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3 Must Have Things in an About Page

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! An About Page is one of the most important things of a blog. It helps build credibility and trust in the eyes of your readers. People generally trust those whom they know more about; they don’t trust total […]

How To Make Your Text Appear Smoother in Windows

Basically, font anti-aliasing makes text appear smoother. I prefer anti-aliased text as it’s easier to my eye and just looks better. To maker text smoother, your computer ads extra color pixels around the text. If you’ve been reading text without this effect, then the change will take a bit of time to get accustomed to. […]

Best of the ‘Sphere - 25/11/07

In the last couple of weeks, I saw amazing posts written by fellow bloggers. I’ve tried to include as many as I could. Check them out:

Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Social Media - A compilation of over 50 articles about social media from Steven’s latest group writing project.
99 Resources for Web 2.0 Design - […]

Use Your Drawing Skills to Drive Traffic!

Did you ever know that your Art skills can drive traffic to your blog? Never thought of that, right?
So, what the hell has Art to do with traffic? A lot. Let me explain.
If you’re good at drawing, especially at drawing cartoons or portraits, then it can be a huge bonus for you. Just draw […]

Monetizing Your Blog: 9 Proven Money Makers

Many bloggers don’t realize how much more they can earn from their blogs. They simply slap some AdSense ads and forget that there are so many more ways to monetize their blog. If you’re not using anything but AdSense, then you’re leaving a huge amount of money on the table.
All of the programs […]

Windows Live Writer: A Fantastic Tool for Bloggers

Still using the WordPress editor to write your posts? If so, then you’re wasting time. Editing and writing posts using the WordPress editor is slow and time consuming. Moreover, since you’re using the browser, it can make your mind wander into checking email, stats etc.
That’s where the Windows Live Writer comes in. It enables you […]

I’m in Serious Mode Now

The past week, I’ve neglected my blog a lot. I only posted 4 articles and out which 1 was a review. I’ve started to slack in my attempt to market TechnoMoney since a couple of weeks. Today I realized how idiotic I’ve been in the past couple weeks.
The problem is that I’ve been very busy […]

Blog Critique: Inner 88 (Jason A Clark)

Jason A Clark’s Blog: Inner 88 is a very nice blog. He has a large amount of funny and interesting stuff in his blog. He has also written many posts on movies and TV shows. It’s basically a blog with everything related to the internet, movies, TV and other interesting stuff.
So here’s the blog critique:
The […]

What to Do When You’re Feeling Hopeless and Thinking to Quit

One of the major problems faced by new bloggers is that they begin to loose the initial enthusiasm they had and don’t feel like posting to their blog anymore. Most new bloggers give up on their blog after only a few months of blogging. Most people say, and I agree, that the 3 month […]

BloggingZoom: A Revolutionary Idea

Getting the attention of social media is getting difficult by each passing day, especially for small bloggers like me. Every one of the existing social media sites is well established, so in order to get on the frontpage, you’ve to participate, comment and make friends on the site for months! This pretty much limits […]