BALTIMORE – In this near-biblical battle of WWE giants at Backlash, Big Show proved that size does matter, as The Biggest Athlete in the World outlasted an early onslaught from The Great Khali to pick up the victory.

After a long stare down between the brutes to start the match, the 7-foot-3 Punjabi giant bashed Big Show early, sending him outside the ring with a surprising flurry of offense. Khali’s submission attempts also frustrated the big man, keeping Show in check.

But a thunderous bodyslam of the 420-lb. Khali helped Big Show regain momentum, and the five-time World Champion stunned the Indian colossus with a chokeslam to earn the pinfall victory.

With Khali left looking up at the arena lights, Big Show proved that he can still dominate in a WWE ring, no matter how big or small his opponent is. Who will be next in Show’s sights as he climbs back to the top of the WWE championship ranks?