'Pern' booked for big-screen flight

'Pern' booked

Borys Kit
Anne McCaffrey's best-selling and long-running sci-fi/fantasy series "The Dragonriders of Pern" is getting the big-screen treatment via Canadian production company Copperheart Entertainment.

Copperheart, which was behind the 2005 Oscar-winning animated short "Ryan," has optioned the 19-book series, which began with the "Dragonflight" in 1968. The books are best known for having humans ride dragons with which they telepathically bond. With "Dragonflight," McCaffrey became the first woman ever to win a Hugo for fiction, and she is one of the 2006 inductees into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

"I decided that 'Pern' had to be done right, and I wouldn't let it go to someone unless I was certain that they were committed to excellence," McCaffrey said.

Copperheart, run by Steve Hoban, also has produced the Imax 3-D movie "Cyberworld" as well as the popular "Ginger Snaps" horror series. Hoban is in postproduction on the remake of the 1970s horror cult classic "Black Christmas."