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American Idol – Namrata Singh Gujral


Take a look at this woman – sexy, isn’t she? That’s just as well, since you’re going to see a lot more of Namrata Singh Gujral in the coming months. From starting out by playing a Latina beauty in 'Training Day' to a cameo in 'The House of Sand and Fog', Namrata has become a familiar face in Tinseltown. There have been numerous TV serials in-between (The Agency, Passions, Dragnet, Family Law, General Hospital), an Indie feature called 'Mitsein', big-ticket modelling contracts, a voiceover in the Xbox game Quantum Redshift and, of course, the inescapable Bollywood appearance with 'Kaante'. And if that didn’t put the most formidable multi-tasker to shame, this East- Indian, Tibetan and Latin knockout recently cut a Bollywood-meets-Nashville duet with country singer Steve Azar entitled 'Dancin’ in the Clouds'. But that’s all in the past – and as everyone knows, stardom is all about the now. Which brings us to 'Americanizing Shelley', a romantic comedy which sees Namrata paired opposite
Hollywood stalwart Beau Bridges. “It’s simply a fun, fun film,” laughs Namrata, adding, “there are some cool bikini scenes, enough tasteful T&A and tons of laughs.” We can’t wait, already…

You’ve been called ‘America’s Spiciest Sweetheart’. Where did that come from?
The nickname started after I was voted ‘Babe of the Week’ in the US where I shared the platform with the likes of Jessica Simpson, Faith Hill, Heather Locklear and many others who had carried the title, so to speak, before me. It was really cool but also the main picture they used had people writing in that it was hot and sexy; that the picture had a lot of “oomph” but was still very “girl next door-ish”. I made a joke at a press junket and said that in India they would call it a “masala pic”. So a friend of mine said, “That’s a masala sweetheart,” and of course, white folks don’t know what masala is (sometimes they’ll confuse it with Italian marsala). It took a little bit of translation and that’s how the nickname came about.

Words: Farhad D. Dadyburjor

(Read the full story in the January issue of FHM)

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