Written by Christian Vander
Translation by Betsy Draine
Source : Ork Alarm!

The following myth is as written on the inner sleeve of the album Magma(aka Kobaïa). This is the start of the whole story... departure from the Earth...

This concerns you,
Your systems crush and your revolts assassinate: actually, you destroy what you
don't understand.
We know that you too will be destroyed. Our music witnesses to the Beauty that you want to ignore, and to our hatred of your accursed evolution.
Beyond space and time, a planet, KOBAÏA, awaits us.
We have known this world since the day we opened our eyes, millions of years ago.
If only all those suffocating down here could follow us. Only the hypocrite has no hopes!
You are now only oblivion.


All the singing and vocals are in Kobaïan, our own language. The music is expressive enough so that you can follow, for yourself, the thread of the voyage.


Call to all on Earth who are weary of the conditions afflicted on them, to leave with us for Kobaïa.
The ship is in view.
- recitation of the commandments of Kobaïa.
- evocation of the splendour of Kobaïa.
Procession toward the ship.
- the emigrants' aggressive thoughts toward the Earth, expressed by the guitar.
Entering the ship.

Beginning of the voyage. Nostalgic thoughts of the passengers, who have cut all ties with the past.
The joy of the departure dissoves all sorrows, as the voyage continues.
One arrives in view of the stop-over planet Malaria; the ship leader.

The Earth stains the sky with a pale gleam. The Kobaïans spit out to the Earth their rancour and their spite, recalling its horrors and injustices.
Isn't it said that all wrongs are paid for eventually?

Night has fallen on Malaria. Day rises softly. We must set out again.

The ship takes off.
Rain of meteors.
The ship reaches outer space, in sight of Kobaïa.

The ship turns in orbit toward Kobaïa.
The passengers witness the dawn, and discover the planet, marvelling.
The ship lands: we are forever KOBAÏA.


One of us is in love. Only he knows with what or with whom, only he knows how...

Nature seems to consider us intruders. We exhort her with our songs to open herself and to reveal her marvels.
She accepts with benevolence.
- We participate, with others, in a giant ballet of monsters.
- Under the suns, we give free reign to our joy.
Then twilight falls.

Time has passed. Life on Kobaïa flowers in Happiness and Beauty.
Earth has learned of our existence; she is boiling over. The Kobaïans sense they must gather togather. One of them reveals to the others the problems posed by Earth, and their solution.
The Kobaïans set to work with fury: the results will be conclusive.

We return to Earth in order to expose the splendour of Kobaïa, which is only Beauty, Happiness, Wisdom.
We again invite those who wish to follow us, and to that end we recount to the Earth its own story.
Alas, the only response is the threat of the destruction of Kobaïa.
We reveal that we possess STÖAH.
We set out again for Kobaïa.
The clamour of Earth dies away.star01c.gif