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The TUC's campaign for better rights for agency and casual workers

There's nothing wrong with temporary work. It suits some people at some stages of their lives and many employers will need cover from time to time - staff sickness, a sudden rush or when permanent staff are training.

But all too often employers use temporary, agency and casual staff to get around decent employment standards and exploit vulnerable workers. While many agencies are entirely reputable, recent reports of the activities of some gangmasters show just how badly temporary workers can be treated.

The TUC believes this exploitation is wrong. The activities of gangmasters, highlighted most graphically by the recent Morecombe Bay tragedy, show why a voluntary approach to regulating agencies does not work. This is why the TUC is calling for legal reform to protect vulnerable workers.

This website will tell you more about the issues, and how you can help our campaign for a better deal for agency and casual workers.


Latest news:

The most recent documents available in this 'TUC in action' area are:

Statement after meeting with PM on agency worker rights
Speaking after a meeting between the Prime Minister and a TUC delegation to consider agency worker rights, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “The Prime Minister recognised the importance of the issue and the problems that many agency workers face. Gordon Brown reassured us that he wants to make progress on this vital issue. We need to consider very carefully the best mechanism to achieve this.”

Act now to protect temporary and agency workers
For many, agency working means discrimination in the workplace and: • poorer pay • denial of sick, holiday and overtime pay • an easy ride for unscrupulous employers.

Migrant Agency Workers in the UK
This report presents evidence of widespread mistreatment of migrant agency workers and demonstrates the importance of an EU Temporary Agency Worker Directive to promote equal treatment for all agency workers.

Time to stop agency worker abuse
Employment agencies have a perfectly proper role in supplying temporary staff, but loopholes in employment law that leave agency staff open to exploitation must be closed to stop employers using them as a source of cheap vulnerable labour, says the TUC in a report published today (Tuesday).

Agency workers' consultation fails to address the real problem, says TUC
Commenting today (Tuesday) on the Government's publication of a consultation exercise looking into the treatment of agency workers, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “By announcing the consultation, the Government has recognised that agency workers can be vulnerable to abuse from unscrupulous agencies and employers and that more needs to done to protect them

TUC welcome crackdown on employers evading minimum wage law
Welcoming the announcement today (Friday) that the Government is to get tough with employers who charge vulnerable workers extortionate accommodation costs as a way of avoiding paying them the minimum wage, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:

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