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Staff And Contributors

Welcome to the Tax Analysts' online press guide, your source for information on the IRS, tax policy, tax reform, tax shelters, personal and corporate taxes, tax practitioner ethics, budget policy, and economic policy in general.

The following are some of the staff members who are available to speak with you. To schedule an interview with a member of our staff, please contact:

Wendy Lewis

Christopher Bergin
President and Publisher

Bergin, a lawyer, is responsible for the overall operations — including strategic planning — of Tax Analysts. He has been responsible for several Tax Analysts publications, including serving as editor of Tax Notes for eight years. Bergin is frequently cited in national media as an authority on federal tax policy. He has written extensively on federal tax issues and worked in tax publishing for more than 20 years. Before joining Tax Analysts in 1991, Bergin managed several federal tax products at Prentice Hall Inc.

David Brunori
Executive Vice President of Editorial Operations

Brunori writes The Politics of State Taxation, a column for State Tax Notes. He is a research professor of public policy at George Washington University, where he also teaches state and local tax law. He is the author of several books and articles on state taxation. Before joining Tax Analysts, Brunori was an appellate trial attorney with the Tax Division of the U.S. Justice Department and practiced with a Washington law firm.

Lee Sheppard
Contributing Editor

Sheppard, a lawyer, has been a contributing editor at Tax Analysts for 20 years. She covers all areas of the tax law, including international taxation, corporate taxation, partnership taxation, bankruptcy tax, pensions, and tax accounting. Sheppard frequently speaks on tax subjects for the media and at conferences.
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Martin A. Sullivan
Contributing Editor

Sullivan is an economist who writes regularly for Tax Analysts publications. He has written two books on tax reform, and he has served on the staff of the Treasury Department and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation. Sullivan has also worked as an economic consultant in the private sector.

Risa Williams
Editor in Chief of Tax Analysts' state publications

Williams, a lawyer, coordinates coverage of state governments, state courts, and Capitol Hill for State Tax Notes, State Tax Today, and other Tax Analysts' state publications. She also teaches state and local tax law at George Mason University in Arlington, Va. Williams joined Tax Analysts in 1996.

Robert Goulder
Editor in Chief of Tax Analysts' international publications

Goulder coordinates coverage of international tax issues for Tax Analysts' Tax Notes International, Worldwide Tax Daily, and Worldwide Tax Treaties publications. Goulder practiced law in the Washington area before joining Tax Analysts in 1999.

Joseph J. Thorndike
Director of the Tax History Project and Contributing Editor

Thorndike, a historian, is responsible for Tax Analysts' Tax History Project Web site. He is writing a history of federal taxation during the Great Depression and World War II. Thorndike's recent articles include pieces on the Civil War income tax, the history of Internal Revenue Service reform, and the tax ideology of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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