Bob Caudle Recuperating

From Heart Attack

UPDATE: A Special Message to All Mid-Atlantic Wrestling fans from Bob Caudle

Friday, June 22, 2007  -  Bob Caudle suffered two heart attacks on Thursday June 14, 2007. The first was at his home, the second in the ambulance on the way to WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh, NC. He was treated for several days at WakeMed and returned home this week and is recuperating under the care of his wonderful wife Jackie.

Bob wants all his fans and friends to know he is doing well and appreciates their concern, well-wishes, and prayers. He also plans to be back in fighting shape by early August and looks forward to seeing everyone at the NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest in Charlotte.

If you would like to send get-well greetings to Bob, you may do so in care of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway at and we will forward them directly to Bob and Jackie Caudle.

- Dick Bourne, Mid-Atlantic Gateway


Sunday, June 24  -  Jackie Caudle reports that her husband continues to get a little stronger each day. They appreciate so much the outpouring of concern and prayers for Bob by his fans and friends.

"He has gotten so many get well emails and he loves them. He can't believe that so many folks care," Jackie wrote.

Please keep the Caudles in your prayers.  - DB


Tuesday, June 26  -  Mrs. Caudle reports that Bob is doing well, but recovery is very slow. His spirits have been boosted, however, by a large amount of supportive e-mail from fans and friends from all around the country, and even around the world from such places as England, Australia, and Canada.

“We are just in awe!”, Jackie wrote. “Bob said he just didn’t know so many people cared.”

Bob has also received e-mails and phone calls from many folks he has worked with in the business over the years including good friends Lance Russell and Sandy Scott. He appreciates the support and prayers he has received from everyone.    - DB


Friday, June 29 -  Mrs. Caudle reports that Bob had orientation to today with his physical therapy program. "I got tired just watching what they hope to do in rehab!", she wrote in an e-mail today. Bob begins physical therapy on Monday and we wish him well. Your e-mails have meant so much to them during this week. (You can still e-mail Bob with your get-well wishes at    -DB


Monday, July 2 -  Bob’s visit with the cardiologist today went well, and as Jackie reported in her latest e-mail, “all is looking up!” While Bob still has a long road to full recovery, he is feeling much better and looks forward to seeing everyone at the NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte this August. Bob and Jackie send along their heartfelt thanks for your prayers and e-mails. They have made the difference!  -DB


Wednesday, July 11 -  Bob began physical therapy this week, and is making continued progress. Jackie is taking good care of him. "He is in good spirits except he says I must quit smothering him!" she wrote me recently.

Bob helped Jackie celebrate her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Caudle!

Out of respect for the Caudle's privacy, we'll suspend these updates for the time being. Bob wants everyone to know how much he appreciates all of the supportive e-mails, and he looks forward to seeing everyone at the NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest, now just over four weeks away!   -DB


Sunday, July 15 -  I know I said we'd suspend the updates until we all got to see Bob at Fanfest, but I spoke with him tonight and I felt as though I had to report back how great he sounded! He said he was feeling terrific, getting back to full activity, driving again, just an all around good report. He is so excited about coming to Charlotte and can't wait to thank the hundreds of fans who sent the e-mails to him over the past month.

Jackie sent me a note listing all of the places from which they had received e-mail. Notes from all over the globe including Ireland, Australia, and England. And there were over 100 that didn't indicate where they were from at all, just folks wishing Bob well. So many folks offered their prayers, and both Jackie and Bob said they are thankful to be included in so many people's prayers. It has made the difference.  - DB


Monday, August 13

A Special Message from Bob Caudle

To all the fans in the Mid-Atlantic and professional wrestling, my wife and I would like to thank you for an absolutely wonderful and inspiring weekend in Charlotte. I have always thought that you were the greatest fans and this weekend confirmed my deep feelings.

You were so kind and considerate and we could not have asked for a more enjoyable time with all of you. I hope that we can have many more and we look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.

We constantly think of you fans and are honored to know so many of you. Good luck to all and So Long For Now!


Bob and Jackie