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CT Newsletter

changing times: the TUC guide to work-life balance
changing times: the TUC guide to work-life balance
Changing Times News is the monthly email bulletin from the TUC's Changing Times project. You can browse back issues below, or subscribe to receive the bulletin.

The TUC changing times website gives employers and unions practical guidance to achieve a better work-life balance in the workplace.

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Changing Times Newsletter No. 94
CONTENTS Union news: Apprenticeships still have jobs for the boys * Glass ceiling breached in councils * UNISON call for end to pay inequality * Talks bring hours and pay victory Other news: Rise of the virtual worker * Campaign warns of sexism in the City * Push for flexi-approach to retirement * Report critical of firms on flexibility * Bosses ‘weigh up' pregnancy risk * News in brief Resources: TUC protect yourself at work guide * The business case for equal opportunities * Life of women and men in Europe * Work­life balance attitudes in Britain International news: Australia: Unions welcome new employment plans * Brazil: Union action for shorter hours * Global: Winning work-life balance helps women * Global round-up
23 April 2008

Changing Times Newsletter No.93
Union news: TUC attacks ‘motherhood penalty' * Documentary highlights equal pay landmarks * Public backs action on equal pay * Tax credits can tackle child poverty * Firm victimised union rep for caring * All parents need flexible working Other news: Hutton ‘must extend flexible working to all' * Tories flesh out family-friendly work plans * Childcare options ‘limited' for working class * Firms are not learning long hours lesson * Thousands get St Andrew's Day holiday * News in brief Resources: Budgeting guide for new parents * ATL work-life balance guide International news: Australia: Equality would be good for economy * Europe: Equal opportunities still not reality * Global: Most working women in vulnerable jobs * Global round-up
19 March 2008

Changing Times Newsletter No.92
CONTENTS Union news: New push for temp rights at work * Union reps need more time * NUJ drive for workplace equality reps * The importance of being less earnest * Call for family-friendly construction work Other news: Win for disability rights woman * Landmark case welcomed by carers * MPs urge action on the gender pay gap * UNISON welcomes equal pay move * Flexible work payout after miscarriage * Overworked probation officer 'forced out' * News in brief Events: Work your proper hours day, Friday 22 February 2008 Resources: Poverty and gender equality * Family matters in Europe * Gender mainstreaming of employment policies International news: Europe: Women need more jobs, better jobs * Global: EU and Japan swap work-life balance ideas * Europe: More hit by psychosocial risks * Global round-up
13 February 2008

Changing Times Newsletter No. 91
CONTENTS Unions news: TUC calls for flexible work for all * Reps needed to bridge the equality gap * Long hours working on the rise again * Public sector pay cuts are bad for equality * Union challenges M&S on migrant workers Other news: Women still face workplace inequality * Carers lose £11,000 a year in earnings * Lone parents to seek work earlier * News in brief Resources: Work–life balance in Europe * Work-life balance in Japan * Global Gender Gap Report 2007 International news: Europe: Social partners agree equality strategy * Japan: Court rules man was worked to death * New Zealand: New flexible working law * USA: Unions must promote women's activism
20 December 2007

Changing Times Newsletter No.90
CONTENTS Union news: Everyone should get flexible working * Holiday victory on sham site contracts * Give union reps more time to do their jobs * Pressure for new Community Day holiday Other news: Work-life balance hope for more parents * Unions welcome flexible working review * TUC warning on welfare proposals * Gender pay gap closing ‘at snail's pace' * Sort out your books on the books * News in brief Events: Flexible working seminar, Newcastle, 28 November 2007 * Equality law conference, London, 5 December 2007 Resources: Discounted training for women in London * Valuing families at work * A job and a life: An organising guide International news: Global: Garment giant signs global union deal * USA: Activists support a Balancing Act * Global round-up
16 November 2007

Changing Newsletter No. 89
CONTENTS Union news: Equality audit reveals union action * TUC critique of equality plans * Equality watchdog needs more resources * Differing hopes for new equality body * Usdaw calls for help for working carers Other news: Extra holidays for millions of workers * Carers can earn more without losing out * Online register could be just the job * CBI wants GP visits off the clock * News in brief Events: Work-life balance in the public sector, London, 14 November 2007 * TUC online work-life balance course Resources: A peaceful revolution in work-life balance * Better quality jobs and opportunities * ILO manual for gender audit facilitators * Reconciliation of professional and private life International news: Europe: Flexicurity must not kill of job security * New Zealand: Balanced work requires new rights
5 October 2007

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