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Young Enterprise - Learning By Doing
Annual Review
Michael Geoghegan

Record levels of student participation

It has been another period of solid growth for Young Enterprise. During the 2005/06 year a record 324,924 young people took part in our programmes, representing 11.6% growth year on year. Details of performance in each programme can be found on the " Highlights" page.

Appointment of new UK Chief Executive

During the reported year Young Enterprise welcomed a new Chief Executive, Sir Michael Savory. A stockbroker with forty years’ experience in fund management, corporate trading and research, Michael previously held senior positions in Livery Companies, Charities and business before serving as Lord Mayor of London prior to joining Young Enterprise in January 2006.

Development of Regional Structure

The reported year saw a continuing focus on supporting the growth and development of the 12 autonomous UK Regions. We continue to make tangible progress in our aim to build the capacity of each region to deliver yet more activity to meet the growing demand for our programmes.

A review of the governance structure of the UK organisation during 2005/6 resulted in agreement to establish a National Council comprising the Chairs of the 12 regional organisations as a separate body to the UK Board, now solely comprised of the Elected Trustees of the UK organisation.

This move, coupled with a restructuring of the format of Executive Team meetings, will provide a more rigorous approach to business planning, quality assurance and operational delivery in the years ahead, whilst ensuring that the UK Board is supported in planning its strategic vision for the future of our organisation.

National Developments


In November 2005, Young Enterprise secured a grant from Government, via the DfES, to lead on a pathfinder project to introduce Enterprise Summer Schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Drawing together the very best of enterprise education delivery, we ran 23 experimental summer schools to five different models across the twelve UK regions between June and September 2006.

The Enterprise Summer Schools pathfinder gave more than a thousand 14-16 year olds the chance to learn about business and commerce directly from business volunteers. The schools also focussed on individual development of attitudes and qualities for enterprise such as problem solving, decision-making and management skills. In line with Young Enterprise’s ethos, learning by doing was at the core of all activity.


With additional funding support, most notably from the educational foundation Edge, we have been able to begin a five-year investment programme that will see the development of exciting new programmes and the renovation of materials for our existing portfolio.


Supported by Edge, and building on the success of Company Programme, our latest pilot, the QuickStart programme, will see students aged 14 to 16 working in teams to set up and run their own real company over the course of ten weeks, or through an intensive two-week programme. The programme was developed and tested during the reported year with further pilots planned for the 2006/7 year.

Each day of the QuickStart programme is themed around a different aspect of starting and running a business, and begins with seminars and interactive workshops. These morning sessions begin the learning process, and during the afternoons, or between sessions, the students apply the theory to the process of managing their businesses. The ten-session programme ends with a trade fair sales opportunity and a presentation event.

QuickStart Music

With added support and collaboration from British Music Rights, during the 2005/6 year, work has begun on the development of the first sector-specific version of the QuickStart programme, focused on running a business in the music industry. Through QuickStart Music, the options available to students will directly reflect the current roles within the music sector including record labels, music publishers, promoters, managers, sales and distribution. Students will also have the option of working together as a vertically integrated company or as individual micro-enterprises just trading in one or two areas.

Learn to Earn

Alongside innovation in new programme developments, the past year has also seen renovation of our existing Learn to Earn programme. The materials for Learn to Earn have been redesigned to bring them into line with brand style of our other Key Stage three programmes, and will be launched in September 2006.

Personal Economics

With the support of Citigroup, the autumn term of 2005 saw the launch of the new Personal Economics programme. The programme aims to encourage students to appreciate their current and future role in society and the economy and consumers, employees, employers, tax payers, investors and borrowers. Volunteers from the world of work lead discussions, deliver activities and enrich the programme with their own experiences and knowledge. In its first year, this new programme has reached more than 4,000 students.


Web Site Redevelopment

In the past year we have been fortunate to receive some much needed support in developing our on-line communication via our web site, which has been rebuilt by a team from Oracle who volunteered their time, expertise, and software solutions for the project. Notable new additions to the web site include the facility for on-line registration of Young Enterprise’s classroom-based programmes and resources that map the Young Enterprise programmes against the national curriculum.

Alumni Programme

Through the support of Edge, we have been able to invest this year in the further development of the Young Enterprise Alumni programme. With first-hand accounts of the impact that Young Enterprise can have on an individual’s life now available through the Young Enterprise web site, work has begun during 2005/6 to seek-out many more potential Alumni members with a target of 1,000 registrations by 2008.

Weekly Young Enterprise column in the Times

Young Enterprise’s public profile was maintained through the reported period with the continuation, for a third and final year, of a weekly column in the Times Newspaper. Appearing weekly in The Times newspaper the column followed the cycle of the Young Enterprise Company Programme year, featuring key issues for Young Enterprise Companies and advice from entrepreneurs and other Young Enterprise supporters.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our many corporate supporters, business volunteers and teachers for their dedication, enthusiasm and achievement in delivering this record year of activity. Equally, the Regional Chairmen, their Board members and staff are to be congratulated for their tremendous commitment and determination to build strong Young Enterprise regional organisations. Finally, but by no means least, I would like to thank my UK Board colleagues and the National Office staff team for their leadership and effective management of our organisation.

We are all looking forward to another successful year of inspiring success through real business experience. For information about plans for future periods click here.

Michael Geoghegan

16th November 2006

Oracle Corporation Ltd