F. F. Bosworth

F.F. Bosworth was a man of God who was full of the Spirit of God! He lived a life above reproach unto God, and always had a good report! He was so full of the Spirit of God that he lived his whole life above sickness and disease by his simple faith in the Word of God. His campaigns were filled with manifestations of miracles and healings, and many people being saved. Best of all, this was all accomplished by the simple teaching of God's Word! Bosworth seldom had to lay hands on the sick folk as the Word of God would heal people as they listened in their seats! People would be healed over the radio, and even in their seats in the meetings as they listened to the Truth of God's Word! Bosworth had the ability to inspire faith into the hearers by the simple teaching of God's Word alone! He was an advisor to many of the early healing revivalists such as William Branham, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osbourne, and many others. Kenneth Hagin constantly refers to his teachings, and many of the modern faith teachers draw from his outstanding teachings on Divine Healing today.

Little is known of F.F. Bosworth's early days as a child. His family moved to Zion city while he was a youth and he served as band director at Healing Evangelist's John Alexander Dowie's church. F.F. Bosworth and his brother, B.B. Bosworth were destined to become great men of God.

F.F. Bosworth worked with John Alexander Dowie for many years before entering into his own successful healing ministry. Both F.F Bosworth, and John G. Lake, from Zion knew Dowie well and learned about Divine Healing initially from Dowie.

F.F. Bosworth embraced Pentecostalism in meetings with Petentcostal pioneer, Charles Parham in Chicago, Sept, 1906. Charles Parham, who was later considered by many to be the leader of the Pentecostal movement, went to Dowie's Zion city near Chicago with the Pentecostal message in Sept, 1906. Meeting resistance to his message, Parham found it difficult to find a place for an audience to gather. He held his first meeting in a private room at Elijah Hotel. Fred F. Bosworth's home was literally converted into a meeting house.

Sometime between 1906 to 1909, Bosworth visited the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles along with John G. Lake around the time the great penetcostal revival broke out.

During this time, (from 1906-1909) it is believed that Bosworth met and befriended the great teacher and Healing Evangelist, Dr. E.W. Kenyon in Chicago. Bosworth was a good friend of E.W. Kenyon, and was extremely like minded with Kenyon in his teachings on the Bible and Divine Healing. In fact, Bosworth enjoyed Kenyon's teachings on Christian confession so much, that he included much of Kenyon's material in a chapter entitled, "Our Confession" in his book, Christ the Healer. Bosworth even recommended Kenyon's books at the end of the chapter, and lists the names of the books available from E.W. Kenyon.

F.F. Bosworth conducted many healing campaigns throughout the early 1920's. His reputation grew rapidly. By the late 20's the Bosworth revivial had electrified dozens of cities in the United States and Canada and the work of this man had already made a profound impact on an entire generation of Americans and Canadians alike. In one Bosworth campaign in 1924, "some 12,000 sought the Lord for salvation!"

F.F Bosworth became a pioneer of radio evangelism when he established "The National Radio Revival Missionary Crusaders" as a nonprofit Illinois corporation, and began broadcasting regularly over radio station WJJD, in Chicago. In a few years his radio ministry processed more than a quarter of a million letters!

Seeing the many divisions arise in the Pentecostal revival, Bosworth (much like Wigglesworth, Kenyon, and Lake) began to distance himself from the warring sects and organizational movements coming out of the revival. Bosworth could clearly see along with Wigglesworth, Lake, and Kenyon, that organzations were killing the revival and began steering clear of them. Because of this, he would later become a controversial figure among traditional Pentecostals due to his quiet withdrawl from the Assemblies of God in 1918.

Bosworth had an incredibly clear understanding of the Pentecostal Revival and the purpose of speaking in tongues. Seeing the Penetcostal revival as merely the restoration of the gifts of the Spirit, Bosworth would not endorse Speaking in tongues as the initial evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.. In his book, "Christ The Healer," first published in 1924, Bosworth declares that Salvation is based upon the Finished Work of Christ, and that alone. He did not believe that speaking in tongues was the evidence that one was baptized with the Holy Spirit, although he received tongues when he received the Baptism of the Spirit under Parham's ministry. Bosworth believed that tongues were merely a gift of the Spirit, and a manifestation of the Spirit, in the same respect as healing, discernment, and prophecy are, but these gifts are not the evidence of the Spirit's indwelling, simply because the Scriptures declare that "gifts and callings are without repentance." It is interesting to note that both Bosworth, and E.W. Kenyon proved to be like minded on this issue.

Bosworth's ministry declined during the depression, and when the 1947 revival broke out he had retired to Florida.

Bosworth only wrote and published two books throughout his lifetime. In 1924, the first edition of Bosworth's book, Christ, the Healer was published (today, 70 years later, the book has passed its 25th printing, with more than 150,000 copies in print). Each chapter of the book was originally a sermon by Bosworth, so this book gives us great insight into his teachings on the Bible, and Divine Healing. The second book by Bosworth, being a small booklet entitled, "The Christian Confession." (Bosworth's Christian Confession is no longer in print). William Branham stated that Bosworth's book on Confession this was one of his favorite books, and was a great blessing to him.

Christ the Healer is Bosworth's lifetime masterpiece on Divine Healing. Many of the wonderful revelations he received from God on Divine Healing are included in this book. This book is still published and available today, and gives tremendous insight into the Gospel.

In 1948, F.F. Bosworth met a young William Branham in Miami Florida, who had begun electrifying the world with amazing signs wonders, and miracles from the Lord. F.F. Bosworth and William Branham quickly became good friends, and without hesitation, F.F. Bosworth quickly joined the Branham Campaign Team. From the time they met in the beginnings of the healing revival which began in 1947, to the ending of the revival in 1956, and right up to the time of Bosworth's death in 1958, F.F. Bosworth remained a strong supporter of Branham's ministry and work. William Branham was at his side at the time of his death, as a loyal friend, and fellow soldier of the cross.

F.F Bosworth was so impressed with the incredible ministry of his friend William Branham, that he wrote several articles about him.
Bosworth stated of him, "During the past few years, I have often wept for joy over God's recent gift to the Church, of our beloved brother, William Branham, with his marvelous "Gift of Healing." This is a case of God doing "exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think." (Eph.3:20), for I have never seen or read of anything to equal the healing ministry of William Branham."

A great and powerfully anointed minister of the Gospel himself, Bosworth had associated with the likes of the greatest men of God the 20th century had to offer. Men of God like Dowie, Lake, and Parham. Bosworth travelled to Azusa Street to meet wiith William Seymour during the Azusa Street revival, -- He had met E.W. Kenyon, Smith Wigglesworth, and even ministered with Maria Woodworth Etter. Bosworth had met the most powerful ministries the 20th century has ever known, and yet after all of that, he states clearly here in 1950, that
"I have never seen or read of anything to equal the healing ministry of William Branham."

Bosworth continues saying, " Brother Branham is a channel for more than the mere gift of healing; he is also a Seer as were Old Testament prophets."

"At these times (when William Branham receives a vision) he can say with absolute certainty, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," and he is NEVER WRONG. ... The success of this phase of his ministry is exactly 100 % ."

"When the gift is operating, Brother Branham is the most sensitive person to the presence and working of the Holy Spirit and to Spiritual Realities OF ANY PERSON I HAVE EVER KNOWN."

Notice carefully that these statements by F.F. Bosworth were not made after the healing revival was over, neither was it William Branham making these statements. Bosworth was no "yes man". With over 40 years experience in Divine Healing, and the Scriptures, Bosworth had already seen the summit of fanaticism from the Pentecostal revival, and also the fall of great men of God, such as Dowie and Seymour, and knew clearly to check everything by the infallible Scriptures. After enduring all this, he declared that William Branham was a True Scriptural Prophet sent from God, and dedicated the rest of his life to helping his ministry.

In 1950, F.F. Bosworth and William Branham held a debate in defence of Divine Healing against Rev. Best, at the Sam Houston Coliseum, in Texas.

In Oct to November of 1951, at the age of 75, F.F. Bosworth accompanied William Branham to South Africa, the astonishing results of which were recorded in the amazing book entitled, "William Branham, A Prophet Visits South Africa." (This book written in 1952, is still published today.

It goes without question that not only did F.F. Bosworth believe William Branham had received a Divine Visitation from an Angel of the Lord with a Divine Commission to warn the people of the closeness of the Lord's Return, (as William Branham had declared), but by 1950, after two years of conducting campaigns with William Branham, F.F. Bosworth (among others) was convinced that William Branham was a major Scriptural Prophet sent from God, as were the Old Testament Prophets! Although William Branham never declared he was a Prophet throughout his lifetime, F.F. Bosworth was convinced that according to the signs given to William Branham along with the witness of the Scriptures, that William Branham was indeed a Prophet sent from God!

Many in the meetings would prophesy speaking this by Divine utterance in tongues and interpretation. It is important to note that Bosworth based his conclusions upon 40 years of experience in the Scriptures and in the field of Divine Healing. Bosworth had personally witnessed the fall and delusion of John Alexander Dowie himself, who had declared himself the "Elijah the Restorer." Bosworth knew Dowie had mistakenly fallen into error, which resulted in Dowie's arrogant, dominant, dictatorship over Zion city, and his financial greed and lust for power. But here was a humble and devout man of God who had indeed received a Divine Visitation from an Angel, (the Angel's Presence being declared in each meeting!) William Branham was actually vindicated by God Himself, with two signs as Moses was, and had the Supernatural approval by God in Signs and Wonders and "THUS SAITH THE LORD," by vision, which Bosworth declared"was exactly 100 percent accurate." Indeed here was a ministry beyond anything Bosworth had before witnessed!

What is the Spiritual Significance of this? If a man of God so well known, with four decades of Spiritual Experience as F.F. Bosworth had, declares that someone is a Scriptural Prophet sent from God, then perhaps it is worth our intense investigation! Bosworth, along with John G. Lake, were well aware that the Pentecostal revival had never completed the Reformation. They both knew the Pentecostal revival was a failure ending in denominations. (See the John G. Lake Homepage for more details on this).He knew God would have to "restore all things." The prophecy of Joel, "I will restore saith the Lord" was yet to be fullfilled. And God promised He would do this work of Restoration through one man. Not through a group. God sent John The Baptist. He was one man. He sent Elijah in the Old Testament, he was one man. Bosworth (as well as many others) believed God had sent William Branham for just this purpose!

In 1958, F.F. Bosworth went home to be with the Lord. He died at 81 years of age, free from sickness! It was F.F. Bosworth's desire that William Branham conduct the funeral, and William Branham was at F.F. Bosworth's bedside as he passed from time into Eternity!

Of his good long time friend, William Branham stated, " How I'm thinking tonight of an old man laying yonder, in his last hours of this life, called the other day and wants me to preach his funeral, Paul Rader's tabernacle. That's my good friend F. F. Bosworth, a godly saint going to meet his Maker. And he said, "This is the happiest time of my life, Brother Branham." He said, "I'm so happy to know that I'm going to meet Him; I can't hardly sleep at night." I've heard of Mrs. Aimee McPherson, no disregard to a wonderful woman. I've seen marks and this and that. I've seen marks of Smith Wigglesworth, and Doctor Price, and many of those great men, but not one mark did I ever hear anyone say about F. F. Bosworth. God, let my end be like that: a memorial of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ."

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