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Full Name: Brittney Marie Karbowski

Birthday: June 26, 1986

Age: You do the math

Occupation: Stage and Voice Actor and Song Artist

Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano


Favorite Things to Collect: I collect piggy banks.

Favorite Things to Do: I love to cook, read, taking care of plants, and I’m a clean freak!

Pets: I have two wonderful dogs that I love and that watches over me.


Can we ask you for a date?:
Sorry guys, but I’m taken, but I still love you all!!!

How can we get in contact with you and can I contact you by phone?
I can be contacted via email at brittney@brittneykarbowski.com. Sorry, but my number is primarily for business use only.

How come you’re not responding to my email?
Being a stage, voice actor and everything in between, my response time might be very very slow, and I cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a response. The best way to get my attention quickly is to comment on my posting.

How can I get your autograph?
If you have something you want me to sign, you can either ask me to sign it personally when I’m in a convention, or send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Brittney Karbowski
C/O ADV Films
5750 Bintliff, Suite 210
Houston, Texas 77036

I’m a fan of your work, can I send you something?
Awww …that is so sweet. If you really want to give me something, you can hand it to me personally in a convention or send it to the following address:

Brittney Karbowski
C/O ADV Films
5750 Bintliff, Suite 210
Houston, Texas 77036

Why choose Active Anime to host your site?
Well, this is actually an awesome gift from Rommel of Active Anime for my 21st Birthday.

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