underneath he’s more sensitive than most people realise.

Declan Napier is disenfranchised and disillusioned. Perhaps it’s to do with being the product of a struggling single parent family. Perhaps it’s to do with, until now, being an only child. Perhaps it’s to do with genetics. Whatever the reason, Declan has chosen to cover up his dark side with cocky confidence in himself and his abilities. He thinks of himself as a charmer. Sometimes he is, but his inner turmoil both attracts and repels people when they discover it. Some girls find him fatally attractive… but their mothers rarely do.

Declan moved around a lot as his mother Rebecca ran from his abusive father Richard. He had never known his father and accepted his mother’s condemnation of the man as a “monster” without ever really needing to know the details. When they moved to Erinsborough and Declan learned that he had an older brother he’d never met, he still never questioned Rebecca’s version of events. While Oliver was prepared to give Richard the benefit of the doubt, Declan just knew he’d turn out to be no good.

The fact that Declan was proved right did not stop him stepping up to offer his kidney when it looked as if Richard would die before being brought to justice. Declan would do anything for his mum, aware of all the sacrifices she has made for him. It also emerged that Declan had another motivation for wanting to do something noble… deep down he fears that he has inherited his father’s evil streak and that he is an inherently bad person to whom bad things will always happen.

Before arriving in Erinsborough, Declan strayed into the realm of petty crime. However, he saw himself as a modern day Robin Hood: he wasn’t hurting anyone and all the money he made went towards the household finances. Rebecca thought he was earning it legitimately as a paperboy and it was only when Declan got busted for using little runaway Mickey Gannon in one of his schemes that she uncovered the truth.

Declan isn’t a bad boy at heart but he has struggled to stay on the right side of the law. He’s been busted for everything from underage drinking to illegal drag racing and is currently grounded until middle age. He has grudgingly come to accept Oliver and Paul as father figures and Rebecca still hopes that his Ramsay Street friends will be a positive influence on her wayward son.

Despite Declan’s easy friendship with schoolmates Ringo and Zeke, the most important relationship in his social circle is with Bridget Parker. Sparks flew between Didge and Dec as soon as they met (Bridget took exception to his misadventure with her cousin Mickey) and they’ve been bantering ever since.

When Bridget had an accident that left her paralysed down one side of her body, Declan struggled to deal with the idea of having a girlfriend who used a walking frame. Unfortunately by the time he had come to terms with the notion, Bridget had already found someone mature enough to accept her for who she was: hunky Josh Taylor. Declan tried to get her to ditch him and his persistence began to wear her down.

During the roof collapse at the dance party, Declan was actually the person who ensured wheelchair-bound Josh got to safety. Didge was impressed by his heroism and the two shared a kiss before being busted by SES rescuers. Josh nobly stepped aside but Didge and Declan still couldn’t quite get it together. So are they really just good friends or is there something more?

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