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Co-marketing partnership allows leading deep packet capture and deep packet inspection and processing technologies to meet needs of customers who demand high-performance network analysis. Combined solution provides 100% network traffic capture and storage along with real-time deep packet inspection at full-line rate speeds.

New York City, NY (Interop New York) – October 24, 2007 – Solera Networks, the price-performance leader in lossless deep packet capture and stream-to-storage technology, and Bivio Networks, the leader in high-performance deep packet inspection solutions, announce product interoperability that combines complete deep packet capture and stream-to-storage with real-time deep packet inspection at full 10Gbps line rate speeds. The solution enables customers to manage, inspect, and analyze all network traffic in real-time on 10 Gigabit networks, while creating an unabridged historical archive of all network traffic for further analysis.

Solera Networks and Bivio Networks are co-marketing this solution in response to customer demand for deep packet inspection, processing, capture and storage of ultra high-end (10Gb) networks. Bivio Networks’ platform enables organizations to inspect, process, analyze and manage traffic in real-time at full-line rate, and Solera Networks’ appliances capture and stream-to-storage a complete historical record of all network traffic. Interoperability between Solera Networks and Bivio Networks now gives customers a best-of-breed, high-performance open platform for customers to run their choice of custom, commercial or open source applications.

“You don’t always know in advance what to look for when inspecting traffic on the network,” said Steve Shillingford, CEO of Solera Networks. “With this end-to-end solution, you get the benefits of inline analysis, combined with the ability to go back in time in order to view packet flows applying different analysis rules, filters, or traffic management scenarios. You get the ability to dissect the packet data and uncover a comprehensive view of the event, allowing further improvements in network performance, network management, and security applications without affecting the production network.”

“Bivio Networks’ deep packet inspection and management platform enables network analysis applications to keep up with today’s traffic performance requirements and effectively manage, analyze and protect high-speed networks, said Elan Amir, CEO of Bivio Networks. “We have a number of customers who have been looking to leverage our DPI platform and capture and archive network traffic to facilitate further analysis. Solera Networks offers the ability to capture and stream-to-storage traffic at today’s speed and meet the demands of our customers.”

Solera Networks and Bivio Networks will demonstrate this joint DPI solution at Solera’s booth (#857) at Interop New York, to be held October 22 - 26 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, New York.

For more information on how Solera Networks and Bivio Networks can help make networks more secure and perform better, visit: or

About Solera Networks
Solera Networks provides high-performance appliances which capture, record, and archive 100% of network traffic at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Captured traffic is written to a scalable, disk-based cache system and presented as a virtual file system, which is then accessible through a web interface or through any standards-based security, forensics, compliance, analytics or network management application. Those applications can then perform their analysis on either live or stored data, with the ability to throttle or accelerate traffic speeds and filter playback based on source/destination, protocol, time period and other variables, all without affecting the production network’s performance. For more information on Solera Networks, visit

About Bivio Networks
Bivio Networks has developed a family of industry leading, deep packet inspection and processing platforms that combine unparalleled scaling of network performance, processing power, and application agility. Bivio's network appliance platforms feature a groundbreaking architecture specifically optimized for wire-speed execution of emerging network services that increasingly demand deep packet processing combined with high network throughput. Based on open industry standards, Bivio Networks fuses unmatched flexibility with uncompromising performance to enable its customers to overcome existing bottlenecks and deliver the foundation of the next-generation network infrastructure. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Bivio Networks is backed by Goldman Sachs, InterWest Partners, Storm Ventures, Venrock Associates, and Silver Creek Ventures. More information is available at

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