About Tom

State Representative Tom Brinkman has now served Ohio in the General Assembly for nearly eight years.

During that time, Tom was selected not once, but twice, as the “Most Principled” lawmaker by his peers, members of the media, and Ohio’s governor.

Known across the state as a leader on conservative issues, Tom is not afraid to stand up for conservative principles when others run for political cover.

First elected to represent Ohio’s 34th House District back in 2000, Tom campaigned on a the promise to eliminate the E-Check program. And shortly after he was sworn into office, he delivered on that promise.

Since that time, Tom has continued to deliver on every promise he’s ever made as a candidate and a state representative, and that reputation forms the foundation for his campaign to represent the 2nd District in the United States Congress.

“Promises made, promises kept” is the slogan for this campaign, and it perfectly captures Tom Brinkman’s record as a leader in Ohio. On every issue he has campaigned on, Tom Brinkman has delivered - from voting down every tax increase, to his attempts to defend the unborn, Tom has never failed to live up to the things he has talked about when campaigning for votes.

But Tom is not only a rare, courageous political leader, he’s also a husband and the father of six children. The family owns and operates a printing business in the Sharonville area - Curry Printing - so they know the importance of helping small business owners put food on the table for their family and their employees.