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Michigan Tech Traditions
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September [top]

Convocation [top]

held in September of each academic year.
All members of the University community are invited and encouraged to attend.
The president delivers the State of the University address, detailing the recent accomplishments and plans for Michigan Tech. Research, teaching, and employee excellence awards are presented along with various student awards. Refreshments follow the program.
Links: 2006, 2001 [1], 2000


K-Day [top]

● Held annually in the beginning of September
● Classes are cancelled at noon on Friday of the first week of fall semester so that students and faculty can celebrate Keweenaw Day (K-Day)—a celebration of the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula. Everyone heads out to McLain State Park on Lake Superior for a day of fun, sun, music, games, and food.
● Links: 2007, 2006 [1], 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000


Parade of Nations [top]

● Held annually towards the end of September
● The Parade of Nations and Multicultural Festival, held in September, celebrate diversity with a colorful parade of flag-bearing students, who represent eighty nations, and also includes a celebration of food, culture, music, and dance.
● Links: 2007, 2006 [1], 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

October [top]

Homecoming & Hobo Day Parade [top]

● Held annually in October
● Few homecoming festivities on other campuses can rival Michigan Tech's for zaniness and all-around fun. Besides the usual Homecoming Queen and football game, there is a Hobo Parade. The parade features cars that can barely run, thanks to some customizing by the students. The students are also dressed in their worst attire to go along with the theme. Other Homecoming activities include bed races, human pyramid, and tug-of-war challenges; a tailgate party before the big game; and professional entertainment.
main site 2006
hobo pics 2003, 2004, 2005


Gala Latina [top]

● Held annually in October, in conjuction with Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)
link to Nosotros' photos of this formal event (student organization), from International Programs and Services, from College of Engineering


Family Weekend [top]

● Held annually in October
● During a beautiful fall weekend, parents and families are invited to the Copper Country to explore campus, attend some cultural events, cheer the Husky football team to victory, cruise the Portage Canal, and tour the Keweenaw Peninsula as it is lit afire with the rich colors of Mother Nature. It is a weekend that will be filled with fond memories of Michigan Tech and family fun.



November [top]


Powwow & Native American Speakers Forum [top]

● Held annually at the end of November
● Links: 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 [1], [2]
● Organized through MTU Native American Outreach [1]


Fall Commencement [top]

● Midyear Commencement includes the preceding summer and current fall graduates



December [top]

Holidays and Festivals Around the World [top]

● "Holidays This Month" link through International Programs [indexed]



January [top]

MLK Day [top]

● National Holiday, no school on the observed Monday.
● Michigan Tech honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. annually with a weeklong series of events capped with a banquet featuring soul food, gospel music and jazz.
● Links: 2007


February [top]

Black History Month [top]

● Observed annually with a week of activities in early February
● Organized by the Black Student Association

Winter Carnival [top]

Held annually in the beginning of February
Link to the past



March [top]

Northern Lights Film Festival [top]

● Held annually in early March


Family Fun Day [top]

● Held annually in early March
● Designed to build campus-community involvement and to expose MTU faculty, staff, and their families to MTU's facilities.
Family Fun Day features food and activities for the whole family, including use of the SDC swimming pool and ice arena and the Memorial Union bowling alley and billiards.
Family Fun Day is sponsored by Staff Council, the SDC and the Memorial Union.


Women's Week [top]

Held to correspond with Women's Month
Links: 2007




April [top]

Tech Arts Festival [top]

Held annually in March and/or April
● Various art work is on display in the MUB
Organized by the Memorial Union Board


Keweenaw Pride Drag Show [top]

● In conjunction with Pride Week
● Links: Keweenaw Pride Events


Latino Week [top]

A week to be exposed to South and Central American countries
2002 included presentation by students from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and "Música Latina"--Latin music.
Michigan Tech celebrates Latino Week with five lunch 'n' learns


Spring Fling [top]

● Held Annually in late April
On a Friday afternoon late in spring semester, students end the academic year and welcome warmer weather by engaging in activities such as pie-throwing at professors, mud volleyball (better known as oozeball), and listening to rock bands at the Spring Fling festival. Various student organizations participate in this event with food and entertainment for a campus community eager to relax and have fun before the serious business of final exams begins.


Fine Arts Exhibits and Activities [top]

The University features juried and non-juried exhibits of a wide variety of art media by professional artists, amateurs, and students. Annual exhibits include the Tech Arts Festival and the Copper Country Gallery Show. For specific information about exhibit opportunities, contact the Department of Fine Arts or the Cultural Enrichment Department.


Walker Art and Design Show [top]

This annual multi-arts showcase displays the extraordinary talents of students who, for the most part, are majoring in subjects other than visual and performing arts.
More information on the Walker Art and Design Show is available from the Visual and Performing Arts office, 487-2067.


May [top]


Commencement [top]

Spring Commencement includes the preceding winter and current spring graduates.


Copper Country Gallery Show [top]

● Held annually in May
The Copper Country Gallery Exhibition, the largest and most professional show of its kind in the region.
Jointly sponsored by the Copper Country Community Arts Council and the Department of Fine Arts for the past 25 years. Both students and faculty frequently exhibit work in the community, and nationally known guest artists are brought to campus for workshops in a variety of art media.


Other Traditional Information [top]

Tech Colors [top]

Michigan Tech's official school colors are metallic gold and silver. The sports colors are gold and black.


Tech Songs [top]

  • Hail Alma Mater [top]

    Hail alma mater; hats off to you.
    Ever you'll find us loyal and true.
    Firm and undaunted always we'll be.
    Hail to our MTU, Here's a toast to thee.


  • Copper Country Anthem* [top]

    I dream of that night with you,
    Lady when first we met,
    We danced in a world of blue,
    How can my heart forget?
    Blue were the skies,
    And blue were your eyes,
    Just like the blue skirt you wore.
    Come back, blue lady, come back.
    Don't be blue any more.


  • Fight Tech Fight [top]

    We'll fight, Tech, fight Engineers,
    For banners bright, Engineers.
    The northern hills will sound our cry.
    We'll ring your praises to the sky.
    Then fight, Tech, fight Engineers,
    For right with might, Engineers.
    We'll win the game, the glorious name,
    Of the Michigan, Michigan, Michigan Engineers.


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* The "Copper Country Anthem" is played at the intermission between the second and third periods of all home hockey games. Fans in the stands lock arms and sway to the Pep Band's rousing rendition. The song is actually "The Blue Skirt Waltz."


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