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Famous blue movie theater turns to pink power to attract green youths

With its fortunes feeling flaccid, Japan's most famous adult movie theater is holding a Golden Week stick flick festival to get blue movie-goers feeling in the pink, according to Shukan Shincho (1/5-8).

"We're going to hold a pink movie festival called the OP Film Festival from May 2 to 7," a spokesman from the Ueno Okura Theater in Tokyo's Ueno entertainment district tells Shukan Shincho.

Ueno Okura Theater screens pink movies all day, every day, but that's not all it's known for.

"We boast of being Japan's most famous adult movie theater. The problem is that nearly all our patrons are in their late 40s or older," the theater spokesman says. "We want to get more younger fans, which is why we're holding the festival."

Organizers of the erotic extravaganza say the main attraction of the five days of the carnal carnival will be the talk shows scheduled nightly from May 3 to May 5.

"We're going to have nine adult movie directors involved in the talk show including Yutaka Ikejima, who started out as an actor and has directed over 100 works, and 'Living Legend' Kinya Ogawa, who was the chief assistant director on Japan's first domestically produced porno 'Nikutai no Ichiba (The Flesh Market)' in 1962 and has since been the auteur on over 500 adult movies," the theater spokesman says. "Of course, if we only have guys there it'd be boring, so we've got some of their actresses appearing in the talk shows, too. This gathering of luminaries from the adult movie world is unprecedented."

Among the flock of flesh flick females facing up for the festival are actress cum director Yumi Yoshiyuki, Yuria Hidaka and Ami Natsui, who is also a regular on Sky Perfect cable TV.

Even so, in this day and age when adult movies are never more than the touch of a computer button away and easily accessed with total privacy, what's the appeal of going all the way to a dark and dingy adult movie theater to watch a porn flick? It's gotta be the storylines, the organizers say.

"Adult movies made for video are totally focused on honban ("the real thing," i.e. intercourse), but pink movies like the ones we're showing are artistic films all the way," the Ueno Okura Theater spokesman tells Shukan Shincho. "OK, these films may have sex scenes, but they've also got romance, suspense and other storylines with proper developments but a strong emphasis on sex. The appeal lies in how these films have incorporated eroticism. And youth is the gateway to success for the makers of these movies." (By Ryann Connell)

(Mainichi Japan) April 30, 2008


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