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April 14, 2008

Spring 2008 Toys R Us Exclusives

These Movie Ultra Figures are beginning to arrive at Toys R Us now!

Movie Exclusive Ultra

These figures, JETSTORM and WINGBLADE are available in May, but some quantities have already started to arrive at Toys R Us stores.

Although color treatments on these figures were not intended as direct representations of original G1 characters, their color schemes do reflect those of two rival G1 triple-changers—Octane and Springer.

This figure is loosely inspired by the AC-130 Spectre gunship that appears in the SCORPONOK battle scene at the beginning of the TRANSFORMERS movie. The more direct inspiration for this toy’s jet mode is the Russian An-225 Mriya aircraft. The Mriya was used to transport the Russian space shuttle and, by a complete design fluke, Classics ASTROTRAIN can be attached to JETSTORM by its front landing gear.

WINGBLADE takes its deco inspiration from the A-10 Warthogs that appear in the TRANSFORMERS movie. Because both jets in this exclusive assortment were based on real-life jets that are predominantly gray, each character’s colors were chosen to contrast the other’s colors. Wingblade is a greenish “Alfalfa” gray where Jetstorm is a cool gray, and their secondary colors are on opposite ends of the color wheel.

Exclusive Movie Voyager

This assortment of 2 Voyager-scale TRANSFORERS action figures will be available in late May early June.

INFERNO’s name and deco are taken from the G1 character of the same name and Movie RATCHET’s red and white pre-production color scheme. G1 Micromaster Tote—a red and gray van—was another influence in initial color selection.

This MUDFLAP concept began with the name SAWTOOTH and an abandoned redeco color scheme from the TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON line. The name was unfortunately unavailable, and the concept colors weren’t convincingly realistic for a modern construction vehicle. Although a DECEPTICON, the inspiration for his construction-yellow and bone-white colors came from the G1 Micromaster AUTOBOT crane Erector.